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  1. dont know if its been said but reminds me of a young micah richards
  2. needs to be kept as far away from the team as possible because at the moment he is not contributing but we have sunderlnd soon and hes always good for a performance and goal aginst them. if he strugles against sunderland we really do need to get rid
  3. can i get a new invite sent to avfc super hawks
  4. http://www.futhead.com/15/players/45985/jordan-ayew/ final fifa stats for what its worth
  5. has anybody said clark
  6. im not saying hes not decent, i just think if given is going to play in the cup gave him the next 2 games
  7. have to agree his form under Tim has made him one of the players we need to make this system work
  8. whoever convinced him to sign a contract deserves a knighthood
  9. IMo if Given is going to play t he semi final we should give him the next 3 league games get him into some kind of rhythm plus guzan needs a kick up the backside maybe learn how to kick properly
  10. good news fancy our chance more against arsenal
  11. he would be dropped if he wasn't a villa fan
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