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  1. Legion should be watched by all, its awesome. Noah Hawley success rate continues.
  2. I’m not sure if that was my issue or not, just the last 5 or so miles my legs just hurt, lactic acid i dunno or just not used to running that distance. I wasn’t out of breath or founding breathing hard, my legs were just killing. Literally felt that each mile took 30 mins, but looking at my times i was still going an okay pace to say they were killing.
  3. Recently completed the Yorkshire Marathon doing it in 3.19 which i was pleased with, aiming before 3.30 after last years Bristol hilly one i did in 3.44. The Yorkshire one was a lot harder, doing a quicker pace throughout defiantly made the last 6 miles horrible to be perfectly honest. Week before that i did the Lincoln Half and got my PB for the Half marathon of 1.32. Not sure what to do now, training for marathons takes 12 weeks running 3 times a week and after a while i get busy, so might just stick to halfs.
  4. This looks impressive, partly because it has one of the greatest songs ever written over it
  5. lolz. Profit based company in trying to make money shocker, or should Apple just not try and make money, they are different to all other companies for some reason?
  6. Why do they never appear in the middle of Tescos or during the day? Load of old donkey bollocks.
  7. Makers of the new IT film are not getting it if Pennywise looks like this throughout the film, what child with any sense would go near that??
  8. This is another reason why Fury Road is a masterpiece and will be studied for years.
  9. The characters are never likeable throughout. Maggie Siff is amazing in it though both her and Damion Lewis really are stunning towards the end of the series after getting used to their characters.
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