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  1. It's my birthday today - Could be the best one ever or the worst I know we keep saying this every season, but it feels like it's one year too soon ... One more season Jack *we will reassess next summer
  2. The only positive from this is it may speed our transfer business up. Stupid from Wes. Deserved red. Probably frustration that he's not where he needs to be fitness wise. We're behind these fitness wise, so no need to panic, but it aint been good. At all. I hate Stoke.
  3. There will always be a small part of me that will like our new kits regardless, cos it's in our blood, right?! But I must say I'm totally underwhelmed with this one and struggling to find a positive other than it looks better on the players than the leak pic (obviously). Compared to some of the guys on here that did their kit mock ups this is nowhere near as good Hopefully the away and third kits are better but more importantly Jack is performing in it and we have a memorable season! UTV
  4. Yes I heard that. The same Mourinho that often is criticised for being too defensive but said we were in control of the game and Jack staying on would more than likely have made it a more comfortable scoreline. I think 99% of our supporters (Villa that is, not England) just feel that although we have done really well to reach our first final since 66, we would be more aesthetically pleasing to watch if JG was starting. It's pretty simple really.
  5. Round and round and round we go... Yet this post sums it all up perfectly Roll on Monday morning and hopefully a new contract signed soon Up the Jack !
  6. Was pretty p1ssed off that Jack was subbed last night and having slept on it, I still think it was the wrong call to make (regardless of us going on to win the game) - I personally think we may have won by more the way the Danes tired, a man down ETC but we will never know. But, I can see the thought process behind Southgate's decision and ultimately he has got England into our first major final since 1966 so I am delighted with that, regardless of whether or not he plays "our Jack". I always put club before country (Give me seeing Villa win a league before England a WC any day) but there is no way in the world that I would be cheering on the Italians on Sunday evening and I would be surprised if any "English" people would truth be told (despite a fair bit of anger/frustration last night). I don't believe Southgate "has it in" for Jack, the fact that he's been the first sub last night and against Germany pretty much proves that so I do think that's nonsense, but it's clear he doesn't either trust him defensively or is pragmatic approach to games just doesn't suit Jack's playing style, perhaps a bit of both. It's frustrating as Villa fans seeing us play with two holding midfielders, then Mount, because with Sterling providing England pretty capably down the left and a few goals to boot (I'm still not blown away by Raheem but that's another matter) then it's difficult to see Jack fit into the system. But as England fans - we are winning games with this personnel so the manager isn't (can't?) really been questioned. (Apart from on VT obviously). I'm 99.9% sure JG won't start on Sunday but we will probably see him from 60 mins onwards - and hopefully he comes on and sets up or scores the winner.. Can you just imaaaagine? Let's face it ALL of VT would be absolutely buzzing for that for the rest of their lives. As for the final I think it will be the same team as Denmark - but I would mix it up. I think Henderson for Phillips or Mount might be a good option, a bit of a calming influence in the middle of the park. I think Phillips was poor last night particularly in the first half and Rice wasn't much better though his game did improve after the interval. I feel the emotion of the game could get to Rice, hence the need for a bit of calmness. I'd personally play Jack over Saka or Mount too but that's wishful thinking. We can definitely do this though but first goal could be so crucial. Prediction 2-1 us. UTE.
  7. Whilst embarrassing our star man in front of the entire nation. Not for me that.
  8. I must admit when I saw Trippier coming on I thought surely not for Jack but it did worry me. Proper insult that. Looks embarrassed. Poor management by Southgate.
  9. Very poor half, got out of jail with that bit of quality by Kane, and Saka did well with the cross. Phillips has been absolutely dreadful. Rice also poor. Pickford looks a bag of nerves. Should have saved the goal. Mount also rubbish. Still think we will win cos we have players that can produce magic but its a travesty Jack isn't starting in these games. Yes. Bat and ball out.
  10. Numerous posts you've done over a period of time
  11. Not quite. Off topic but so obvious you're not a Villa fan
  12. As a younger lad that took defeats harder: Inter Milan 3 v 0 Villa (1990) after winning the first leg 2-0 - that got me. Villa 1 v 4 Leeds (1991) - Live on TV. Their title winning side (which to be fair was pretty decent). Then a few others, previously mentioned: The two 3-2 United defeats when winning (home and away). Enkleman night was horrific and the 2-1 home defeat to blues (Horsfield was it intercepting a short back pass in front of the Holte) horrible. 2-2 wasn't great nor was the cup defeat at the sty under Houllier. Was on a plane going away for the Arsenal Cup final so missed the game - which proved to be a blessing. Bradford debacle. Stoke 2-2. Chelsea 8-0. Liverpool 0-6. Luton & Doncaster (away) league Cup exits and terrible performances! The Man City away game and Man Utd games this season were tough to take (from a referee / var perspective).
  13. I must admit I've found it difficult to get behind England whilst Jack's been sat on the bench. I'm not ashamed to say I found myself cheering SJM's tartan army against us until Grealish entered the pitch such is the disappointment of seeing Englands best player not being involved. That said, and given recent snippets of his injury concerns I think that it's probably been wise that he's come on as an impact player and it's worked absolutely perfect for Jack, England and AVFC as pretty much the whole nation (excluding the bluenoses) are singing his name and his status is off the scale. Watching a recent video of him on here and you just can't help but smile, the ability he has is just a pleasure to watch, but it has reiterated to me that he is nowhere near at the (Villa) levels as he is for England - now that could be fitness, better class of opponent, players not giving him the ball enough, not starting etc - I think he's only really at a 6 or 7 currently, but even then he has two assists, MOTM performances in practically every England game he's played in.. that in itself just shows the quality that he's got.
  14. Can see both sides to this Tammy debate, but I'm edging towards wanting him here than not. Why? Because I want Aston Villa to have the most competitive squad they can have to try secure European football next season (keep Jack) and to push on year after year till we're competing at the very highest level regularly. Now I'm not saying signing Tammy brings that but in order to progress we need "real" competition in every position and Tammy would bring that in the CF position. I don't mind Davis or Wesley but there are big doubts over both players (goals wise, fitness wise) and heaven forbid Ollie has a long term injury then we can kiss goodbye chances of a top 6 finish. I know you could say well any club could lose their best player for a period of time and it will affect them (see Van Dijk Liverpool) but this signing covers us when Watkins is off form, not scoring, tired, gives us another (very good) option. It also raises the performance of the other player to peak levels which is what we want in every position. I'd like to hope that if there is a deal to be done it could be less than 40 million and I understand that's the major concern with the ones opposing this move (I do get that). It is a lot of money for potentially someone who may not improve our first eleven dramatically (if at all) but would improve our squad and options of the bench incredibly.
  15. I would love us to pull this one off (awaits KW gif) but think eventually he will sign an improved contract at Arsenal, who'd be crazy to let him go (to us) IMO. Not seen massive amounts of him but what I have seen I have been very impressed, reminds me of a poor man's Jack (no shame in that) with his style of play, natural ability, the way he glides past players, comfortable on the ball, socks down etc.. Lots of potential and would be a massive coup to take him from the gunners. I think him or David Brooks (possibly a cheaper option) would fit in really well amongst this group of players!
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