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  1. Good result keeps us above manure and in the title race
  2. There is no consistency in this Var shit
  3. Sky started their coverage of this 430pm kick off at 3pm, and 25 mins in and still not a single shot on target. Typical shit
  4. Judging a nobody who came out of no where from commie China, no real info in terms of his previous business dealing, calling himself a Dr, and were able to buy a football club with unknown cash. you got to have to raise some suspicious over the guy. You can kind of draw parallel to Carson Yeung when he first got the blues, and I’m guessing Carson is serving prison still? Not racism, but just from the lack of info on the guy and the fact a lot of chinese commie business man are quite shady, from personal and friends experience
  5. He is probably hiding in hong kong right now seeking legal advice from Peter Pan. This would be the only time I would support the extradition bill, Winnie can have him.
  6. Finally I decided to stay away VT for match day and there it is
  7. Postive: first half was actually pretty decent. Thought Trez was pretty good offering both going forward and covering. Negative: collapse , bottlers, zero point, going down. Even the Engel Mings partnership went to shit. They were superb in the first half
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