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  1. In re-joining this forum, it seems as far as Hogan is concerned, the views of his capabilities are almost two extremes. IMO, under the new management team, all the squad should be given the opportunity to demonstrate if they can fit in the playing ethic Smith wants. Perhaps it will be fairer to make judgements in the new year, assuming the majority have had decent chances of showing their capabilities. Kodjia v Hogan, we probably will need them both for rotation
  2. Don't think Carroll will come to B6, his heart seems to be Tyneside and we need to see how our current forwards measure up pre-season under PL. If we have £20m in the kitty, there are other priorities in my opinion.
  3. I'd agree we are weak in several positions, but I don't see Randy funding this amount of new players without several being sold first.
  4. This result just about keeps McLeish in his job, but clearly, we're just fortunate we have a few points buffering us from the bottom clubs, as it's difficult to see us winning again this season. Tactically inept, with a squad who don't have a leader on the pitch with a manager who seems unable get his team able to play for 90 minutes, is a recipe for relegation but for teams who are below us but not much worse and possibly more up for the fight. I don't expect AM to go this season, but if he's at B6 next season, the season ticket holders could well be an all time low next time, and the odds for relegation will have us among the favourites. More sad days ahead
  5. Just the opposite :? I didn't see the game but sounded like his coming on made a significant difference
  6. Played better tonight but another set piece goal against, we will be passed by Sunderland moving up as we continue to sink. We have a better squad than some of the teams below us, but I can't see us scoring enough to balance out our poor defence.
  7. What's the odds Sunderland will overtake Villa in less than 5 matches as they climb the table and we sink lower towards the bottom four?
  8. Bent wants to go to the European Championships and he's not going to get in the squad on current form, as he gets pretty poor service and to be honest he's had chances of late and failed to take them. Once Young and Downing went, it could only be a short time before Bent will want to go too.
  9. AM does not do positive, his mind set is based on clean sheets and the odd goals. Unfortunately, his plan is coming well undone at VP. He needs to go by the New Year, but with giving him a long contract, Lerner again showed a lack of business acumen IMO and will again have to pay put a lot of dosh toshove McLeish out the door, along with his support team. Whoever replaces him will need to be someone who believes in playing football and as we aren't likely to get a big name who's any good, we should be looking for an up and coming manager. Certainly Martinez could have been no worse than AM. Lambert at Norwich has shown there are good prospective Premiership managers about.
  10. I think we got suckered by 'arry. He got Hutton's replacement back from Villa, a better player for his time at B6 and then convinced AM to buy Hutton who 'arry wanted rid of. AM keeps singing Hutton's praises and saying he needs time to settle down, but IMO, he's just poor quality. Luke was a better RB and Herd should be selected before Hutton. It's difficult to see what Villa are doing to plug the goals against at set pieces, we can't defend a lead or set pieces, especially late in a game. The coaches need to kick Collins and Dunne's arses. The shortest player on the pitch being able to head a goal just about sums Villa up at present.
  11. If you can believe them. Hughes is a bitter man, as evidenced by his sniping at Citeh and Mancini and he doesn't seem to have been offered anything that has been available since he left. I think he may have created himself a problem with his regular quotes to the press and coming across as a moaner. Personally I wouldn't have wanted him at B6 anymore then McLeish. AM was a second choice after Martinez turned us down, and maybe he's regretting that decision in letting Whelan talk him out of it. At least if Martinez was manager, we'd be playing better football and perhaps be able to defend set pieces. If defending is AM's strong point, then it's pretty poor stuff.
  12. There is something to be said for being competitive in a lower league and striving for the title, against being an nonentity in the Premiership.
  13. Where has this figure come from? £2m seems to be the accepted compensation figure, but agree there will be additional costs to pay off GMc and his team, plus possible compensation for AMc's team from the Sty.
  14. I'd agree that success is a bigger factor, along with motivational skills and proof that his sides play football.
  15. You can add Flores from Atletico Madrid to these, according to talkSport
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