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  1. awful performance----shocking schoolboy error by Reina, defence midfield non existant----Samatta alone again midfield completely legless far far too defensive, Leicester have not scored in thir last 3 league games Vardy has,nt scored in 10 hours+ of premiership football so what more fitting next opponents than the very benovelent toothless gutless prideless clueless ---Aston Villa or should it be "Vanilla" the team thats too easily licked, mark my words this bunch unless there is a drastic turnaround will certainly be taking us down----
  2. We were right close to the --"corner" and it simply was,nt Jack cannoned the ball against the Citeh player and it went out for a goal kick--Jack,s Tyrone,s and Targetts protests were arrogantly dismissed by Mason and his linesman!!! Villa were not disgraced and all can hold their heads high----but the league must take priority now!!!
  3. Fully agree----i was expecting more of a battle after the Leicester game----but typical Villa---too many chose to have an off day---yet again,---we now have 13 games to secure Premiership survival--i only hope its secured before that what prove to be a winner take all final game with West Ham!!
  4. it dont matter now --but at 90 minutes i was wondering who apart from Captain Jack would be taking the penalty,s?? no Tammy, no Milo,- Hourihane, AEL,not on pitch-----no Albert, SJM not available----???? maybe Elmo,Mings,Targett,Trez?? Hause---NO WAY----
  5. Yeah that was real horrendous----time for revenge and jump over them up the table----
  6. gutless display outclassed outplayed out tackled----some of them players need to have a long look at themselves--and consider maybe a change of career! thought AEL Jack and Trezeguet were the only ones who earned their mega bucks,-- stayed til the end---howcome only 1 minute added time with 6 2nd half substitutons? was surprised to see Guilbert dropped, too many looking like rabbits trapped in the headlights---and seemingly just being most grateful to be on the same pitch as Citeh---cant we tackle? what goes on at B.H.? a word for the support from The Holte End --after a quiet spell and after i think the 5th went in---the singing was loud and proud-----Villa Till I Die, and Holte Enders in The Sky being particularily loud---a credit to the club guys n gals.and the roar that greeted AEL converting the penalty--would have done a match winning goal proud.. we must pick up now in the next 2 games---otherwise i really fear the worst!! got on the m6 and consequently home in record time---the only good thing about a 4.30 sunday kick off,
  7. Good result shame about gifting a sloppy goal away---but that is typical of us this season-- great to see the old Tyrone Mings back---the system seems to suit him--let Konsa and Hause do the marking Tyrone doing the organising and commanding--good to see him barking out the orders last night, not having a recognised striker did no harm---thought AEL did well, though some of our passing was poor at times---- Mings and Nyland were superb--both seemed real gutted to only draw, in the post match interview----this is the attitude we need, Jack was his usual self ----just wished the header from Konsa was 6 inches lower, and i thought Guilbert and Hause had good games, its all to play for now in the 2nd leg at what will be a packed out Villa Park with a tremendous atmosphere---is there any where better than a semi final under floodlights ?.
  8. Deano said today that he read---" The riot act at half time"------------the response was zilch and to concede 2 more goals to 10men----- has he lost the dressing room?
  9. A much needed valuable 3 points----thought Konsa and Hause teamed up well, Targetts youth and inexperience showed---Jack venting his spleen at a hoofed 2nd half clearance--whilst Jack was open and as usual wanting the ball,---AEL and Trez flatter to deceive thought AEL was real hurt when lying on the ground and signalling to the bench after about 25 minutes--but surprisingly he lasted virtually until the end----both need to work much much harder---a recall to Andre Green? Heaton fully earned his corn----Jack is unique ---where would we be without him?? the thought gives me the full ebeegeebees---Conor plays well with Jack,-the 2 have a good understanding and im puzzled as to why he does,nt get a great deal of game time, the relief (albeit only momentary) for players and fans at the end was clearly obvious---it was great to get back to winning ways to keep a clean sheet---and to hear Sweet Caroline echoing around Villa Park once more-----its now time to get right behind the boys in Claret and Blue--with our full support and do our bit to keep the momentum going,-----VTID
  10. 3 points will be a nice early Christmas present----and are much needed, no reason why not---if you are going oil your throats get fully behind The Boys In Claret and Blue--and raise the rafters off this grand old stadium,and lets hear Sweet Caroline echoing around all 4 stands---- Come On You Lions---
  11. to me he is under rated and under used,--- at the moment-corners and free kicks are real woeful- no matter who takes them---Conor at least has an idea what to do----furthermore he can and will shoot at goal,and DOES posess a goal threat,----- unfortunately a lot he does seems to go unnoticed------the lad is best engaged going forward----and needs accomodating against Newcastle and probably beyond.
  12. Some good points there:: energy and legs seem to disappear too regularily after 70-80 minutes----just look at the goals we concede in the last quarter of a game: from the first game at Spurs schoolboy errors have cost us dearly-----letting ball bounce,square passing across our 18 yrd line,leaving it to someone else,passes going astray,silly free kicks in dangerous areas, etc etc. i dont think we are strong enough for 433 away ---especially with our personnel--and -not tracking back happens too often,---we have sufficient midfield players to go 4231 or 41311 or any other formation-- courage or commitment was sure lacking from a few on sunday the ducking incident a fine example,----and the marking for the free kick was non-existant,---Neves does have a reputation for long strikes! the next 4 games we need to get some points---we dont want to be caught up in a bottom 4 rat race----especially so early in the season.
  13. Absolutely bang on----the lad is quality----he can and does make a difference----a big difference.
  14. Disappointing performance--too many not showing and didnt want it whereas Wolves did----Not impressed with players ducking under the ball---Luiz could have taken one for the team for the first---and what was his attempt to stop Traore for the second all about? thought Targett surrendered too easily against the dual threat of Docherty and Traore---then again Trezaguett did,nt help out much, SJM appeared off the pace---dreadful pass to Taylor that created the second and his attempt to track back was very poor---could,nt work out his attempted very wayward pass right at the end---- is the squad good enough ? the next 4 games will certainly give an indication,
  15. Done by VAR again--this thing is ruining football---the noise that greeted Jack,s goal was a bit subdued until the kick off---you just get afraid to celebrate---!! well we struggled again against 10---but thanks to Supa Jack we won this one---gee this lad is a class apart,
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