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  1. If only that were the case. Unfortunately I suspect that both will be involved in the next match.
  2. Surely if any attacker had to come off it was Ollie. He is out of form, out of touch. Ings has scored 3 and got 2 assists and has proved that he can create and score goals out of very little. No way Ings should be hooked before Ollie at the moment.
  3. Disagree. Nakamba and Ramsey are not good enough to play in this league (yet in the case of the latter). Taking off Doug and Emi handed Wolves the initiative on a plate. One or the other I could see - but not both. Momentum is so important and we gave it all away. We've been really unlucky that we have yet to have our first XI available - when I think we will play 4-3-3 with Ings, Ollie and Bailey up front. Looks like Doug, Emi and McGinn will work as a central three. So I don't think 3-5-2 is our preferred line-up long term. But we didn't give Wolves a sniff with that formation until we took off our deep play maker and our main technical / attacking threat in the centre of the pitch. Madness.
  4. Ings has scored three times as many goals as Ollie this season and got 2 assists. Surely if anyone needs dropping it is the player out of form?
  5. Three defensive substitutions at a time when we were on the front foot and Wolves had not managed a shot. Smith must have thought that he was Southgate in disguise.
  6. Don't know why we bought Ings in the summer. He's shite. Doesn't contribute anything. Is making Ollie play shite. Waste of space. Doesn't fit the system. Just down to luck that he is our top scorer in the PL.....
  7. No mention of the fact that we are 8th top scorers in the league to balance that stat!
  8. Ollie has done nothing so far to suggest that he should start ahead of Ings.
  9. The problem is that we have a huge gap between the midfield and the strikers. So when Ings and Watkins get the ball they are faced by 4 defenders with little or no support for the quick lay off. Our midfielders need to push up the pitch more.
  10. Watkins and Ings have played less than 150 minutes together....
  11. My Swansea supporting mate has no desire for him to go back. "Too slow. Too lazy. Can't believe he ever played in the PL." And there really isn't a lot of competition in that Swansea side.
  12. allani

    Dean Smith

    I'm hoping that as soon as all our players are fit and he has options that Dean can build on the progress made to date. But he's really not met and overcome every challenge so far. There are still questions marks over his ability to change the course of a match through a change of approach (pretty sure we have one of the worst records in the PL for points gained having fallen behind), we have been over-reliant on Jack for a while (see our win record when he plays v when he doesn't) and the team has seemed disjointed in previous seasons when Jack wasn't playing, we also have a habit of going on long runs of bad results (partly linked to Jack being injured in the past). Just three challenges that I don't think Dean has met or overcome yet. We now have a much stronger bench and (in my opinion) a broader variety of options (so we aren't reliant on bringing on Trez or Davis to try and change the course of the game which would be a tough ask of even the best managers in the game). Our progress over the last 3 seasons has been excellent but there are elements where improvement is required (from players, coaches and the manager). Last year was a bit of a classic case - on paper it was nothing other than a great season of consolidation. But for a good 2 - 3 months we were pretty shocking and we didn't seem to try anything different to address that. As I said maybe we didn't have the options available but this season (unless we are hit by several injuries) we can't use that excuse. I know managers are always judged on results but I feel that this is a big season for Dean. I think he needs to show that either we have a tactic other than pass it to Jack and that if Plan A isn't working that we now have a Plan B and / or a Plan C. Hopefully he now has the players to do so. If not then questions must also be asked why we don't.
  13. I always start keeper at the top and go down to the striker at the bottom. But that probably just marks me as old!!
  14. Three keepers is probably overkill against Newcastle....
  15. Unfortunately at my age it is closer to an 81 year old on Friday nights!!
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