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  1. kwoktolai

    Joe Bryan

    We probably all been there at some point when we looked for work and ditch one for a better job at the point in time. But McCormack, last year final, and now Bryan. We are not having a good run against Fulham
  2. kwoktolai

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Intro to Scottish fitba in 10 seconds
  3. kwoktolai

    Alan Hutton

    Agree. This Scottish Cafu thing is getting very disrespectful
  4. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    The Scottish Alan Hutton !
  5. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    Remind me what does Glen Whelan actually do?
  6. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    I log off from sky and we **** score, get in
  7. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Hull v Villa

    Just as I log on to watch and ball loops into out net. That's why I love football
  8. kwoktolai


    According to the BBC "year" is something that they own. So must be their year
  9. kwoktolai

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Proven and out of favour, Danny ings?
  10. kwoktolai

    Tactics for the 2018/2019 Season

    You play to your players strength and at the moment 352 or 532 aren't the answer (yet). Our defence just isn't composed enough
  11. kwoktolai

    Time for a takeover

    No emoji - edens out sawiris out!
  12. kwoktolai

    West Ham v Villa

    Bree won't be having much play time I hope this season
  13. kwoktolai

    Steve Bruce

    Arriving in a limousine instead now we are stinking rich