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  1. Boom! As an American, I am stoked that Tyler Adams just put Leipzig ahead of Atletico Madrid in a Champions League Quarterfinal.
  2. Word is some of Europe's top clubs were sniffing around her.
  3. His estate would like to know on his behalf!
  4. Jermaine Stewart would like to know why he was never asked to model a Liverpool kit.
  5. That new rule where you have to put your forehead on the end of a broomstick and spin around ten times before shooting really isn't helping PSG tonight.
  6. Atalanta taking a well-deserved lead. Neymar has had multiple opportunities and fluffed them all.
  7. It's like a painting in a museum that got grafitti'd.
  8. I guess what I'm worried about is having an anemic team with some real quality in it—because if we look at the way teams like Norwich and Watford and Bournemouth are getting picked apart by bigger clubs after their relegation, it's clear they had quality, but maybe not the stability or resilience it takes to stay up. I'd rather see easy-on-the-eye free-flowing football than "hard to play against", but it's clear that if we want to avoid this season's troubles next season, we're going to have to be hard to play against.
  9. But without a wishlist to send to Santa, we're going to get socks again!
  10. I think Luiz is a vital component, for sure. I just think we need an all-action box-to-box guy in there as well to firm up the spine or we're going to be too easy to play through.
  11. I don't really have an issue with any of the players you've listed there, and I hope we get one or two of them, but without some steel added to the midfield, I see that team getting overrun in the middle of the park.
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