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  1. have another read of my post KSV...I said that I wasn't convinced that it was the case. I would never have thought you'd be the type to judge a player by where he has played. Its obvious Ange Postecoglou thinks otherwise, but of course he is rubbish too as he hasn't coached in the Premier league - right? For the record, there are better players available than Milligan - end of story.
  2. There is definitely an opinion amongst football fans here that Milligan is better than Jedinak...I'm not convinced, but there is definitely merit in the discussion. The problem is that I think he's already been denied a work permit for some ridiculous 'red tape' reason. Would definitely be an asset to the team, and is another leader on the pitch.
  3. Are we really still arguing about his value to the team, and everyone's obviously expert opinion after a watching a few games on TV? The reality is that most of his hard work is done away from the cameras, and you don''t need to the ball to do your job properly. He does his job very well, the statistics speak for themselves. He's not the quickest across the turf, but questioning his stamina is incomprehensible. Have a listen to the clips of Steve Bruce talking about him...he does not talk about any other player at the club in the same way.
  4. I don't want to say I told you so, but....I told you so.
  5. Do you think he will catch Gayle, even with AFCON?
  6. 1. I'm from Bundaberg (you might know the rum?) in Queensland, Australia. 2. Brisbane Roar fan - have been to the 3 grand finals here in Brisbane - ''Orange Sunday's'' they call them as the team wear a Holland-like strip, and 50,000 supporters at Suncorp Stadium in orange is a sight to behold! 3. Back in the 60's an ex-Brummie moved to Bundaberg, and sought permission from Villa to use the club name, crest and colours for our local club. I played junior football for Villa from under 9 through to seniors. We played in a replica of the 82 strip in my first year, and progressed through the replica kits until I made senior in 1991/92 when we wore the replica Mita Copiers umbro kits! My claim to fame is a photo of our seniors in that strip in a Villa match day programme, which I still have! The club still exists there, but have merged with a large local rugby league club to now be called ''Brothers Aston Villa'', but the colours still remain. So i guess I've been hooked since my first game for Villa in 1983. I've met some Villa fans throughout the years around Australia - but funnily enough my business engaged a non-executive Director for business support who I found out later is a massive Villa fan, and was even at that famous game in Rotterdam in 82. Now we both interrupt board meetings for our standing agenda item to chat about Villa!! I had my first visit to Villa park last year for the game against Swansea - which ended up being Sherwood's last game....that game epitomised Villa over the last few years, but didn't dampen my experience which I loved and will never forget. UTV!
  7. some interesting comments from the Australian media regarding Mile, with some insight into how his team mates perceive him in the National team... “You speak to guys inside the camp, you ask about Mile, I understand where a lot of supporters are coming from, but they want him on that pitch. “He might misplace a pass or two here or there but they want him on that pitch. “It’s the intangibles that he provides – presence, toughness, leadership, coolness from the penalty spot".
  8. Not sure if you're fishing or not, but you could not be further from the truth...there are some very good young players around him
  9. Don't know about shocking KSV...the Iraqis were harrassing the Aussies in the first half....and most of the team were misplacing passes. Second half they tired, and we took control - with Mile breaking up the play regularly. Interestingly Ange (Aust Mgr) said that the game plan was to wear them out in the first half and break them in the second....which is exactly what happened. Jedi's length of contract is directed at the 2018 WC, so he will not be here as a passenger if he wants to captain us to a 2nd WC (assuming we qualify).
  10. Villa paying $9.50 to win the Championship here in Australia...had some of those odds - optimistic I know, but I think they'll only go down from there...
  11. I assume you've actually watched him play, not just Celtic highlights? Because what you've said is literally the complete opposite of what he is as a player.
  12. Shameless Aussie request - Tom Rogic from Celtic. The number 10 we need so badly.
  13. Judging how well teams go in the championship by what they sign in the PL is not really possible. But of course with your crystal ball and possibly being the oracle knowing that we are doing nothing right now maybe you are right?
  14. Has been our best player so far, and one average game and you blokes are towelling him up. Tough crowd.

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