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  1. She has done ok for a 60 plus though. Expensive botox as well I guess
  2. San Marino or Iceland for me. Tbf , all pretty shite and just hope the weird wins
  3. Disappointing on totty count tonight. Best 2 being the 2 female presenters
  4. I believe he did take him 5 mins to write this song, that's was awful but weird
  5. Slightly better totty, well done germany
  6. A close up of wankford crying would be good please sky
  7. Wankford lucky to still be playing
  8. On this form we are not going to beat any of these 2
  9. Playoff semis are great to watch when your own team isn't involve. Don't care who wins as I'm sure we will make it difficult for ourselves somehow

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