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  1. I see buzzwords and talking points in that sentence but nothing of substance. You'll have to define your terms if I'm to respond to it directly. But let me clarify my end of things. My assertion—relative to a footballer's character in a football thread—was that Weston McKennie is a good kid who did a dumb thing in violating local coronavirus protocol, but that I tend to view it as a blip rather than an established pattern of behavior, which would be cause for concern. I spoke to his character, his personality, and the fact that he's committed to using his voice for social justice—admitted
  2. Welp, we'll meet you here in the 21st century when you care to join us.
  3. I'm willing to go so far as to say it was a dumb move from a smart kid and I'm sure he's learned from it. That's one of the things I've noticed from him—a marked ability to learn and adapt. I had reservations about him going to Italy because as a player he really couldn't be more built for the Premier League, but the one thing I hoped he might gain from it is the learning and tactical awareness that comes from playing in such a different league outside of his comfort zone. And despite Pirlo's lack of success with Juventus, I think Weston has definitely adapted well. But I really do think all r
  4. Word in Italy is that there is an abundance of interest from Premier League clubs in Weston McKennie and that cash-strapped Juventus are prepared to let him go for half that. I think Phillips is good, but I don't think he's £50+ good.
  5. I love watching Pulisic play. He has a real je ne sais quoi about him, the way he glides through defenders—and the composure he showed on both his goal in Madrid and last night's assist to Mount was a real sign of maturity. A lot of good players force that cross into heavy traffic. If we can get both him and Reyna doing that on opposite flanks at the international level, the next ten to fifteen years could be a lot of fun to watch.
  6. I know this isn't a new kit, but I just noticed Nicolo Zaniolo flips his collar under when he plays and I think I prefer the look. I'd probably have mine stitched in if I could get away with it.
  7. If he were Japanese, he'd have five years left in him!
  8. He played professionally until 2011! It's not too late for a comeback!
  9. I reckon we could get the actual Jari Litmanen or Sami Hyypiä if we wanted 'em.
  10. I'd completely forgotten that we played that match with three right wingers.
  11. HuffingtonPost headline is "Manchester Ignited". Well played.
  12. Ugh. And two late goals from Ronaldo likely save Juve once again. They've been totally second best today. I really can't stand them.
  13. I'm not so sure about that... They've been absolutely dire and are due for a major reshuffle this summer. I'll take Weston McKennie, please.
  14. I'm slightly in the same boat. I really like Tammy and think he would be good for us, but I think it would be a big outlay when there are really other priorities. I'm wondering if we wouldn't do well to find someone who can play both centrally and out wide to kill two birds. I've got Timo Weah from Lille in mind, specifically, as someone who brings pace, energy, and skill to the team and can fit in anywhere along the front line. We're going to need a dynamic midfielder, and if we go big, I feel like that should be where we go big.
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