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  1. Yeah I agree, one of a small list of teams I have no animosity towards, same for Forest personally. I wish them well, regardless of how some feel about us signing RB. I've seen a few decent tweets from Everton fans wishing him and us well for the season - I'm sure it's just a minority of 12 year olds acting up. And yes, hope we stuff them home and away!
  2. They see our revival and sense the danger.
  3. Can't wait to hear what TalkS***e make of this...lackof ambition for RB no doubt...
  4. Bit like Samatta agreeing terms with FSK. That parts done, now the moneymen get involved. Should be a formality, unless one side gets obstinate which I doubt in the Rashica case. Next few days should see the details sorted (not ITK just seems logical). Good times.
  5. Any guesses what his induction song might be?
  6. Absolutely. Got a bit emotional myself watching that. Hey, I'm getting on a bit...
  7. Long may it continue. Next time it'll be Real Madrid.
  8. So true and has been for so long. Amazing how badly wrong some have got it until now.
  9. Big. Very, very big. Massive signal to other clubs that we can keep our best...NSWE are the real deal.
  10. “No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.”
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