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  1. TEAM B (1930-1970) GK: Nigel Sims (1956 - 1964: 308 appearances, 0 goals). Sims joined a struggling Villa in 1956, helping the team avoid relegation, before winning the FA Cup, promotion back to the top flight and the inaugural League Cup. A keeper not short in confidence or self-belief he wrote “Without being brash, I know… I was as good as anyone, if not the best” (In Safe Hands). Rumours that both Man Utd and Arsenal tried to sign him (the latter in a deal that would purportedly have been world record fee for a goalkeeper at the time) suggest that his skills backed up his words. He
  2. Best thing to do with 15 seconds of the game left is to shoot high, wide and handsome. No chance of the keeper catching it and punting the ball upfield to give them one more chance.
  3. First I find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan and now I'm agreeing with @rayk...... The world has spun off its axis!!!
  4. Wow. Everyone has taken the negative pills this evening. I think we have been much, much better than last season. Sheff Utd packing the box and looking to hang on. We've been inches away from the perfect ball three or four times now. Not a lot of space but we seem to be moving the defenders around well which will tire them out. I can't see us not creating at least one big chance in the second half. Just a case of being patient and then clinical when that chance comes along.
  5. TEAM A (Pre 1930) {Needless to say I didn't see any of these legends play so my selection is based on their club stats and the limited information I have been able to dig out about them.} GK: Billy George (1897 - 1911: 401 appearances, 0 goals). Only Nigel Spinks has played more games for Villa between the sticks. "Quick on his feet, splendid reach, full of resource, punches the ball with great power, fields well, and a grand kick." (The Villa News and Record). A class keeper with good distribution skills.... ideal. RB: James Cowan (1889 - 1911: 354 appearances, 27 goals). He's l
  6. Given that we are all bored / fed up / excited / overwhelmed / underwhelmed / <insert random other emotion> by possible links, dubious rumours, lazy journalists, fake ITKs, possible ITKs, etc - I thought I would try to spark a separate stream of debate, argument, controversy and hopefully some interest too. So here is the basic premise - I have invented a time machine that allows me to go back in time to "collect" some Villa legends and bring them into a timeless world where we can arrange an All Time Villa Inter Generation Cup (kind of like a "Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Villa
  7. More to the point why give a Man Utd player 30+ games and leave Konsa on the bench where he is not developing much / at all? Seems like we are improving another team in the league whilst hindering ourselves. If Axel was much, much better then OK but unless there is an option to buy deal I can't see any upside - unless Mings gets injured.
  8. I suspect that there will be a contingent of posters voicing their despair that either: - the player has no PL experience - the player has PL experience but is a <insert club name> reject who will not improve the squad - is too old - is too young - is not as good as <insert player name> who would have cost half the amount (in their opinion) - we have spent too much money on them - we spent less money on them which means they can't be much good otherwise they would have cost more so we should have been more ambitious - is not better than what
  9. allani

    Matty Cash

    OK that makes sense. I would like another CB as well in case Mings or Konsa get injured. Not convinced that I feel confident about anyone on the bench stepping up and playing those last 8-10 fixtures... Mind you a good striker and winger might mean that we aren't spending so much time defending for our lives knowing that a single mistake will almost certainly cost points.
  10. allani

    Matty Cash

    But if Konsa is RB who is playing CB?
  11. allani

    Matty Cash

    Indeed - Guilbert and Cash provide good cover for each other. Maybe start moving Elmo into more of a player / coach role so that we have experienced cover available in the case of injuries / suspensions? Gives another year to see if anyone in the U23s steps up to be third string option next season. I'd like us to do the same on the left - that way our central defenders can just focus on becoming better central defenders.
  12. allani

    Matty Cash

    We had Konsa playing out of position at right back at the end of last season (and so were weaker in central defence as a result). Not sure why people seem so certain that we didn't need to recruit here. Maybe not top priority but just because it looks like being the first transfer to complete - it doesn't mean it was the first deal to be planned / put into action by the club (just the easiest?). I like Freddy so hopefully the competition between them will help them both step up. I think there are too many people at the club now who know how to run football / sports clubs properly to worry
  13. I have heard that someone is definitely putting penne to paper today on a contract!
  14. According to Wikipedia there are between 9,800 and 10,758 species of birds. So I may have to swift-ly duck out for a while until it all blows pl-over!!
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