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  1. We can have a managerial reality show like 'Top Chef' or 'The Apprentice', where aspiring football managers compete for the opportunity to manage a real-life professional football club. We'll alternate managers by week and have a panel of fans, former players, and B-list celebrity judges assess the results and eliminate poor performers. This season's winner will get the chance to manage us next season in League One.
  2. JamieZ

    Mile Jedinak

    If you can make a group of Villa supporters go sour on a beard this quickly, you're really doing something wrong.
  3. These Torino kits are absolutely lovely.
  4. I honestly think Bob Bradley would be a good appointment, but if the papers are to be believed, Swansea are already sounding him out as a potential replacement for Guidolin.
  5. Just joined. "All Killa, No Villa." The VillaTalk league carried over from last year.
  6. JamieZ

    Brad Guzan

    He's the least of our problems, honestly. He seems to be getting his confidence back this summer with a deep run in the Copa America (although, to be fair, John Brooks and Geoff Cameron are a more reliable centreback pairing than anything he's had in front of him in years or maybe ever), and the petty grudges some of the supporters on here seem to hold against him notwithstanding, should be plenty good enough to do a job in the Championship. I won't even begin to argue he wasn't shaken and ineffectual last season, but I think he's young enough and talented enough that replacing him should not be one of our top priorities.
  7. I'm trying to wrap my head around how anyone can call a team "lucky" after it wins a competition that lasts THIRTY EIGHT MATCHES.
  8. He'd probably be captain.
  9. I was thinking recently about how much I disliked it when Stephen Ireland was on the team, but if he played for us now, he'd be just another guy on a team full of thoroughly unlikable players.
  10. The guy in your profile picture hasn't played for Villa in years, anyway. Might be a good time to change it, regardless.
  11. At the show. Front row. As far as albums, I would start with 'The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place'.
  12. I made the trip down to New York City the other day to see Underworld (I live Upstate—think Canada) and it was well worth it. I had a neat little moment when I looked over during "Born Slippy" (from Trainspotting) and realized I was dancing next to Jonny Lee Miller (from Trainspotting!), who was rocking out just as hard as I was. Really happy to have had the experience. Oh, and earlier in the week, I caught Ghost and Tribulation for another really solid show. Smart band, stupid fanbase.
  13. JamieZ


    Ran a trail race today, despite a sore Achilles and a general lack of fitness. I was relatively happy with a fifth-place finish, but there's always room for improvement. Notice I'm repping the Villa shorts (No. 701, left). One of these days, someone will actually comment on them (hasn't happened yet).
  14. I hate to be the guy who bring it up, but I still think we could do a lot worse than Bob Bradley. He exceeded all expectations at Stabæk and he currently has Le Havre on course for promotion to Ligue 1. He's exactly the type of no-nonsense manager to come up with a clear plan for taking us forward, to make his expectations known to both the board and the players, and to give the players the means and the motivation to do it.
  15. His name is Gary and he works in the mail room. Puts in a good shift, doesn't complain. He's there every day, rain or shine.
  16. Whoops, nope. Just dropped into second. Balls.
  17. Picking the right captain and starting lineup certainly carries a lot more weight because of that. I made Kane (who else?) my captain last week and it paid off. Somehow, I'm leading the VillaTalk league, and I'm not entirely sure what differentiates me from the others, aside from the fact that I'm sticking with it.
  18. Why did he shoot an iPhone? Doesn't he have cans? Cans are much cheaper.
  19. I, for one, would welcome a player of Craig Noone's calibre.
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