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  1. Hes on a huge wage I think. Out of out league
  2. No reason to play 3 at the back and there are better players that Batshuayi. Smith will continue with 4 1 4 1 or 4 3 3 with 2 dynamic wingers
  3. And on top of that we didnt have a quality central defensive midfielder to stop those attacks.
  4. Everyone is droppable! The key is having replacements on the bench. People breathing down the first 11s neck.
  5. That is, in a nutshell, the perfect transfer window.
  6. I agree they didnt cost much, happy to have them as cover. As for a striker, there must be better. Mitrovic Abraham would be preferable.
  7. Not a great contribution then. He has been very poor in terms of Performance . He actually has a lot of ability but it just didnt work last year
  8. I'm not sure what you thought El Ghazi did to help us stay up, Trez obviously scored goals but his.overall quality is not good enough. I dont want them anywhere near the starting 11. We need another striker. There must.be better than Origi
  9. Absolutely this. 2 wingers are priority as we havent got any! Striker needs to be better than what we have. I'm not sure origi is
  10. It's all about opinions but normally players take 6 months to adapt to the premier league as we saw with Luiz and many others. I personally would not take a risk on too many players outside UK. Maybe 1 if they are top drawer.
  11. Yes. Fair enough but I'm not interested in fan meltdowns. I just want players who can fit straight into the first 11 and do a job. So not signings like wesley and luis and nakamba
  12. I think that is a realistic list of what we will get, I would be very happy with that but I'd change smalling for a box to box midfielder
  13. All of which will probably need 6 months to acclimatise . One of these and a proven premier league player could.work but not these alone
  14. I agree completely. Someone said recently, maybe Purslow, it's the wages that cripple the clubs. I hope we go 100k plus. I cant see it!
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