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  1. kwoktolai

    Croatia v England/Spain v Engaknd

    Poor defending
  2. kwoktolai

    New Manager Speculation

    I don't even know who would be a good fit for us anymore. But would be quite hilarious if we do get Henry after all this.
  3. kwoktolai

    New Manager Speculation

    It is that Joe Leftback all over again. Mick McCarthy in!!!
  4. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    Who needs a football manager! Everyone out!
  5. kwoktolai

    Steve Bruce

    Official? Or fake news?
  6. kwoktolai

    Awful Loan Signings

    How about those loans Conman Xia was making back in July? Do they count?
  7. kwoktolai

    Steve Bruce

    It has been a dreadful year for Bruce, sorry to say but time to move on now.
  8. kwoktolai

    Steve Bruce

    Still too quiet, are we stuck with him for at least this season?
  9. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Bristol City v Villa

    Surely Bruce last game. And fifa 18 it this then
  10. kwoktolai

    Steve Bruce

    Very quiet from the press likely nothing is happening how ever much we moan about this. Long season ahead
  11. kwoktolai

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Kiss this good bye if we don't sack Bruce now
  12. kwoktolai

    New Manager Speculation

    I was against the idea of Henry, wouldn't mind him now if he can bring some fresh ideas.
  13. kwoktolai

    Steve Bruce

    Poor results and more importantly no improvement in play. Thanks for your effort Steve but we all know it is time to go
  14. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    What's the excuse this time
  15. kwoktolai

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    What is the **** point loaning a natural centre back in Tuanzebe and play someone who is a non CB?