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  1. Not sure where to bring this up, but bringing it up here after we switched to 4 at the back during the loss. Went and looked back at our actual goals scored per game and allowed, as well as points per match when we played with 4 at the back compared to when we switched to 3. I then did the same thing with xGoals, xGoals Against and xPoints just to see how they differed (Premier League matches only). What the numbers suggest is that our offense performs roughly the same with either, but our defense has been much worse with 3 at the back. Yet we've gotten better results as far as points! Of course, we must also consider the context that the reason we switched to three was to make up for the loss of McGinn. That said, I'm not sure McGinn alone explains the vast difference in goals allowed. 4 AT THE BACK Goals per game: 1.25 Goals allowed per game: 1.80 Points per match: 0.90 xGoals per game: 1.28 xGoals allowed per game: 2.01 xPoints per match: 0.94 3 AT THE BACK Goals per game: 1.29 Goals allowed per game: 2.29 Points per match: 1.0 xGoals per game: 1.10 xGoals allowed per game: 2.61 xPoints per match: 0.51 Final thoughts: The numbers suggest to me that 4 at the back is a better shape for us as we've performed better defensively, and our biggest problem right now is conceding goals and shaky play in the back. Also, the expected goal numbers suggest that while we've gotten better results with 3 at the back, we've gotten quite lucky doing so.
  2. I can safely say that I have never seen a team finish a match with an xG as low as 0.09. It was a performance so lifeless it's almost impressive.
  3. Needs to start Saturday or #SUSOOUT #SMITHOUT #PURSLOWOUT
  4. VillaHatesMe

    John Terry

    I think it's a combination of the level of talent and what they're being told to do. Our backline tries to play the ball at their feet far too often looking for a pass to start the play rather than just hoofing the ball 50 yards. When the pass is there, make it. When it's not, get the god damn ball out of there.
  5. Lost track of his mark so many times throughout the game and just doesn't have the pace to make up for his mental lapses. There could be a Premier League player in there somewhere, but it just hasn't made itself evident yet. There's a reason we went to three at the back. He's the reason.
  6. The mistake at the end was unforgivable, but it was hardly the only one he made today. There's a reason he hasn't been playing, and all the reasons were on display today. Even with the goal.
  7. Going back to the El Ghazi-Zaha debate. Here's a look at how they've played this season.
  8. Well, if they're feeling too much pressure, they could always do some nitrous. Really calms the nerves!
  9. VillaHatesMe

    Neil Cutler

    Ritchie De Laet would agree!
  10. If we're going shopping for wingers in Germany I'd rather have Rashica than Bailey.
  11. I really don't think Robinson is ready for this level.
  12. Which wins would those be? Two of our seven wins (Brighton and Watford) came via extra time goals. Three of the remaining five wins came by two goals. Of the other two matches, we were up 2-0 on Burnley when they grabbed a late goal to make it 2-1. Then there was the 1-0 win over Norwich when we scored in the 64th minutes. So maybe the Norwich win. Now, if we look at our 14 losses, how many of them involved us holding a lead and losing it? Because I suspect you'll find far more of those than you would wins turned into draws!
  13. I wouldn't mind a few more draws. We've managed to pick up points in 11 of our 25 matches with only 4 draws and 14 losses. Turn three of those losses into draws and we'd all be al ot more comfortable right now.
  14. Given the way this team defends, I have a very hard time calling any of our defensive players great. I think Mings is just the best of what we have.
  15. I think Newcastle has benefitted from plenty of luck, but getting Maximin back will keep them from collapsing.
  16. Now when does the winter break normally take place?
  17. If Borja scores 4 or 5 goals we're either 10 points clear of the bottom 3 or 10 points short of 17th
  18. My wife can confirm that Jack is very good-looking.
  19. Looks like Southampton just lost James Ward-Prowse for a while. Stretchered off after clutching his right knee.
  20. Actually, I would very much believe it. Mostly because, when he's out there, that's where opponents attack. So if we're going for raw blocked crosses, he's had ample opportunity to block them. Also, I want to go on record that I'm perfectly okay with Taylor as a backup option. Hopefully it's Targett getting all the minutes from here on out, as I feel he's starting to come into his own in the new formation, and he clearly has a rapport with Jack. When this summer comes, I'm more than open to jettison Taylor.
  21. When do we open the Summer 2020 Transfer Thread?
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