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  1. I'm watching Dortmund v Köln right now and this Youssoufa Moukoko is going to be special. If Dortmund can hold on to some of their kids while they develop, they could be something to behold in a few years.
  2. I don' think anybody's triggered. I think we simply disagree with your preposterous opinion on a topical chat forum.
  3. Carles Gil is tearing it up for New England Revolution against Philadelphia Union in the MLS playoffs right now. He's assisted both New England goals as they're up 2-0 against the favourites at the half.
  4. He's scored twice today, which I'm sure should somehow diminish our opinion of him.
  5. He just scored again. But then again, it's pretty much all he did.
  6. I must admit I'm perplexed by the thrust of this argument. All the boy does is score. He's done it everywhere he's gone and done it regularly. Is that not the primary objective of a striker? And of the sport in general? I mean, if someone offers you a racehorse who's won every race he's run, it seems a bit strange to say, "Well, he doesn't offer much in the way of conversation, does he?"
  7. Can anyone think of why we wouldn't have a single natural centreback option on the substitutes bench? Can Elmo fit in there?
  8. I really liked the look of a McKennie—Adams—Musah midfield. Despite it being the first time any of them played together in midfield (in the previous match McKennie and Adams played in together, Berhalter was still experimenting with Adams as a sort of inverted right back) and no preparation time, they looked cohesive as a unit. If Musah decides to stick with the USA, I can see that trio being the basis for the American midfield for more than a decade to come. If not, I'd expect Brenden Aaronson at RB Strasbourg to grow into the role (and I expect him to be an asset moving forward regardless fo
  9. I feel so much more confident in our defense with Emi Martínez in goal.
  10. But Weston McKennie has also tested positive for Juventus.
  11. The partnership he's developing with Gio Reyna at Dortmund has the potential to be something remarkable. I hope that they stick around long enough to develop it—or at least go to the same place (reports suggest Real Madrid is interested in them both).
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