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  1. to me he is under rated and under used,--- at the moment-corners and free kicks are real woeful- no matter who takes them---Conor at least has an idea what to do----furthermore he can and will shoot at goal,and DOES posess a goal threat,----- unfortunately a lot he does seems to go unnoticed------the lad is best engaged going forward----and needs accomodating against Newcastle and probably beyond.
  2. Some good points there:: energy and legs seem to disappear too regularily after 70-80 minutes----just look at the goals we concede in the last quarter of a game: from the first game at Spurs schoolboy errors have cost us dearly-----letting ball bounce,square passing across our 18 yrd line,leaving it to someone else,passes going astray,silly free kicks in dangerous areas, etc etc. i dont think we are strong enough for 433 away ---especially with our personnel--and -not tracking back happens too often,---we have sufficient midfield players to go 4231 or 41311 or any other formation-- courage or commitment was sure lacking from a few on sunday the ducking incident a fine example,----and the marking for the free kick was non-existant,---Neves does have a reputation for long strikes! the next 4 games we need to get some points---we dont want to be caught up in a bottom 4 rat race----especially so early in the season.
  3. Absolutely bang on----the lad is quality----he can and does make a difference----a big difference.
  4. Disappointing performance--too many not showing and didnt want it whereas Wolves did----Not impressed with players ducking under the ball---Luiz could have taken one for the team for the first---and what was his attempt to stop Traore for the second all about? thought Targett surrendered too easily against the dual threat of Docherty and Traore---then again Trezaguett did,nt help out much, SJM appeared off the pace---dreadful pass to Taylor that created the second and his attempt to track back was very poor---could,nt work out his attempted very wayward pass right at the end---- is the squad good enough ? the next 4 games will certainly give an indication,
  5. Done by VAR again--this thing is ruining football---the noise that greeted Jack,s goal was a bit subdued until the kick off---you just get afraid to celebrate---!! well we struggled again against 10---but thanks to Supa Jack we won this one---gee this lad is a class apart,
  6. Fully agree---just hope no one picks up any injury,s during yet another International Break!
  7. A much needed 3 points---5 good goals, players not afraid to have a go outside the box--team looking confident-----Jack in a more forward role where he can inflict the most damage,this is just what the Doctor ordered---hopefully we will keep moving forwards now.
  8. I reckon we can win this one--but need to stop making the silly errors that have been so costly---and to step up on the basics----clear the stand if its necessary, ---just hope we dont go into a 2-1 lead and that Norwich dont get a player sent off, Come On You Lions,
  9. Felt like a loss----too many are being out muscled too often---we need to get more physical,and used to the game management of so many of our opponents--we are novices in the "Best league in the world" and boy does it show!!!! and we thought the refs were bad in the championship-----the egos of some so far this season is unbelieveable!!----
  10. the 3 examples shown above are each a disgrace----all were/are visible to the naked eye---without recourse even to the much heralded VAR---!! strewth in the 3rd one Aubamajang is what 7 foot from Moss!!!!!----thats 2 games in London where inefficient very very poor officials have cost us dearly----and it just aint right!!!!!
  11. Thanks for confirming--it really surprised me i had to have a second look--as your Dad said its real unusual for an opposition player to applaud home fans--unless hes previously played for the club or has a connection eg Barry Bannan and Joe Lolley-- often-give a clap to the Holte when they trot across to take a corner--i cant recall many if any previous instances in 55 years going to the majestic old ground-----full credit to the lad-----
  12. Second clean sheet at home in a row-----that is a big positive----its just a shame we could,nt capitalise at the other end--- 42010 is a tremendous turn out for a night game---- Marvellous looks like he will be a force in midfield----but i think Conor needs game time --our free kicks and corners when we get them are wasted, i,m sure i saw Declan Rice as i was going down the steps applaud the Holte End at the final whistle!--thought it was Snoddy at first so had a quick second glance---am sure it was Rice,why was that? its only 2 goals conceded at home --in 3 games a penalty and an awful pass across field --both in the first 15 minutes of the home fixtures,---full credit to the defence, Keep The Faith-----
  13. Well thats 3 or 4 games where we have been "done" by this particular inept referee---evidently he clearly has a problem and dislike for Jack and VILLA---- A formal complaint must be made and a request that he never does officiate or is involved in anyway in any further Villa games,
  14. Wow what a fantastic night---these players WANT to win---the surge forward from AEL at such a late stage was something else---- i thought they all played well, special mention to Taylor who i thought put in some timely interceptions and tackles,on, was it his first appearance with Coleman since that awful moment,? well pleased for Wesley on opening his account---and Mings and Engels were immense --especially after Engels getting kicked in the head by his CB partner, tremendous scenes at the end--has Sweet Caroline ever sounded ""So Good So Good"?----am really glad it has been carried on from Wembley, A full Villa Park in full voice under the floodlights is still a sight to behold,----well done everyone, players management coaches and fans-- now we all can enjoy a weekend in the sun,
  15. was the same last season whinging and moaning------ the sublime """ Terry Terry knock him out" chant probably narked him too, a couple of their players were niggly throughout too, the number 10 Taylor, tried to unsettle Tammy before he buried the penalty---i noted he was substututed probably before getting sent off. great all round display could have had 6/7 if not for their keeper--nice gesture by J.T. to console the lad at the end--- thought Whelan Taylor SJM El Ghazi were immense --the rest brilliant special mention to Davis he chased hastled held the ball up well---just a shame he didnt find the net,- --well done everyone Deano and coaching staff too,am starting to enjoy Saturday nights once again,
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