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  1. For me, the lack of activity in this window shows me that the board have given up. I don't buy the "we've tried" line, it gets pulled out every year, be it in a different guise this time to the usual "ran out of time"... i think it's poor that fans will continue pouring their hard earned cash into the club until the end of the season and the board know this...so there's no real reason for them to try to sort things out. How can the players be motivated by a man (Remi) who's bosses don't seem to give to toss anymore and have thrown in the towel. We really should fear rel
  2. Was piss poor today, absolutely useless. i know it sounds stupid, but if I were Garde, I'd tell him to pull his socks up properly...if he wants to stand out from the other players, he can do it with performances, not because he wears his socks like a clearing in the woods, he is too big for his boots and needs to be knocked down a bit more...
  3. He was decent against the slower defences of the championship...he didn't need to move as much. If he was shooting and missing, people would be frustrated, but not as much as seeing him just not moving enough.
  4. You're absolutely right, we have got worse. Tim had 3 wins (albeit in a few more games), now we have zero. I've just got a bit bored of people walking round saying "at least we beat the Blues" like it makes everything better...
  5. His head is like a 50p, the ball just bounces everywhere
  6. I'd rather we'd lost 5 nil and not be marooned at the bottom of the league 10 odd points adrift... Beating Blues really provides little positivity in our situation, if anything, using it as a positive makes us look a bit small time
  7. For a guy of his size, he's really shit in the air...
  8. I think Remi will leave within weeks if we still haven't won...I think the abuse will eventually drive him out...it won't chase our fate this season but I think it will be better for us next season. In years to come however, should we make it back to being a comfortable Premier League team, we'll be wishing that we'd got Remi Garde as our manager again. I think he'd be successful with players of a higher ability. Too many players, like Gestede just aren't good enough for this league. Give him last seasons team, or a team from any of the last few years, with just a few better player
  9. whereas as a player like Ayew who could really help us out down there will probably have a release clause of 50p and will also be due a long time service bonus from the club...
  10. I think he'll go the way of most academy grads, have loads of potential and then nothing...Barry Bannan is a good example. Maybe he'll move on and improve like Marc Albrighton...but he seems too much of cocky div for that
  11. Correct it's not his team, but how many managers take over and get nothing at all out their new players...you'd at least expect something from a manager of Premier League standard. An F1 driver may not be familiar with a different true of racing car, but he'd be able to wrestle some kind of decent performance from it. (Not a brilliant analogy there) also, I don't want him backed in the window, we'd be much better building for next season and using this next few months to get the squad playing. That's what BrawnGP did, wrote off that season, worked on next seasons car and then won t
  12. I don't disagree that Hutton might not be up to the standard, but I don't think his commitment can be questioned. He's always been a model professional and respectful of the club, even when he was part of the bomb squad. He turned up and trained and never moaned. Even now, he's one of the few players who actually seems to want to the ball and even if what he tries comes to nothing, at least he tries and carries on trying. By all means call him rubbish, but he's not worthy of some of the more negative tags people have been giving him and others about stealing a living.
  13. So 1 point ahead AND with a good kit and shirt deal?! Tom Fox will be so pleased!
  14. I'm not saying Garde is at fault here, well, not completely, as the players weren't good enough before...however...against Leicester, before we capitulated, we looked good and we didn't look as hopeless in games as we do now. Maybe it's down to lack of confidence within the players and accepting that they aren't up to the requirements, but I don't understand where people are getting the idea that Remi Garde is the man to bring the club back up. What has he shown since he got here? Have I missed it? We seem to somehow have got worse. He hasn't managed to cut out the unforced errors, he hasn't m
  15. I'm with the pessimists, I've seen very little from Garde and don't expect to see us win again all season. His record was mediocre, he did alright for a handful of years with a Lyon side that weren't their best, but he showed no signs of being able to pull us out of a dogfight. I think it was an appointment made based on him being young, probably cheap and his methods sounding like they were very interesting...the sort of appointment made by a businessman, not a footballing man. The footballing man would've appointed David Moyes, who may not have done any better, but he would've been less
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