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  1. Dont recall saying i drink pints of corona, In fact i dont think you can get it on draught over here but there could be somewhere i guess. Had a pint of it in chitiniza once but thats the one and only.
  2. Havent got a fackin clue, Who's winning?
  3. You should've ordered a pint, pal. Next best thing to me is a pint of guinness, Cant stand pints of lager anymore might aswell drink a pint of cricket piss. Used to like stella or 1664 but even they now smell like shite and taste like fosters, carling ect. Not for me thanks pal.
  4. Asking for Corona and getting offered Sol, being told its the same!
  5. Is it because they drive a lot of ghey cars?
  6. Now play nice stefan or im telling mom! Anyway back on topic, If holman is a topflight footballer then i know where there is a pub full, Along with the likes of bannan ect.
  7. Yeah i agree, I often wonder what lambert wants be when he's older!
  8. Probably best you get solid facts and then have the discussion before you but in! Just a thought pal.
  9. Reminds me of my mrs, Always seems to be running around a lot but **** all seems to get done! Limited... Im Out!
  10. See Hutton, warnock, given, bent, ireland ect... All doin the lambert walk!
  11. My cocks 9.4inchs but i still aint bummed a super model!
  12. Disagree personally, we could put someone on the line with a bit of height such as Vlaar, Baker or Benteke but I'd rather have those players marking players in the box. Stick the 5ft somethings on the post and they can clear most chances from the line, make them mark Berbatov in the box and they'll get beat everytime. Oh right, Just how many Berbatov's were playing?
  13. **** knows pal, I put all my time and energy into the under 21's... Just not enough hours in the day sorry!
  14. Under 21's drew 1-1 at home to fulham!
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