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  1. How did we bottle it? They are completely outplaying us with 10 men for past 30mins.. And this is not first time this happens. This is all down to Smith.
  2. Grealish is so lackadaisical with so many of his touches its infuriating
  3. People forgetting we are playing against Champions League finalists. Lots of overreactions. It's been a fine performance but we run out of steam. That's what happens when you score and defend for the rest of the game like mad.
  4. Dwelling with the ball on the edge of your box always is a wise idea
  5. You have to think from his perspective. He already had wildly successful spell at Championship club, he doesn't have anything to proof at this level anymore. Meanwhile he struggled mightily at poor Swansea last year. Joining good Wolves and scoring bangers would completely repair his reputation at that level and ensure him a big big contract for the future. It's a no brainer unfortunately. If this was his first loan spell maybe things would be different.
  6. You must have missed us under MON era almost 10 years ago already when we were giving the most average of players 50k like it was nothing.
  7. That's 6 points dropped which we should have won with more luck. Cheated out of win against WBA, 2 offside goals not given vs Forrest and now Birkir insane miss. We will get Top 6, this side is really good, I just hope we don't miss automatics by few points or it'll be bitter feeling.
  8. These games happen, but this game shows he'll never be top Top 6 worthy striker. Finishing isn't a skill that develops via experience most of the time.
  9. Alakagom

    John Terry

    Terry made a public announcement he has retired from all football few days before announced as our assistant.
  10. Dominated by last team in the league. Whoever takes on managing this team is a madman. Or just loves a lotta cash that could be it too
  11. I can already predict after we sack Bruce and get the team together we will miss automatic promotion by 2 points.
  12. Look even if we draw or win it's clear we are shite. Okay, the management can see the same shit as you. The problem with Bruce for sure comes down to find a suitable replacement first that will take on the project long term and his compensation. Sacking him with no one to replace him would be useless.
  13. This is all leading up to 95th equalizer so the team finishes on a high. Bruce is a magician. He's maximizing his stay.
  14. Bruce is really just a closet bluenose. It's the only reasonable explanation to all this.
  15. There was just a shimmer of a hope over the past 2 weeks we would have improved in some unfathomable way. I was wrong
  16. No. The club tried to come up with some type of severance so he would exit ie. paying 70% of contract in lump sum. Micah probably refused.
  17. You're getting sacked in the afternoon .You're getting sacked in the afternoon. You're getting sacked in the afternoon.
  18. If we needed a loss to justify sacking Bruce, it's good that it ends up being the cup. Okay. Now sack him.
  19. Now now, let's remember that Bruceball is a variant of total football. We can't expect clean sheets which such style of football. Glen Whelan will soon come from bench and deliver magic we badly miss.
  20. Big improvements defensively. Zero shots given away. Bruce is working his defensive magic. Unit.
  21. But we aren't losing therefore Bruceball works!
  22. Yes we can. The lineup still makes zero sense. And if you say but we played well today, well what about the last two games when we were dire. Consistency may be something needed in promotion candidates. We were very lucky to win against Wigan, and luck will always balance out.
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