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  1. Smith and Terry look like men under siege. Feels like a tide turning afternoon. Affection gets you nowhere. This is multimillion pound business we’re looking at. Want loyalty, buy a dog. This is Graham Turner / Mike Walker territory.
  2. Fear you’re right. I might be wrong but didn’t Rafa say he’d come to us before Lambert took over, but wanted a war chest of about 30-40M which we wouldn’t (couldn’t) agree to? We’re in a different spot now, maybe he could be sounded out.
  3. On a brighter note it felt like we only played 15 minutes of football today, after Jimmy came on, during which we scored. I really hope the answer is in that last spell and stands out like a sore thumb to the coaching staff. We looked like we have done, seemed to panic Southampton a bit and find some belief. Those 15 mins might prove crucial going forward. Fingers crossed, I like Smith. Hate this current spell.
  4. Bruce was an improvement on Di Matteo. Smith in turn has been an improvement on Bruce. We’ve made decent progress in the right direction, not least the outside promotion slot success. Question now is, can the progress be allowed to stall? I think January may be the last roll of the dice - if things don’t improve it may be the end of the road mid-February. The other question is whether that’s enough time for a new manager to achieve anything. Smith should be thankful Doug’s not in charge still that’s for sure.
  5. I’ve been dying to do this to Norwich since they beat us last game at VP last season. This is soooo sweet.
  6. No way on God’s earth Taylor is taking that ball off that Norwich player like Target just did. Major upgrade.
  7. Target, hopefully not too bad with the hamstring, should be battling with Hause for that position. Taylor 3rd.
  8. Rafa impressed me when he stuck by them when relegated. I was extremely jealous of how he steered them to promotion first time of asking. They bossed that league the way I’d hoped we would. Be very interesting to see how this ends.
  9. I think we’ll spend more than that, but are keeping quiet as we can to stop the feeding frenzy.
  10. I’m an absolute wreck. This is like waiting to do exams or give a speech. Just need it to actually start - the waiting is killing me. Villa to win tomorrow 3-1. Draw the return leg.
  11. Side note - I’ve never seen so much litter on a pitch. What a dump.
  12. Just look at the crowd reaction after the attack though. They’re not ashamed, shocked or disgusted. Bouncing up and down, cheering and clapping. Points deduction is the only punishment.
  13. Which is good news. Hopefully they back better decisions.
  14. In truth, I’ve never really cared about Blues either. They’re obsessed with us, you’re right. Loser mentality.
  15. Other teams now know what’s coming when The Villa Show rolls into town. I don’t care if Baggies are winning, their focus in training from tomorrow will be stopping us.
  16. I’m still buzzing. As has been mentioned, we’re far from the finished article and that’s precisely why it’s so damn exciting! Smith has us playing like we are with personnel he’s inherited. As he starts to strengthen and shape us further with his own additions - mouth watering! I’m also delighted when I know he has several days to coach us, like between now and Friday. I’m confident they’re working hard, honing their skills and technique. I never had that feeling with Bruce. I’m usually impatient for games, but more than happy now to let the prep work its magic. Brilliant stuff.
  17. Remember how Villa used to be mocked with “Month of the Goal” competition jibes - didn’t we have to cancel it one month because we hadn’t scored?! 17 in 5. 17!! Absolute different class today. We’re going up under Dean. It is happening.
  18. Every club does. Nothing unique about Villa there. But our expectations are high, granted. He could be Mike Walker, or he could be Alex Ferguson. Time will tell and I suspect there is a great appetite to give Smith time than there ever was for Bruce. I can only speak for myself but having not even wanted Bruce in the first place, I was prepared to give him time all the same and only really felt he should have been removed after the playoff defeat. It got crazy toward the end because he was rapidly undoing any benefit he’d achieved.
  19. Bruce is a chancer. Gets found out for the same faults every time. Whatever the severance for him and his staff, it’ll be the best money we spend this season. We’re not guaranteed to get it right with the next appointment, but we are guaranteed to get it wrong if we stay with this one. Elmo, Conor, Tammy - all looked exasperated at times today. No way these players are happy. No way.
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