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  1. I think we ain’t going to sign him and Trezeguet think it’s old news just being rehashed now
  2. He should be offered to sheff Wednesday on a free
  3. Some teams see his goals and think he is worth it he is crap
  4. Think we need to start preparing for next season now out Talyor Whelan Elmohamdy jedinak bjarnson if we got a decent offer for hourihane let go Adomah go now or in summer no way renew
  5. If we got a decent offer in Jan I would let him go offers very little other than the odd goal can’t run or tackle all he does is moan at ref for everything
  6. Give the fellow a chance like he hasn’t played in a long time and he came on a game in today where we were awful before he came on
  7. One of our biggest problems is lack of legs in centre of midfield hourihane Whelan birki etc very poor mobility
  8. The north stand is in bad need of development but that won’t be looked at till we ever get to premier league which is a good bit off
  9. Terrible player an odd good free kick and goal all he does
  10. If this was true and doubt it think he would come in as 4th choice cb and very unlikely to play
  11. Think we will be linked with so many players this month be unbelievable 95% just people wanting attention that they know somthing
  12. According to bbc sport website they are reporting we are done close this up
  13. Time to go I backed him for The first two seasons fully but now it's time to go but he wouldn't be sacked shows How much of a joke we are
  14. Think he is heading to the toon they are guarnteed prem next yr we ain't be lucky to stay up
  15. According to Jim White on sky sports news scott Sinclair having medical now
  16. Weimann is a headless chicken think it's time for him to go
  17. Bullshit speculation for jan don't think this is going to happen Sinclair is our main target
  18. When christian leaves us and it's coming soon we need to be asking min 35 million for him like he his miles better than lukaku and he went for 28 million
  19. If some one offered 10 million let him off and get someone else like
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