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  1. Wouldn't take what Fourth Official says as much at all really. He said the other day that the Benrahma to West Ham thing wasn't true and that it was his agent putting it out, and then 2 days after he said Brentford and West Ham couldn't agree the deal. He also said that Aouar to Arsenal was done.
  2. I'm not sure these Benrahma rumours are true personally. Sounds like a thing an agent would put out. It's not really being widely reported either, even with Sky 'reporting' it 2 days ago.
  3. Apparently Rafinha, Leeds new signing, didn't want to leave Rennes at all and was in tears to have to leave. Maybe better we don't have someone who doesn't want to come. Saying that, I don't think we know exactly what happened or even close to it tbh. I wouldn't be trusting a media timeline of it.
  4. I think there might be more chance of an incoming from the second deadline on October 16th. Still need to shift some out so if they aren't bought/loaned today, they might be released etc to make room. Vague from Preece here, showing he doesn't know at all.
  5. I think it was to do with a kid that sadly passed away and it was tribute to him. I think he was Chelsea or Everton connected.
  6. I'm not expecting Rashica, but Preece makes no mention of Smith saying we aren't signing him. He repeats the ' I'm not sure there will be any more coming in' quote throughout the article. Not what he said yesterday at all really, just mentions that Smith said we had Traore and El Ghazi for the right wing.
  7. I didn't think he was great or shite in his, lets not forget, only a few minutes cameo. But I also think impressions are coloured the other way too, from previously expressed negative opinion of him. I just dont get purposely saying 'our worst player' when all he got was a few minutes, he'd hardly even be given a rating on match round ups such was his brief appearance.
  8. Is that Choupo-Moting to Bayern on Romano's predictor? So from Stoke to PSG to Bayern. Forget Rashica, sign up his agent to move out some of our boys!
  9. Barkley to link up with Jack might ease the necessity for Targetts positioning wide. Didn't get forward as much and I think that helped his game. Great showing.
  10. He breaks up little things on the edge of the box which is invaluable over 90 minutes against a top team. Has those calm passes ahead to Jack and Barkley that gets things going.
  11. Gonna be funny when Traore turns out to be the great signing and Rashica is the crap one
  12. Smith after the game tonight. "No, there's nothing in that, I don't know where that one has come from" :P. But honestly, I hope at least the renewed effort to sign him is true. If he doesn't he doesn't, but I hope that at the very least the rumour about trying to get it done is true.
  13. I always think that El Ghazi gets extra stick because he 'comes across' as thinking that he's better than he is or cocky. That invisible impression that some fans get and they relentlessly stick to it unfortunately. I think some of the criticism he gets is very fair because it analyses his severe inconsistency etc, a lot of the rest of it is pure muck and drivel. The types that should have a ban on owning keyboards.
  14. Negativity? Nothing to do with negativity, it's not even in the same stratosphere as 'negativity'. If you can't see the difference then I really don't know. Wow. Abuse towards Southgate on Twitter in the same way is equally scummy.
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