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  1. Not really. We have lost 10 matches this season. No team above us has lost more.
  2. Watched Roma a fair bit over the last few seasons and Dzeko is a no go for me. Firstly he will want "guaranteed" CL football (so will see us as too big a gamble). Second I imagine that he will want massive wages. Thirdly there is no way he fits into our system - he always looks like he wants to be the centre of everything ("me first, team second" type attitude). He's a pretty decent finisher (although I think that he should have scored more at Roma) but spends a lot of time walking around to conserve his energy. If you need a talisman target man then he's a good bet and will score a fair
  3. Even better imagine that Sanson is better than McGinn and that after 60-70 minutes the opposition glance over to the touchline and see McGinn getting ready to come on!!!!
  4. Also think that he buys Jack a bit more space as suddenly the defenders have two people to worry about. He's always going to make touches / passes / lay offs that don't work because they are inconventional / unexpected. But they will also sometimes unlock the defence and create a chance. I think he and Jack could develop an incredible partnership - they just look like they are on the same wavelength and the more they play together the more those little tricks will start to come off.
  5. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! What a result. Thought today would be a case of us coming back down to earth. But the better team nicked the points in the end. What an amazing transfer window. Cash in on another level to any right back we have had for a decade. Martinez - three clean sheets out of four. Ollie does so much work and makes space for our attacking midfielders. And Ross gives us that second real goal threat and a bit of swagger from an attacking midfield role. Trez is putting in a real shift. McGinn's best match for months. Wow. Just wow!
  6. Starting XI looks good enough for a fairly comfortable mid-table position. Second XI looks like it would struggle to survive in the Championship. And that is our current dilemma. A bad run of injuries or suspensions and our bench / team starts to look flakey. Add one or two of tonight's line up into our starting XI and it shouldn't be too bad - but three or four, or a couple in the same position (i.e. both centre backs) and suddenly we look poor (although to be fair the same is true of most clubs outside the top 7 or so). Another big signing and a couple of up and coming prospects from th
  7. Exactly. Trez, Ramsay, Wesley, Davies and Hourihane all now look like quite decent options now that we are not reliant on them. I am trying hard not to get too excited. I can't remember the last time Villa's front six were this good (on paper). I think Luiz is the man to look out for. Even before the lockdown I thought he was always two steps ahead of his colleagues and made "mistakes" because he was expecting other players to do something that they then didn't which caught him out. Have better quality around him will (I think) mean that some of the dinks and offlays that it looked like
  8. So I was a bit worried about moving Grealish inside in a midfield trio of Luiz, McGinn and Grealish. Rightly or wrongly I just felt that the better teams would get on top of the three. Suddenly a midfield trio of Luiz, Barkley and Grealish looks like one that could give anyone a game - especially with McGinn as cover from the bench. Now I can definitely see the need for a quality wide left option. Could be hugely exciting.
  9. McGinn is a hell of a player to bring on after 65 minutes!
  10. TEAM B (1930-1970) GK: Nigel Sims (1956 - 1964: 308 appearances, 0 goals). Sims joined a struggling Villa in 1956, helping the team avoid relegation, before winning the FA Cup, promotion back to the top flight and the inaugural League Cup. A keeper not short in confidence or self-belief he wrote “Without being brash, I know… I was as good as anyone, if not the best” (In Safe Hands). Rumours that both Man Utd and Arsenal tried to sign him (the latter in a deal that would purportedly have been world record fee for a goalkeeper at the time) suggest that his skills backed up his words. He
  11. Best thing to do with 15 seconds of the game left is to shoot high, wide and handsome. No chance of the keeper catching it and punting the ball upfield to give them one more chance.
  12. First I find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan and now I'm agreeing with @rayk...... The world has spun off its axis!!!
  13. Wow. Everyone has taken the negative pills this evening. I think we have been much, much better than last season. Sheff Utd packing the box and looking to hang on. We've been inches away from the perfect ball three or four times now. Not a lot of space but we seem to be moving the defenders around well which will tire them out. I can't see us not creating at least one big chance in the second half. Just a case of being patient and then clinical when that chance comes along.
  14. TEAM A (Pre 1930) {Needless to say I didn't see any of these legends play so my selection is based on their club stats and the limited information I have been able to dig out about them.} GK: Billy George (1897 - 1911: 401 appearances, 0 goals). Only Nigel Spinks has played more games for Villa between the sticks. "Quick on his feet, splendid reach, full of resource, punches the ball with great power, fields well, and a grand kick." (The Villa News and Record). A class keeper with good distribution skills.... ideal. RB: James Cowan (1889 - 1911: 354 appearances, 27 goals). He's l
  15. Given that we are all bored / fed up / excited / overwhelmed / underwhelmed / <insert random other emotion> by possible links, dubious rumours, lazy journalists, fake ITKs, possible ITKs, etc - I thought I would try to spark a separate stream of debate, argument, controversy and hopefully some interest too. So here is the basic premise - I have invented a time machine that allows me to go back in time to "collect" some Villa legends and bring them into a timeless world where we can arrange an All Time Villa Inter Generation Cup (kind of like a "Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Villa
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