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  1. SilentMajority

    Yannick Bolasie

    Not sure if it because its Friday... not sure if its because its a bank holiday weekend.... but refreshing this page appears more important than work.... However, the continued lack of movement is slightly getting to me.....
  2. SilentMajority

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Lets hope we are clear in 2nd!!
  3. SilentMajority

    Match Thread

    just give him the ball......
  4. SilentMajority

    Leandro Bacuna

    That is actually a very good point I try....
  5. SilentMajority

    Leandro Bacuna

    Clearing out the deadwood and tying our younger assets down with long contracts..... hang on a minute, is someone trying to run the club properly....... Peoples concerns about him being a weak link shows what potential the rest of the squad is starting to show (imo). With people like Amavi in the squad, bacuna may continue to develop into a class act!
  6. SilentMajority

    Pre-Match thread

    Probably incorrectly, Im quietly confident about tomorrow.... Normally the first game against a prem newcomer would fill me with dread. However, as we are going into this as advertised underdogs (pundit predictions/odds), we can hopefully go out there and play the game we want... Lets smash them... UTV
  7. SilentMajority

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Being reported on the BBC live transfer update... Mark Regan BBC WM Sport Posted at 15:20 Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor's move to Aston Villa is on the brink of collapse as the player is understood to be reluctant to move out of the capital. The Togo striker has been in talks with Villa for weeks and look set to be reunited with Tim Sherwood, who was his boss at Spurs. But now the deal, while not totally dead in the water, is pretty close to it. Villa fans will be philosophical as they have had a far busier summer than many would have thought and there are lots of players to get excited about. Furthermore, Sherwood has attacking options now with Rudy Gestede, Libor Kozak, Jordan Ayew and Gabby Agbonlahor. Why has it taken Adebayor so long to realise Birmingham is a bit of a distance from London? Has it moved?
  8. SilentMajority

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Written by a Villa fan Which probably explains why it is saying what we (I am) are all hoping!
  9. SilentMajority

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Not sure if its been posted on any of the other threads yet... but interesting read in the Guardian! The title caught my eye... Why Aston Villa could be the surprise package of the Premier League season
  10. SilentMajority

    Summer Speculation 2015

    First name Jordan?
  11. SilentMajority

    Jordan Ayew

    What a difference a day makes... Last night it appeared Awey was ours subject to a medical... reading the last few pages looks like Lorient is not playing ball? You cant blame Ayew for being pissed.... Still keeping those fingers crossed that this one comes off!
  12. SilentMajority

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Lets be honest.... we have got rid of 1 striker....
  13. SilentMajority

    Jordan Ayew

    Until/if the guy turns up and plays a full season.... how can someone quantify what he is worth? Passed experience in a different team in a different league? Until he is playing in our team, in this league, with Timmy's 'philosophy', I cant say he is worth x or y.... if by Christmas he has scored 10 goals and we are sitting pretty in the top half of the table, £12m seems like a bargain.... Either way, I am willing to take that chance (with someone elses money) at this stage. Exciting signing IMHO
  14. SilentMajority

    Jordan Ayew

    with the little I know of this guy, I see this as an exciting signing. If we can combine this with the services of the experienced adebayor for a year, we may be picking up a gem! The combination of adebayew (trademark pending) could cause teams havok next season.... and at this stage would soften the blow of the big guy leaving this week.
  15. SilentMajority

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    michael bradley?