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  1. Trezeguet trying to outpace anyone is a hilarious sight every time.
  2. Wesley is always one or two steps behind where he should be.
  3. Nakamba aint no CM. And not every CDM can be a Kante.
  4. Our fanbase. 5 minutes ago: Oh my gawd 2-0 down this game is OVER **** this gonna go back to sleep waste of time Now: OMGDSAHDAHADFAFDDAFDASFDKCKXAP
  5. Worse than us based on what? Anyway I think with the way the league is unfolding so far, this year might be the year where you truly need to reach 40 points for safety making things much harder
  6. Needs to improve his passing, especially just after winning the ball. You can't just be giving away the ball after winning it heroically. If he improves on that we have a world class DM in our side.
  7. Alakagom

    Dean Smith

    Well yes our entire tactics are to defend deep and hit them on the counter. Of course we would have chances when Liverpool is pressing their entire team.. not sure how it's related to my post at all though I'm not criticizing Dean Smith entire plan of this game. In fact he got it spot on mostly. We have played extremely well. You seem to take criticism of Dean lack of strategy in how to keep the ball instead of hoofing it personally for some unknown reason. But if you're entirely happy that for 4th time ( Totenham, Everton, Arsenal and Liverpool) same scenario has played out. Literally EXACTLY same (except we scraped a win vs Everton). Then you'll be happy no matter what I think. Criticizing lack of ability to keep the ball and hoofing should be banned I guess
  8. Alakagom

    Dean Smith

    You can't expect our players to maintain fitness when all they do is defend deep and run around chasing players. This is exactly why all the top sides beat us eventually.
  9. Alakagom

    Dean Smith

    You said soaking up pressure for entirety of 2nd half is fantastic football. So yea, I don't think your opinion has any value for what it's wroth. Sam Allardyce tactics truly the peak of football. Fantastic.
  10. Alakagom

    Dean Smith

    Oof. Yea that's exactly what my post said. Facetious much. I guess if we had Pep over here we would have hoofballed that in same manner yea? And it's not even about Pep but having some kind of strategy to combat what we have seen so far against Totenham..Arsenal..Everton (had great chances to equalize many times) and now Liverpool. Except we don't. We play exactly the same. So you either admit our players suck quite a bit ( which doesn't seem to be the case when we are pretty competent until 2nd halves), or put some blame on the coach and his tactics.
  11. Alakagom

    Dean Smith

    He has zero tactics on how to defend a lead against teams that will press you hard. And obviously we have limited players but you can't tell me Luiz, McCgin or Nakamba are incapable of few passess and keeping the ball. If all you do is hoofball, the end result will always be us loosing.
  12. Love his energy, but the amount of times he got the ball back in our half and just started running forward for no reason without even giving it a thought to lose it few seconds later and bring us under pressure again was just silly. Not sure whether to blame the coaching or him.
  13. They aren't coached in a style of football to know how to keep possession under pressure. Therefore they just panic and boot the ball out. I don't blame them Dean Smith is no Guardiola. It's just a predictable ending that will continue to happen over and over again.
  14. They aren't coached in a style of football to know how to keep possession under pressure. Therefore they just panic and boot the ball out. I don't blame them Dean Smith is no Guardiola. It's just a predictable ending that will continue to happen over and over again.
  15. You can't hoof ball for entirety of 2nd half and expect to come with a result. Spurs, Arsenal and now Liverpool. We have some quality in midfield, I don't understand why we go into hoofball mode immediately against the top sides. It's down to the coach and tactics.
  16. I've never seen more dead match than this. It feels like a game with mates coming to end yet we still play even though no one has energy to run anymore.
  17. Our lion is iconic. We should not put the name of our team below the logo. The brand should speak by itself.
  18. How did we bottle it? They are completely outplaying us with 10 men for past 30mins.. And this is not first time this happens. This is all down to Smith.
  19. Grealish is so lackadaisical with so many of his touches its infuriating
  20. People forgetting we are playing against Champions League finalists. Lots of overreactions. It's been a fine performance but we run out of steam. That's what happens when you score and defend for the rest of the game like mad.
  21. Dwelling with the ball on the edge of your box always is a wise idea
  22. You have to think from his perspective. He already had wildly successful spell at Championship club, he doesn't have anything to proof at this level anymore. Meanwhile he struggled mightily at poor Swansea last year. Joining good Wolves and scoring bangers would completely repair his reputation at that level and ensure him a big big contract for the future. It's a no brainer unfortunately. If this was his first loan spell maybe things would be different.
  23. You must have missed us under MON era almost 10 years ago already when we were giving the most average of players 50k like it was nothing.
  24. That's 6 points dropped which we should have won with more luck. Cheated out of win against WBA, 2 offside goals not given vs Forrest and now Birkir insane miss. We will get Top 6, this side is really good, I just hope we don't miss automatics by few points or it'll be bitter feeling.
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