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  1. There is more chance of Birmingham City getting back in the premier league this season than us bringing in anyone now
  2. We have Traore Bailey bidace buendia all can play wide plus Watkins if stuck
  3. If we get that we should sell him
  4. We need a dm type player like Bissouma not another number 8
  5. Think we are done don’t think anyone else is coming in
  6. I agree we need a guaranteed starter at DM Bissouma who I would go after I was on about we need more than one striker
  7. We need to have more than one striker in the club Watkins can’t play every game all the strong teams have more than one striker like
  8. Yesterday was the poorest game I have seen him play for us he was awful
  9. Think Bissouma is the man we should go all out to bring in
  10. Can we move this to other footballer turned his back on us he walked out on us on the up we shouldn’t be wasting our time over him on a villa page
  11. He is meant to do his own social media don’t think he has a team if he is training with Villa why the hell is he training with us when he wants out
  12. Great to see him liking the clubs pics on Instagram in the last few mins on the drive to Manchester shows he is a total hypocrite can’t have it both ways Jack
  13. No I wouldn’t seen enough of him he is a top end championship player bottom 3 prem league player ok to take it he was 10 million as squad player no way spend what Norwich would want for him
  14. Going nowhere with this kind of signing just wasting money rather give Carney a go
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