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  1. 2 minutes ago, est1874 said:

    The reports on Football Insider and other clickbait rags make little sense. Saying he's under great pressure after 4 games is daft.

    I think he has a lot of grace built up with the owners and he is well-liked and trusted. It would take a minimum of half a season of consistent struggle for him to come under the kind of pressure being speculated on in those reports.

    FWIW I like Dean a lot and think he's probably the right man for us currently. I think he has his limitations but there isn't a laundry list of better managers who would want the job and who could come in straight away and improve us.

    My sentiments exactly. 

  2. On 13/08/2021 at 22:38, Villarocker said:

    This past week, McGinn, Martinez, Tuanzebe and Konsa have given interviews where they've said that this season is all about getting into Europe.

    I think that Grealish leaving may have alarmed the owners to the fact that the best players at the club won't wait around forever to play at the highest level and they've since emphasised to the players the importance of finishing in the European places otherwise there may have to be further player changes required to try to get to where they want us to be. 

    Hopefully, this will be the season where we reach Europe and attract even better quality players next summer. 

    Agreed. Saturday will have underlined that imo. UTV.

  3. Good for him. Jack has a right to reply - anyone with a backbone would want their side heard. I'd say just once though, and this is as far as he should take it unless directly asked (interviews etc).

  4. So chuffed. Chuffed with his abilities coming to help our club improve, chuffed to have beaten Arsenal and made them "embarrassed", chuffed to have riled some of the saltier Norridge fans (petty I know but blimey there's some bad feeling towards us from some quarters there - I had no idea).

    Also hoping it's a good signal to other players we may be after: we're serious, and we want you to come along for this exciting journey.

  5. This on the back of reading Arsenal regret the decision to sell Emi (blimey, Sherlock) and Arenal's hopes of signing the Brentford goalie dashed - Emi is a phenomenal signing for us, and agree @TRO, he seems an honourable man who will stick around.

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  6. Just now, KMitch said:

    To be fair, they're going through one as well with Ancelotti.  James looks like he may be the spark to push them into the Champions League, either this season or next.  I've always had a soft spot for Blue Scouse and wish them well, just not when we play them!

    Yeah I agree, one of a small list of teams I have no animosity towards, same for Forest personally. I wish them well, regardless of how some feel about us signing RB. I've seen a few decent tweets from Everton fans wishing him and us well for the season - I'm sure it's just a minority of 12 year olds acting up.

    And yes, hope we stuff them home and away!

  7. On 11/09/2020 at 12:40, alreadyexists said:

    Cash    Konsa    Mings    Targett


           McGinn                Hourihane

    Trezeguet       Watkins        Grealish


    Maybe won’t have Martínez... but that’s a fair guess I think. Could even have a wide forward by then too (Rashica?).

    All That Magic GIF by Nickelodeon


  8. Bit like Samatta agreeing terms with FSK. That parts done, now the moneymen get involved.

    Should be a formality, unless one side gets obstinate which I doubt in the Rashica case. Next few days should see the details sorted (not ITK just seems logical). Good times.

  9. 52 minutes ago, KevinRichardsonsMoustache said:

    Christ, what an utter gentleman. If you're a professional, that's how you want to conduct yourself: loved by fans when you leave a club, respected by fans of your new club. A class act.

    Absolutely. Got a bit emotional myself watching that. Hey, I'm getting on a bit...

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