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  1. You were certainly robbed. There is something fishy about these decisions going in Chelsea's favour. A lot is made of Mourinho's unbeaten record at Stamford Bridge. Does it come as any surprise when they get decisions like that. They were absolutely garbage too. Looked more like a mid-table side than one with apsirations of winning the league.
  2. Whilst I don't believe that is the reason I would certainly question why he was allowed to referee our game given his Villa/West Midlands connections. He surrendered to the pressure but ever since we took the league he was itching to award a penalty. Warning us of any shirt pulling when defending a corner but allowing Chelsea to do exactly the same without warning - I wouldn't mind if the same rules were applied to both sides. The penalty however just took the biscuit.
  3. Looks like we've both been robbed at Stamford Bridge. An absolute joke. Good win for you lot today.
  4. He'll be a big miss but he's only come to the forefront since January. The early part of the season when we went on our incredible run saw Shane Long playing as the loan front man so we've showed that we can play in this league without him - equally, the previous two seasons have seen us feature in mid-table without him. Many seem to believe that Lukaku has carried us throughout the season, that isn't true at all and although he looks a very good player, there are still facets of his game which need improving and I would love him to finish his footballing education here. Our big problems are
  5. It was a weird game. Never seen anything like that before. Honoured to have been there though, it's something I'll never ever forget. Man United were crap defensively but so were we, we've given away some rubbish goals over the last few weeks. Disappointing really. Glad you've survived and I look forward to our meetings next season. All the best.
  6. In exchange that Rangers merchandise will be sold in his shops which is a win for both parties. The share issue is another way in which the club have brought much needed money into the club. £22million I think the figures are which is a fine achievement. Now starting to stroll the league, continued wavering support from the loyal supporters. Promotion is more or less guaranteed for this season now and within a year the club shall be back in the SPL. Providing the league reconstruction has taken place otherwise Charles Green will more than likely refuse any place in the SPL with its cu
  7. There are bound to be a few mate. Geography will play a large part in it as well.
  8. I would still stand by that. The pendulum has certainly swung in our favour but if you want to and more importantly whether Lerner wants to, that could change quite quickly unfortunately.
  9. Anybody being serious about Europe or even the Champions League are daft. It would take an awful amount of luck for us to end up in Europe. I mentioned Europe and nights in Barcelona but that was purely sarcastic. Never believed it for a second because I knew the drop in form was only around the corner.
  10. It's an age thing. Our older supporters will tend to dislike Villa moreso than our young supporters who focus there attention on the Wolves. Back in the day when we were a good side the real derby was between ourselves but once we went on a downward spiral that's where the intense hatred with the Wolves started and we didn't play as often so it died down slightly. It'll only spice up the more we play each other without the interruption of the Blues or Wolves.
  11. We've had a sticky period of late which is disappointing, the football has died down and we're struggling to break teams down. We haven't been helped by the injuries to Ben Foster and Claudio Yacob who are integral members to the squad. We can have no complaints with defeats to Swansea and Arsenal, although the referee ruined any chance we had with three pathetic decisions, and against Stoke, we successfully managed to throw that away when really we should have had a point as no way on earth did Stoke deserve to win that. I'm sure they would have done the same at VillaPark a few weeks ago, sti
  12. We're going along nicely thankfully but being the pessimist I am, I'm always waiting for the drop in form and the abundance of injuries. I've never experienced us in this position, nor in this vein of form, and I'm intent on enjoying it, I mean, if I can't enjoy this, why am I in football? Credit to Steve Clarke to be honest, he's got the lads playing some cracking stuff, these victories are no flukes either. We've got players at the top of their games with James Morrison and Shane Long being quite simply sensational. Shane works his arse off upfront but with that, produces quality and Jame
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