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  1. We are so lucky to have them. What a welcome change from our recent history.
  2. No inside information here. Just an educated guess based on the hires we've made, the needs we have, and the things we look for. Just calling my shot. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/evander/profil/spieler/323874
  3. What if we skip the third and just go straight to the fourth?
  4. I don't think the Josh King bit was posturing. I think that's legit and could still happen. King and Watkins don't cancel each other out. There's room for both.
  5. I'm not excited about having to spend money on another keeper, but it's hard to argue that we could use all the help we can get after allowing 67 goals last season.
  6. Looking at the schedule, it seems we're due for an argument over nothing in particular for the next.....five to seven hours.
  7. One area I think Ollie could make a major impact on us is simply getting shots on target. In three seasons with Brentford he averaged 1.01 shots on target per 90 minutes, with an xG of 0.36 per SOT. Last year it was 1.07 and 0.51 respectively. Last year nobody on the team averaged more than 0.86 SOT per 90 and that was Wesley. The highest xG per SOT was Jack at 0.36, but he only averaged 0.61 SOT per 90. None of this means that Ollie is going to show up and score 15-20 goals for us next season, but he's going to boost our attacking prowess at the least.
  8. Another way to look at Ollie compared to Tammy and Wes as well. This is a map that shows where their "actions" took place on the pitch. It's Ollie and Wes last season, and Tammy with us. As you can see, Ollie moves around a lot more and is much more balanced getting the play going from anywhere in the attacking half. Wesley seems more comfortable on the left while Tammy prefers the middle. Key since I had to make the photos too small to see Blue/Green: short passes Yellow/Red: Long passes Pink/Purple: Dribbles White: Shots
  9. Doesn't take a genius to notice, but they've had a great summer even without the James Rodriguez signing. Allan and Doucoure were their bigger needs. James is just icing on the cake.
  10. Only posting this because I know how much @Delphinho123 cherishes them A comparison of Ollie Watkins in the Championship last season and Tammy with us two seasons ago. A rating of 50 is average. The numbers suggest that Tammy was great at the finishing aspects and getting shots off, but that Ollie is more involved in build-up as well as defending, and while he didn't shoot as often, Ollie took better quality shots. Which isn't a shock considering Brentford's approach.
  11. “WE HAVE BILLIONAIRE OWNERS! WHEN WILL WE SHOW INTENT!?” ”WHY ARE WE SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY!? SURELY OUR OWNERS ARE SMARTER THAN THIS!” It is with all the sincerity in the world when I say I truly love this board and 95% of the people on it.
  12. I never laughed at it, though I did question a newly promoted team spending that much on a player nearing 30 who has recently dealt with injuries. If Leeds go back down they could be in a lot of trouble.
  13. It shows they’re versatile. Something they’ve been looking for the whole time. Not just guys who can do one thing and one thing only.
  14. It's almost as if every move is just part of a bigger plan and not THE PLAN.
  15. I prefer King to Wilson anyway, so this is fine with me. Wilson is too dependent on service I'm not sure we can supply. King can at least dribble a football. Likely to come cheaper as well.
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