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  1. For the money they spent it was the 3 English boys who **** this up for citech
  2. This city keeper is a bit shit
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Not too disappointed with this one, but would be telling to see our reactions for the next game. Pulis and Boro can both fuc k off
  4. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    Go for it! Nothing to lose now
  5. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    migth as well go for 2 strikers now
  6. Jack Grealish

    At this rate he will be playing in the Prem league next season, with or without us.
  7. Birkir Bjarnason

    Thought he was good at DM again. And impressive with his move and pass for snoddys goal
  8. Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Snodgrass just as bad as Albert tonight
  9. Tommy Elphick

    Very good backup at this level, all the best Tommy, hope you have a blinder against all of our rivals
  10. Media and punditry

    He just sitting on that chair like a proper word removed. Wouldn't call him a pundit, he said nothing