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  1. All the talks about Solskjær clearing dead woods and getting his own team before end of last season, they still have pogba and Lukaku on their books, and bought in 3 that’s assuming maguire signs. Not much have changed
  2. Uncle Albert staring well for forest. Good to see him getting a nice assist
  3. Just nice not having to make excuse like "it's only preseason", "fitness the most important not result" for once.
  4. And apparently some say they should both get equal prize money
  5. Right over to the cricket then. What insane afternoon of sport. Keep saying this may be the last year for Fed, what's the bet he will be back for more next year
  6. kwoktolai

    Ørjan Nyland

    Loan this guy to the sha
  7. Language ladies, where is your etiquette?
  8. Only if it wasn't for little Phil, I would be fully supporting England. Those gals seems like a decent bunch unlike the lingard or rashford

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