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  1. I'd love something simple like these ones. There was just a bit too much going on the kits this year for me. Love the white away kit here but would also look great if you substituted that white for black (and we haven't had a black away kit for a couple of years now). Also big fan of the yellow + blue combo.
  2. I hope the deal is good, but I don't like the logo. The text is a bit naff.
  3. Odd question, but does anyone know if it might be possible to get the new shirt anywhere in Hereford on Friday? I happen to be there this week and I just wonder if anyone knew of any shops that might stock the Villa macron shirts. Unlikely if it is only released on Wednesday but worth asking.
  4. This may have been posted already (I don't have time to look through 40 pages of posts to check) but from this video he looks fairly speedy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQdu3fbST6c Just under half the field pitch in 6 seconds? Has also been tipped as the fastest footballer in the Polish league.
  5. https://twitter.com/ColoradoOilGas/status/343017902762520576 "Made the villain", American company (because thats a good link when we are owned by an american), and #cometogther tag. I welcome Colorado Oil and Gas Association as our new sponsors. </sarcasm>
  6. Slightly off topic, but an Adidas kit would have looked not too bad.
  7. I wasn't complaining about the little men coming off, merely said they had when I stuck them in a too high a wash. Oh it weren't aimed at you, just some of the comments in this thread in general. Ah no problem then! I'll be damned if anyone is going to say things about me and little men that aren't true...
  8. I wasn't complaining about the little men coming off, merely said they had when I stuck them in a too high a wash.
  9. Not to ruin the party, but he has had only one good season so far. Reckon now we are safe, guaranteed 1st team start, and improved wages he'd at least accept something like a 2 year extension. Hoping the fact that Lambert has come out and said we won't be making any huge signings means that some money can instead be ploughed into better contracts for our star players like Andi and Benteke.
  10. My home shirt this season is doing alright and I wear it most weekends. I did accidentally stick it in with ether a 40-50degree wash once but that's only made the little men on the shoulder become a little ragged. To be honest, if they came off it would actually improve it, was the only thing I didn't like about this years kit.
  11. Players to be moved on: *idea of high/low wages come from media. not working on anymore knowledge than that. Bent (He doesn't really contribute to our style of play anymore, probably on too high wages to be 3rd/4th striker and play a handful of games a season). Given (I'd quite happily keep him as 2nd keeper, but (a) I don't think he wants to be a 2nd keeper and (b ) he too is probably on quite high wages for 2nd keeper). Ireland (He shows the very occasional glimmer of what he was once at City, but we have too many central midfielders as it is and again high wages). Hutton (Just awful). Delfouneso (I think he is a more championship level striker, if Blackpool made an offer I'd be tempted to take it). I'm really torn on Bannan and Albrighton. When they both first made their mark I really wanted them to keep up their great form, but they haven't been quite up to it the last two season (obv. Albrighton hasn't really had a chance this season). Perhaps just keep them as they keep the competition in midfield up. Just. Players to get in: Experienced Defenders! Actually quite like the thought of Phil Neville,not the player he used to be but still good enough for us I think. Could really help the young players in defence.
  12. Nail on the head. Just keep it simple.
  13. The half collar is far from terrible, but it does bug me ever so slightly. Why not just keep it going all the way round? It would be fairly simple home kit and especially if the badge was in the middle I think it would look great.
  14. Macron released images for the new AZ top today, unless we are considered a bigger team still, we might see ourselves get a similar template (the half/collar was what Napoli had this season if I remember correctly). Maybe the kit above with the current AVFC badge and with this collar?
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