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  1. The original post looked like it said 4-3-2 1. I need glasses not a calculator!
  2. Especially as it means we have sneaked an extra player onto the pitch....
  3. allani

    Living wage

    @PompeyVillan thank you for making the extra link that I should have made originally if only I had thought about it!!! This absolutely fits into the "being part of the pride" for me. To me this is not just a good marketing tag-line - it sums up the sense of community and our pride in that (pun very much intended) that I feel is so important to club.
  4. allani

    Living wage

    We might not have been included in the list of PL clubs depending upon when they did the study / analysis. But the fact that they did call out Luton - suggests that there are probably not many clubs outside the PL doing it. Also last year we had a lot of other **** to deal with in terms of the financial stability of the club. But now we appear to be back to a stable financial position, an intelligent / capable Board, etc - it feels like this is something we could really push again now.
  5. allani

    Living wage

    @Tubby - I agree that there are many ways in which Villa, or any other business, can reward staff / be a standout employer other than just through higher wages. And I am sure that there are plenty of Villa fans who would be very happy to work at probably even below the minimum wage as they probably feel that they are even closer to the club they love and support. I am not really interested in the exercise of raising wages just for good PR. It's just that paying the minimum wage (or ideally less) seems like something that Ashley does at Newcastle. We are Aston Villa, we're an old, historic club that prides itself on its reputation and place within its local community. It just feels like we should be doing something different, something good, something better. Call me an old romantic fool but that's what I think makes us Aston Villa.
  6. allani

    Living wage

    I disagree on the first point. Businesses should be paying their employees a good enough wage. Obviously not all staff will work full-time so may need to have more than 1 part-time role - but their average wage should be at a level where they can sustain a reasonable life by working a reasonable number of hours. However, given that a reputable independent source has highlighted that the national minimum wage is too low to support a reasonable standard of living - all I am saying is that I think Villa should recognise and exceed even their advised level. Obviously, the staff who only work on match days would need other sources of income - but for the hours that they work at AVFC I think it would be good for them to be paid more than the minimum wage and more than the VLM. I think for a club like Villa that prides itself on its family / community feel - a generous staff payment model would feel more in tune with our ethos than just paying a minimum wage set by government. To use a bad supermarket analogy - we should feel more Waitrose than Asda in the way we treat and remunerate our staff (assuming that still holds true because I have been out of the UK for a while now).
  7. allani

    Living wage

    The article doesn't make it clear whether all PL clubs responded with information about the wages they pay (or whether AVFC were a PL club at the time the data was gathered) so it is possible that we already do pay everyone a living wage. However, I'd love to know that we were paying above the VLW not so that we can boast about being better than anyone else or claim some media brownie points - but just because it feels like the right thing to do and the thing that a properly run club that cares about its staff, fans and community would do.
  8. allani

    Douglas Luiz

    Presumably even if there is a Buyback clause that City decide to invoke because he turns out to be the player that Pep expects him to be and so his value has increased and assuming that means that we are doing reasonably well in the PL ourselves - we would still be in a pretty decent negotiating position. I mean let's say that we bought him for £15 million and the Buyback clause is £30 million. Then let's say the Luis becomes a key player in a relatively successful Villa side over the next couple of seasons and Man City decide that they think he is then worth £45 million but is not quite good enough to start for them and is unlikely to be willing to sit on their bench for most of the season. It would still be a bit of a gamble for MC to buy him back at £30 million in the hope of making a quick £15 million by selling him on. I think we would be in a decent position ' particularly if Luis is happy and the team are doing well (by which I am hoping that we are heading in the direction that NSWE and CP alluded to in their strategy - plans to be back competing in the top third) to negotiate a deal. After all if we paid another £20 million to keep him - City have made an extra £5m and we have bought a £45m player for £35m. Win win. Obviously it is also possible that (a) Luis becomes the best player in the world and would walk into Man City's and we get very little "compensation" for his development (other than the reward of having him in the team), (b) Luis becomes our main player and we finish in the top 3 and look like being a title threat to MC so they buy him back and sell him overseas to undermine our threat or (c) Luis is great but we are "struggling" in mid / lower table position and so he has no interest in staying and wants to move somewhere that offers him more opportunity to win things - in which case we don't get quite as much money for him as we would want.
  9. allani

    Living wage

    I was reading the BBC web-site this morning and, although I am usually very sceptical about such headlines and stories, I was very surprised to read that only 4 Premier League clubs pay their staff the voluntary living wage rate (Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham). Now I am not someone who necessarily believes that companies should be forced or even encouraged to flatten their salary structures and reduce the pay gap between the highest earners and the lowest earners. However, that said I was pretty shocked by how little some staff members at certain Premier League clubs appear to be earning. Therefore, in the hopes that some NSWE Board members glance at VillaTalk every now and again (or have staff reporting to them that do) I would like to propose that we, as Aston Villa FC fans would whole heartedly encourage the Board to commit to not only paying all staff working for the club the Voluntary Living Wage but that actually they pay slightly above that rate (I think outside London the rate is VLW is £9 per hour whilst the National Minimum Wage is £8.21 - so a minimum £9.50 at AVFC could make a fairly significant difference). I think this would be an incredible commitment and really reinforce the idea that Villa is a proper family / community club that celebrates all its staff and recognises the important role that they all play in the successful operations of the club and our match day experiences as fans. Voluntary Living Wage
  10. At the risk of @romavillan and I turning this into a Totti appreciation / Roma fanboy / pro Southern Italy thread (although seriously you haven't been to Italy until you have made it down South) if you haven't seen Totti's farewell to Roma after his last match 2 seasons ago then watch this: Totti Farewell video. It is not a short video but it is absolutely unreal. If anyone on this site manages to watch the entire thing without crying then they are not human. I have never seen anything like it. More players should watch this too because a farewell like this is priceless in comparison to the money that Totti could have made moving to any other team in the world.
  11. The below average playing performances and the dull / negative / clueless "tactics" caused the attendance drop. So be addressing that - playing exciting, attacking football (even if we are still in the bottom half of the table) attendances would almost certainly improve. I think people would be more forgiving of indifferent results if they could see a team trying to play good football, trying to be entertaining, trying to build for the future. I think most people who stopped attending probably just got bored with watching the same old **** every week with managers and players who were not expecting to win before a ball was even kicked. The new regime already looks like it is different - I think it will take more than a few bad results for fans to stay away - as long as we are trying to play good, exciting football. Then, if the Board are expecting results to follow and for us be aiming to break into the top third of the Premier League within a short(ish) time frame, you need the numbers to go up again in order to help pay for the further development of the team. Better to do that and have the disruption now so that by the time we are ready to make the next step we have the facilities and income in place? It is a risk - spend the money now, don't get the performance improvement and you don't get the return on investment. But the ROI will be much better now than if we wait for 3 seasons until we are (hopefully) regularly back in the fight for European places.
  12. To be fair we REALLY needed to do it this summer.
  13. Exactly - the French revolution saw a lot of good players arrive. But there was no plan, no system, no balance. This season every single signing makes sense and seems to fit a strategy - you can see what we are trying to achieve. I think we will have a few wobbles during the season but I think we will have more than a few amazing highlights.
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