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  1. Dexter's finale was insane! Gutted the next season is to be the last but it should be incredible! Homeland also pleased me, I was losing interest but the next season is set up nicely now!
  2. Ouch! I love deadlift but its very easy to injure yourself by accident, I find my form goes as I try and grip the bar! Some gyms actually ban deadlift (which is ridiculous!). A little tip for bench.... After you do your 1 rep max, drop down and do 5 push ups quickly. It helps your fast twitch muscles which in turn helps your acceleration. I pushed through my plateau after a week of doing this.
  3. ah sorry, I'm at work so can't get a bigger link! It basically is a guy who has been doing cardio saying goodbye to gains - don't get me wrong, cardio is good but you certainly will effect adding muscle mass depending on what you want to acheive. I have cut back loads on cardio as doing exercises like squats, deadlift and military press certainly get the old ticker working overtime! Also, thanks for the tip about really squeezing the bar on bench, I've added 5kg without wrist pain
  4. Thanks for the advice on the wrist issue, that link was a good read. Funnily enough I was taught not to grip the bar at all, to keep a 'Y' grip and use all energy to push. However it makes sense so will try gripping from now on, at the worse it should work my forearms and grip (which in turn should benefit my wrists!).
  5. I'm a massive fan of squats, been working really hard in the rack recently, my routine is currently: Warmup Set of 8x80kg then: 5x110kg 5x120kg 3x140kg 3x155kg 5x120kg 5x100kg I have hit a bit of a plateau recently with bench, can comfortably do 3 sets of 8 reps at 90kg, however when I move up to 95/100 my wrists seem to hurt. Think it may be a technique issue although I am generally quite solid.
  6. I have read that certain exercises such as squats and dips encourage actual growth hormones that lots of false supplements promote. Deffo great when cutting, although I don't agree with people who just say compound lifts are all you need. I don't like to neglect small muscle groups and have changed my schedule to include specific days where I will lay off the big compound lifts and concentrate on isolating a small muscle group. Saying that, I hate seeing the kids at my gym who only do arms every day and then wonder why they are getting no gains! Apologies if this has been posted before, but
  7. If your forearms and wrists are hurting, have ou ever considered using straps? I have got bad wrists from years of skating, and I find using straps helps so much! They are dead cheap, here is an example: <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004K1WMYM/ref=asc_df_B004K1WMYM10487449?smid=A3R93BZTZIK0F7&tag=hydra0b-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22242&creativeASIN=B004K1WMYM&hvpos=1o5&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2216177101169137680&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=">straps</a> I find these especially useful when doing shrugs, deadlifts etc.. Also, rece
  8. I'm pleased with my progress at the moment: Bench - 1 Rep Max - 98kg 90kg - 3x3 85kg 3x5 Also got my flies up to 32kg each arm, flat and on incline up to 35kg. However I am getting incredibly annoyed by the douche who insists on curling in the squat rack EVERY morning, thus taking up valuable rack time Legs tonight, bring on the DOMS!
  9. Perfectly fine! I worked in one for 2 years, only differences are what people have already brought up! Also RE now has compulsary units to undertake dictated by the awarding body (eg. OCR, EDEXCEL), so even Catholic Schools will end up teaching about either Islam or Sikhism as a core unit.
  10. Moss Bros are good value... I think its between them and Next for suits around the £100 - £150 mark!
  11. Saw it last night, loved it! Easily as good as TDK on first watch and fits in nicely and consistently with the rest of the series. The last twenty minutes are as much fun as I have ever had in the cinema, I'm sure you will all REALLY enjoy it!
  12. Cheers guys, Kai certainly has a bicep peak! Will give 21's a go, thanks.
  13. I have enjoyed reading this thread, some excellent insight here so thanks! Next question: The Bicep Peak. I have recently started to add mass to my arms, they are actually pretty toned. However my Triceps are very well developed, and although my biceps are defined, there is no 'peak' to speak of. I'm not vein and I understand that the majority of strength in your arms are provided by your triceps, however I was wondering how you would go about working the tip of the bicep? I have a number of friends who don't really work out and their biceps look better, is this down to genetics or am
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