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  1. was the same last season whinging and moaning------ the sublime """ Terry Terry knock him out" chant probably narked him too, a couple of their players were niggly throughout too, the number 10 Taylor, tried to unsettle Tammy before he buried the penalty---i noted he was substututed probably before getting sent off. great all round display could have had 6/7 if not for their keeper--nice gesture by J.T. to console the lad at the end--- thought Whelan Taylor SJM El Ghazi were immense --the rest brilliant special mention to Davis he chased hastled held the ball up well---just a shame he didnt find the net,- --well done everyone Deano and coaching staff too,am starting to enjoy Saturday nights once again,
  2. Fully agree real good summing up --am well pleased for Taylor and Whelan who both seem to have found their form when at former clubs for which they were rewarded with numerous caps for their respective countries--- and Mings is so calm and commanding in that back four---his ability to switch direction so quickly for a player his size is amazing.!
  3. i find it hard to believe the Mings pull down was "missed" --by the clown officiating!--i just wonder what would have happened had it occoured in their box?---after all the ref and linesman "missed" Sharp being offside and interfering and the fact his studs were raised and Kalinic clearly had both palms around the ball!!---------probably a penalty no doubt!!!!!!
  4. Awful display for 80 minutes---passes going astray passes going for a throw---not much team spirit----awful inept display from the official throughout who clearly were loving being under the tv spotlight!!!----blimey they are getting worse with every dam game---were,nt fit for an under 6 game!!!!!! Whelan and Green come on----and we suddenly hit the ground running----was thinking of heading home after 80 then 85 ----but real glad i stayed great scenes at the end----well pleased for Green----and Mings----he looks strong and hopefully Jack and Tammy,s affection for the club will rub off on the lad--- now we have shown that we can perform----no shrinking back now---keep that fight passion and spirit going into the next match----and the one after that--
  5. Fully agree-- Wilder dont say a lot he just gets on with his job --and he loves Sheffield Utd, Adomah to me has been pretty poor all season,-- and dont seem interested--needs replacing--.
  6. Tim Sherwood wanted Tom Carroll way back then---but the "money ball" board woud,nt sanction an offer---hes finally arrived, i wonder if Timbo had got his way how things might have worked out?
  7. could,nt agree with the Elmo substitution following his recent error filled inept showings- almost proved costly -again,! and what was that perfect attack breaking pin-point pass backward from inside their box directly to an Ipswich player?
  8. "your f******g s***" sang the home fans: "we,re f******g s***-----we,re f******g s***" --------------------sang the travelling faithful-----and boy we sure were!!! that was absolutely dire not one shot on target----in 55 years watching Villa it ranks amongst one of the worst performances ive had the mis-pleasure to watch!! Tammy and McGinn apart---the rest can stay on Wigan Pier for me!!! shocking----we should all be refunded from their mega mega astronmical remittances they are rewarded with for masquerading as professional footballlers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. reckon Bree should be given a run at RB, ---his natural position--no way is he a CB----Elmo deserves dropping, on his last 2 displays has been dam awful---that tepid header straight to Roofe yesterday was befitting of an under 6 side---
  10. just watched the goals again --did,nt realise that Lolley had a hand in 4 goals as well as netting a screamer--- reckon he ran midfield, the lads a Villa fan and has been scoring regularily as has Grabban-- might well be worth a look at in January. what a game not to be forgotten-----cannot understand why Elmos effort was disallowed it looked to me to finally roll into the net off a forest defender,
  11. we have to play some good attacking teams Derby Leeds,Albion,Boro,Forest,----before the transfer window opens,and with our leaky defence continuing to gift goals away--i,m concerned that unless there is a big big improvement we may find ourselves taking in more significant losses! Brucey must take the primary blame for this leaving us with so few defenders, -------over to you J,T. and good luck,------maybe James Collins would be worth a punt----where did Christopher Samba go to?
  12. cannot believe Whelan took that penalty when Bolassie who had just scored Jack McGinn and Birkir were still on the pitch! very poor management tonight with what appears to be the new norm finishing the game with no recognised strikers, and the replacing Hourihane with Whelan made no sense to me neither did the call up for our 4th choice keeper----crazy, Brucey and his cronies have to go! its way beyond a joke now----and fast becoming a non laugh at circus. for us Villa fans anyways,
  13. Lee Johnson was a very bad whinging looser after that last 5-1 thumping---no doubt he will have them really up for revenge--we need to battle it out and be ready to fight fire with fire---but i worry McGinn aside, will we be able to---this type of game is when Snoddy and J.T. showed their worth---now both are gone others must come to the fore,
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