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  1. Micah Richards

    Can avfc employ him to wipe arse for supporters at one of the loo at holte end? Might as well utilise resources
  2. Ratings & Reactions: QPR v Villa

    Wasn't expecting a win at all on top of the fact it sounds like this was fully deserved. I might be wrong think they were on a decet run beating wolves and sheff u recently? And even better now only realised they are managed by that half arsed manager Get in
  3. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Nice man management from eire manager and assistant, standing arms cross, not approaching their own players like it is all their fault
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    Hutton = the Scottish Roberto Carlos
  5. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    Really need to work on a plan B that exclude Davis playing
  6. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    So they don't book players for blatant dive anymore?
  7. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    Albert has been poor this half
  8. Players you've completely forgotten about

    Did not realised that prodigy jack Rodwell is rotting away at Sunderland, unused sub yesterday
  9. Jonathan Kodjia

    Tbf if it wasn't for a homer of a ref, he would have won us a peno, despite him still.not back to his best
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Fulham

    The decisions on subs were very poor, although I thought De leat put a decent shift in unlucky not to score and done more defensively in mid than Weeland. Thought Chester and Terry were good despite under so much pressure
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Fulham

    that was a rugby tackle right?
  12. Match Thread: Villa v Fulham

    If anything he reminds me a lot of Ciaran clumsy clark
  13. Match Thread: Villa v Fulham

    Glenn whealan not very good is he
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Awful from start to finish, that's 2 defeats against promo rivals. We are not going up