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  1. allani

    Dean Smith

    Great performance today. Lots of effort. Lots of passion. Players looked full of confidence. Just a shame we didn't take our chances.
  2. Really? You call this trying? **** me. I'd hate to think what we must (not) be doing for you to get upset by our performances.
  3. Sounds like what most of the Villa players said / did 2 hours ago....
  4. No-one is saying we have the right to beat them. But we have the right to at least try.....
  5. Looking like a team playing in a cup final in a must win match. Great spirit. High in confidence. Just didn't take our chances. (Apparently I am not allowed to be disappointed that we have been too slow, too negative and not created enough - again.)
  6. That is kind of my point. It is the excuse we trot out every week.
  7. allani

    Dean Smith

    Well Smith picked a striker who is not exactly well known for his goal record. So it is then a bit rich to moan that we didn't take our chances... My "anger" is more frustration than anything. We've not done enough to win matches. Bemoaning "bad luck" is what losers do. You don't just keep doing the same thing all season hoping that eventually we might take our chances. You need to do something different. It is all just too predictable. It was never going to be easy and if we win 2 matches then suddenly everything could look better (and I genuinely believe that several players will be much better next season if they get another season in the PL). Maybe I just want him to be a bit more passionate and being more assertive about going out on the front foot - rather than "confidence is high and I can't fault the effort". Hopefully we will beat Wolves 2-0 and we'll all feel a lot better!!!
  8. allani

    Dean Smith

    It is neither yet. If we survive then he will have been a success (until next season). If we get relegated then he will have failed. That said I think we are down on the number of points that we should have because I don't think he has been proactive enough or shown enough initiative. We've dropped too many points from being in the lead because we've dropped back and tried to hold on rather than keeping the other team under pressure.
  9. allani

    Dean Smith

    Newcastle had the same number of chances as us - so they have just as much reason to claim that if they had taken their chances they should have won. They have next to nothing to play for. We need 2 or 3 wins and suddenly everything would look half decent. We played OK against Sheffield Utd but apart from the save from Davis I don't remember too many "jump out your seat" chances. I think we got exactly what we deserved in both (from watching the first and following the commentary on the second). I just expect more urgency, more willingness to take a man on. I appreciate that it is not easy with so many games after such a long lay-off but I just don't see how we have been robbed in any match so far.
  10. allani

    Dean Smith

    This is from the press conference with Deano: "We can see the team spirit that we have and also the quality. Confidence has not wavered. When players are playing well, they know, and they are playing well at the moment." Now I don't know what planet he is living on if he thinks we are playing well. We were lacklustre in both matches I watched live - lacked quality and seemed bereft of confidence. Too many players looking for a simple layoff rather than actually trying to do something more progressive. We are not alone (all 4 of the teams in 19th - 16th seem determined to try and get relegated) and a win will do wonders (especially if the other teams don't pick up points as well) but we don't look like a team expecting to win. He says we have been unlucky not to win 2 of the 3 matches since the return. I just don't think we have created anything like enough chances to win any of the matches (although as the Newcastle game wasn't on TV I am willing to be corrected on that one). They don't sound like the words of a manager who is thinking that a change of approach is required. Hope we nick enough points to survive as I think several of the players will be better in a second season in the Premier League - but we are still far too negative.
  11. 9-0-1 formation. 40% possession. Then moan about not taking chances and being unlucky to concede. Every single match. I am sure that at the start of the season Smith said we were going to try and win every match. I can't remember the last time we actually tried to attack another team and put them on the back foot. Probably May last year.
  12. allani

    Dean Smith

    Has to go. He said at the beginning of the season that we would try and win every match. Yet in the first 2 of the final 10 "cup finals" our line up seems to be 9 mean (plus keeper) in our own box and a "striker" stood in the centre circle to hold up play (with no-one within 20 meters of him). What was it today = 28% possession. At home. When we need to win as many matches to avoid relegation as possible. It is worse than Bruceball - and I never thought I would say that. Pathetic.
  13. The original post looked like it said 4-3-2 1. I need glasses not a calculator!
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