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  1. What's the matter with you lot?! We were 4-0 down at this stage last game - massive progress!! /s
  2. When we’re properly established in the Prem I want to see us gunning for cups. Until then, be shrewd and plan accordingly.
  3. Al Ghazi really getting on my nerves at the moment. Not sure it’s entirely rational on my part.
  4. Absolutely this. PTSD is strong and real in (some) Villa fans (like me).
  5. Interesting read... https://medium.com/@DavidAnderson_1/brentford-fc-thomas-frank-v-dean-smith-66ba178fd80d
  6. Personally I’m enjoying all the opinions here. VillaLad was far from alone in questioning whether Smith was really up to the job last year, before our run, even if the questioning was just notes of caution. At least one prominent podcast was wondering if results with Brentford gave us pause for thought.
  7. Smith’s Brentford also had a habit of dropping points from winning positions I’ve heard. I’ve nothing to back this up though, other than alleged Brentford fans on Twitter. If true, interesting.
  8. Smith and Terry look like men under siege. Feels like a tide turning afternoon. Affection gets you nowhere. This is multimillion pound business we’re looking at. Want loyalty, buy a dog. This is Graham Turner / Mike Walker territory.
  9. Fear you’re right. I might be wrong but didn’t Rafa say he’d come to us before Lambert took over, but wanted a war chest of about 30-40M which we wouldn’t (couldn’t) agree to? We’re in a different spot now, maybe he could be sounded out.
  10. On a brighter note it felt like we only played 15 minutes of football today, after Jimmy came on, during which we scored. I really hope the answer is in that last spell and stands out like a sore thumb to the coaching staff. We looked like we have done, seemed to panic Southampton a bit and find some belief. Those 15 mins might prove crucial going forward. Fingers crossed, I like Smith. Hate this current spell.
  11. Bruce was an improvement on Di Matteo. Smith in turn has been an improvement on Bruce. We’ve made decent progress in the right direction, not least the outside promotion slot success. Question now is, can the progress be allowed to stall? I think January may be the last roll of the dice - if things don’t improve it may be the end of the road mid-February. The other question is whether that’s enough time for a new manager to achieve anything. Smith should be thankful Doug’s not in charge still that’s for sure.
  12. I’ve been dying to do this to Norwich since they beat us last game at VP last season. This is soooo sweet.
  13. No way on God’s earth Taylor is taking that ball off that Norwich player like Target just did. Major upgrade.
  14. Target, hopefully not too bad with the hamstring, should be battling with Hause for that position. Taylor 3rd.
  15. Rafa impressed me when he stuck by them when relegated. I was extremely jealous of how he steered them to promotion first time of asking. They bossed that league the way I’d hoped we would. Be very interesting to see how this ends.
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