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  1. dutchavfc1982

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Dwight Gayle is going to the Boggies season loan , I think we have missed a trick here
  2. dutchavfc1982

    Famous Villa Autographs!

    My dad used to deliver / sell the old lottery tickets in the 80's he went to the ticket office to get the monthly tickets with me when inside was my hero at the time Gary Shaw. I ended up with loads of items from the store and a signed photo. To say I was in heaven would be an understatement. I still have the photo now stored away with a collection of other autographs handed down to me from my Uncle .
  3. dutchavfc1982

    Ross McCormack

    I realised that after I posted however Ivo Stas..........
  4. dutchavfc1982

    Ross McCormack

    Dos that include own goals?
  5. dutchavfc1982

    Stan Petrov

    Does anyone else think this is going to end up being a movie, With the finale being Stan lifting th FACUP after us gaining promotion ? God I am a dreamer!
  6. dutchavfc1982

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa 1-2 Tottenham

    Possibly the worst refereeing performance for a while . How Spuds were not down to ten men before Tekkers is beyond me . I was hoping we could hang on but forgot it was Villa and we don't do that.
  7. dutchavfc1982

    Ratings and Reactions: Everton 3-0 Villa

    Watched the match and actually thought there were some positives. I thought we played ok at times especially once we went 1 down Everton are in a false position don't let their start fool you Everton's last two goals were a mistake (Guzan) and bad defending, Tekkers goal should have stood , Hutton was good, as was Cleverly, we were without 2nd & ultimately 3rd choice centre backs also arguably our best midfielder. I must admit I am baffled as to why Jack never got a run out though. That is the frustrating part. We need to start scoring soon but we are creating chance just too crap to finish them off/ People only seem to see the negatives
  8. dutchavfc1982

    Ratings and Reactions: Villa - Hull

    My birthday today the only present I wanted was this result .
  9. dutchavfc1982

    Our best midfield player ever

    Platt has to be number for goals, Sid and Mortimer for tenacity, Des Bremner for work rate. Lee Hendrie had the makings but failed to deliver. For Villa through and through, though it has to be Ian Taylor and Sid
  10. dutchavfc1982

    Ratings and Reactions: Norwich 1-2 Villa

    Technically we could now finish 9th unbelievable...
  11. dutchavfc1982

    If You Could Bring Back 3 Players

    First time poster , I would love to have Ian Taylor back at the current time, would bring passion and desire just when we really need it, along with God (obviously) and then a toss up between Gary Shaw and Brian Little. To be honest Shaw edges this as I can only remember glimpses of Little, but both fantastic players with careers ruined by injury .
  12. dutchavfc1982

    Been watching for a while

    Hi all, I have been following this site for years finally decided to post. Been villa fan since i can remember witnessing all but an FA Cup win. Favourite memory meeting Gary shaw when I was 10 and getting a signed photo along with plenty of freebies from the old villa shop.Also remeber being a member of the Villa cubs , going to a disco and meeting "Sid" along with turn coats Noel Blake and Robert Hopkins.