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  1. Me neither sad isnt it. I like VAR but then use.needs to be reduced by 80%
  2. No but next to Luiz he could be, clearly like Luiz he can join the attack now and again. Any other ideas?
  3. I'm not convinced. Seems too small without having a good.range.of.passing
  4. Spot on It's the midfield mix.that is causing us.problems. now we have Barkley who doesnt like.tracking back along with Jack. This is a recipe for disaster. We need a defensive Mid next to Luiz ASAP. Who are these resilient players.you talk of?
  5. I even put Billings name down as an option. Anyone!
  6. So Smith last year he played too attacking and was to naive last year. Roll on one year, he is playing a striker with 3 attacking players who dont defend well. This and Leeds was on him. He needs to learn from this to stop teams cutting us.open so easily. We miss a genuine ball.winning midfielder, if it was.me McGinn needs to be in a deep lying role with Luiz
  7. The problem is.midfield too many attacking players who dont prioritize tracking back
  8. Barkley could.be a defensive liability unless Smith changes the system. McGinn as a defensive midfielder would.work
  9. I agree and it does make us predictable when teams sit back. Just wait when we have pace and skill in a Abundance up top. traore and xxxx better be good!
  10. Wait, what! Who said that! It wasnt me. I can say it, look. Jack sometimes makes poor decisions. My point is that if we have 2 decent wingers who can actually do something he will play the ball out quicker.
  11. He doesnt move it quick because he has had wesley trez and elghazi around him for 12.months. I have no doubt that with Traore and Rashika? Ahead of.him you will see him look for the quick outballs
  12. It was so annoying at the end why they didnt run forn the corners with the ball
  13. To be fair in the midfield and attack only 1 player has changed. So to be expected
  14. Interesting how this will play out but I understand they are desperate for defenders. Money could be invested wisely
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