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  1. Having watched Bournemouth's match against Sheffield United, if we don't get three points, or at least a draw, I'll be worried. That's a team we should beat at home.
  2. Signing Ben Yedder might cause me to be a bed wetter I'd be so excited.
  3. The benefit of The Athletic is that it's a subscription-based site, so it has no need for clickbait. He'll just be reporting now, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes.
  4. I don't think it's happening -- though I'd need new pants if it did -- but Belotti is only 25. It's not as if he's some past his prime geezer.
  5. He started. Subbed out in 72nd minute and went straight to the locker room with a limp.
  6. Same. I'm excited about this summer as well, and I like a lot of the signings, but some of this top half talk seems a bit premature. I just want to survive.
  7. As always, the sources most worth your trust are the ones telling you what you want to hear.
  8. I'd say it's far more likely we're being linked to Leao because we've been splashing the cash this summer, and it's better for Lille to leak there's "another PL team" interested to put pressure on Everton to pay up. So Lille leaks there's another club interested, whether true or not, and the Internet Detectives name Villa as a suspect. Unless of course it's all true. If that's the case, I knew it all along and was just throwing you off the scent.
  9. Only sharing this here as a reminder of The Great Salomon Rondon Debate of Summer 2019. He's off to China. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/07/15/rafa-benitez-make-salomon-rondon-first-signing-chinese-super/
  10. The more the game becomes a matter of space and pace, the less size begins to matter. Not to say that it doesn't matter at all.
  11. Good shout on Tello. Speedy devil who can run for days. Certainly not ready for prime time, though. I'd almost prefer to buy him and loan him out to a Championship side.
  12. Can we all at least agree that Birkir Bjarnason is a badass name?
  13. According to his whoscored page, Engels is a very weak tackler and a poor passer. Good in the air, however. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/108493/Show/Björn-Engels
  14. I learned a long time ago -- probably after I was 16, maybe even when I was 21 or later -- that one shouldn't think in absolutes. To say everybody is who they are at 16 who they will be for the rest of their lives is just as stupid as saying nobody is who they are at 16.
  15. The reactions here to the money for Mings and other signings reminds me of something I saw a few years ago in the NBA. The NBA, like a lot of American sports leagues, has a salary cap for its teams, and along with that cap, there's a salary floor (a minimum teams must spend on player payroll). That salary cap and floor is directly proportionate to the revenue the league brings in on an annual basis. Well, a few years ago the NBA signed a new TV deal with ESPN for billions of dollars. This meant that the salary cap jumped significantly in one year, and that first summer of free agency the players were signing these huge money deals, and every reaction was the same "$15 million for that guy!?" etc. It was just the new reality of NBA salaries, and I believe this summer we're having that same kind of reaction to transfer fees. Yes, they seem high compared to what we've grown accustomed to, but this is the new reality of the sport. And with players getting quicker and even more athletic and technical than they were before, capable defenders who can keep up with them are more valued than ever before, so we're really seeing the spike in prices for defenders like Mings. I'm not thrilled at paying so much for a player who has injury concerns, but this is what it is now. I can only hope that we stick around in the Premier League long enough that we're no longer cognizant of it. UTV
  16. Anybody else growing concerned that the Wesley signing hasn't been announced yet?
  17. French Mbappe is Portuguese for "Portuguese Mbappe." It's a confusing language.
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