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  1. Backup keeper is one of those positions you think you can get away with not having - until you need them. I have no doubt Steer would do a good job if needed for the odd game. If we lost Martinez for months, we'd definitely know about it. It would cost us points. Possibly several league positions. Also, who is backup to Steer? Children. It needs sorting.
  2. Mazrim

    Ezri Konsa

    I think Konsa is significantly better than Tomori. I have a bias, of course, but I stand by that.
  3. Yeah, we definitely need a more dynamic, pacey and aggressive left back to really complete this 3 - 5 - 2 system. Targett is competent but probably not mobile or clinical enough. Maybe harsh but we're talking fine tuning now. A baller centre half who can play right back and CDM too. And yes, a reserve keeper.
  4. £6m doesn't get you much today. Adjusted for Inflation Man. Now there was a hero.
  5. That's OK, Joachim was tiny.
  6. Lives with Sil Swinkels. Sounds like a debilitating condition.
  7. I have to agree that he was very poor yesterday. Slow, ponderous decision making, awful lazy passing. Young should start until he gets himself right and I'd definitely look at a pacier left back in Jan. Especially if we're going to be playing 5 3 2.
  8. He's the Khan. Chuka Khan, Chuka Khan...
  9. Mazrim

    Arjan Raikhy

    He is a lovely player at youth level. A Rolls Royce. This level is low for him but it is grown up football and if he excels at this level as I suspect he will, it will do his confidence wonders. He can start going up through the levels quickly then. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets loaned out to league 1 or 2 in Jan.
  10. I'm not going to criticise anybody for being a little disappointed. We've made some great signings. We've also made a profit, and this team is not balanced. Might have missed a trick or two here. We'll see. But it's mostly all positive. Let's get on with it.
  11. And so another St Jim White's day draws to a close with a gong of doom. I haven't watched a second of it either.
  12. No idea if he does or not. Who say he doesn't? I said potential reasons why he would leave anyway. Its not like deals happening on deadline day is unusual.
  13. There are a number of potential reasons. Because they can't afford to turn down peak value for an asset who wants out. Because they might hmfeel they can cope without him. Because Covid has hit them hard without crowds. Because they do have an alternative ready to go. Who knows?
  14. A lot of supposition here. The player may well want to leave now and if so, won't be worth as much next season. Bigger clubs than Villa will be in for him next year? How do you know? How do you know about his contract including clauses? Never spent 40m on a player? We're pretty much there with Buendia and Watkins and Bailey wasn't much less. Its hardly a stretch to imagine paying 40 or way beyond for a player. Especially seeing as we've just trousered 100m for one. I'm not saying this will happen or even if there's anything in it at all. But saying its impossible is nonsense.
  15. What is all this 'no way' rubbish? Why on earth couldn't we sign Bissouma? Not saying we are, but we have loads of money, a position of need and we're a much, much bigger club. Hardly beyond the realms of possibility.
  16. Ramsey was our best player in his last game and still learning his trade. Chukwuemeka has proved he isn't ready? He's started 1 game - due to 3 or 4 players being missing or injured who would be ahead of - and looked good. He is the next superstar and needs to be brought through. Nakamba is a championship level player, I agree. Luiz and McGinn are inconsistent. McGinn really is an attacking player who presses defences, not one who shields them. Luiz is a tidy player and we're all waiting for him to find his end of 19/20 form. Sanson just hasn't been fit yet. When he is we'll see what he's about.
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