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  1. Bruce definitely did steady the ship last season and should get credit for that. He stopped us being a soft touch, who concieded a ridiculously amount of last minute goals, who were mentally weak and he did bring a sense of harmony back in the dressing room. The negatives are he underperformed and with squad he had promotion was the target. He was ‘there or thereabouts’ with a playoff final but he failed to meet his target. Also there were some very good games but overall the football was dire and uninspiring. Ideally would of loved Smith from the start of the season but can fully understand why we kept Bruce over the summer as we were in a lot of trouble and actually needed Bruce’s stability. This season we then regressed massively under Bruce, became a soft touch again defensively and he looked out of ideas from the limited style of his approach and was rightly sacked. Que Mr Smith, I’ve rambled long enough. But simply put Smith is better, a lot better! Long may it continue.
  2. Someone needs to make a montage of all of McGinns arse tackles. Or we need a chant for him. Mcginn is f**kin class! He tackles with Arse! someone with more talent than me can finish the song
  3. What is this arse block/tackle he keeps doing, and why aren't more top players doing it? It is super effective!
  4. No Jedinak at CB! I thought Moukoudi was only being brought in as cover for the back 4! Bruce out!
  5. I think our defense will get better given time. Playing people out of position doesn’t help, but I think the main issue was spending all pre season experimenting with 3 at the back, only to revert back to a traditional 4 at the back once the season started. It has put us weeks behind in terms of preparation and being a solid defensive unit.
  6. I know we aren't winning. But all that over reaction to Jedinak being at CB, had a solid game so far.
  7. See how it plays out first guys, I’ll take 3 points with Jedi in net.
  8. Absolute roller coaster this transfer. One more day of crap to put up with, then we can focus on winning the league!
  9. Bump. The Prophet deserves to be top of the forum for the next 24 hours.
  10. Here is a novel thought why don't we see how the match goes, then judge it then based on actual facts. UTV
  11. We are weaker from last season in some respects losing (Terry, Snodgrass and Johnston in particularly), but there is every chance we could have a stronger team this season still if things go our way. After our initial poor start we still managed to compete last year without Grealish for half a season and Kodjia for the full season. Obviously there are still questions whether Grealish will still be here and Kodjia will return to form. But if they both do we arguably have our 2 best players ready for the full season. This coupled with what ever signings/loans we bring in between now and the deadline means there is no reason we can't challenge for promotion.
  12. Just been on Stoke forum, their fans are wanting Shawcross dropped and think there squad is awful and fear relegation. Good to see knee jerk reactions are universal. But goes to show how nothing is guaranteed in this league.
  13. The thing is IF Henry becomes manager what are our expectations of him in his 1st season. And if he fails to reach get promoted or be up there fighting for a playoff place will we turn on him? Cause let’s face it without Terry, Snodgrass, Johnston and Grabban and still possibly Grealish and whoever else we might sell we are a weaker team. Especially as we can’t afford to replace them with any quality. Chances are it’s going to be a naff season but will we show Henry patience? It is doubtful considering how quickly peoples mood turn negative after even one defeat.
  14. My brothers the prophecy has become clearer I have analysed the numbers, symbology and algorithms. A revelation has been made. Open your minds. The Prophet wears the number 21 jersey. The word Prophet has 7 letters. 7 + 21 = 28 Hutton was signed from Tottenham for 4.5million (estimated). That gives us the number 4 and the 0.5 is often refer to as a half, half of 4 is 2. So we are left with the numbers 4 and 2! If we add Alan (4 letters) + Hutton (6 letters) = 10. But if we flip the 1 and the 0 around (just because) that gives us 01. Hutton has also been at Villa for 8 years! I know what you’re thinking what can the numbers 2842018 possibly mean? Look more closely my brothers…. 28-4-2018!!! This is the day the prophecy speaks of! At home against Derby ‘The Prophet’ will finally score clinching promotion and bringing about a new Villa dawn! #believe #thehuttonprophecy
  15. The thing I don’t get considering the state the club has been in for years, how anyone really expected it to turn around instantly. 16 months is pretty good to be honest when you consider where teams like Leeds and Sunderland are now. Im probably exaggerating but even the best manager in the world would of had a task to get us promoted last year.
  16. There are lots of Villa interviews with players on the AVFC YouTube channel where they ask each player ‘who is the funniest in the dressing room’. Richards name is always mentioned. So he is basically a very expensive court jester. But saying that having fun at work always improves the overall atmosphere. (I know I am clutching at any positive i can find in this case)
  17. Derby have Brentford, Norwich and Leeds next three games. They will definitely drop a few points. hopefully all going right we should be ahead of them by then.
  18. That will be a very important goal I reckon. The celebration last night when he scored is one of those moments when you start to believe we can actually do this can’t we.
  19. Definitely for me need another striker on loan. We are in such a good position now it’s not worth the risk of Hogan/Davis losing form or getting injured, and being short up front. I would take Shane Long on loan.
  20. Unfortunately then is not the time my brother. Patience. He will score but only when the numbers align and automatic promotion is a certainty. Maybe against Derby, but the prophecy is not clear. Then he will transcend only to be seen again when mankind needs him the most.
  21. Alan ‘the prophet’ Hutton, does not need a contract he plays when he wants. Contracts in the past where just for us mortals to make sense.
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