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  1. We can't really help stumbling across newspaper garbage on antisocial media, but anyone who actively buys a newspaper these days needs their head checking.
  2. So chuffed. Chuffed with his abilities coming to help our club improve, chuffed to have beaten Arsenal and made them "embarrassed", chuffed to have riled some of the saltier Norridge fans (petty I know but blimey there's some bad feeling towards us from some quarters there - I had no idea). Also hoping it's a good signal to other players we may be after: we're serious, and we want you to come along for this exciting journey.
  3. No nibbles? Not even “King Canary”?!
  4. This on the back of reading Arsenal regret the decision to sell Emi (blimey, Sherlock) and Arenal's hopes of signing the Brentford goalie dashed - Emi is a phenomenal signing for us, and agree @TRO, he seems an honourable man who will stick around.
  5. Shame is, Villa are on a major upward curve - he could've been a part of that. For whatever reason(s), he's missed the bus.
  6. Yeah I agree, one of a small list of teams I have no animosity towards, same for Forest personally. I wish them well, regardless of how some feel about us signing RB. I've seen a few decent tweets from Everton fans wishing him and us well for the season - I'm sure it's just a minority of 12 year olds acting up. And yes, hope we stuff them home and away!
  7. They see our revival and sense the danger.
  8. Can't wait to hear what TalkS***e make of this...lackof ambition for RB no doubt...
  9. Bit like Samatta agreeing terms with FSK. That parts done, now the moneymen get involved. Should be a formality, unless one side gets obstinate which I doubt in the Rashica case. Next few days should see the details sorted (not ITK just seems logical). Good times.
  10. Any guesses what his induction song might be?
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