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  1. He's not convicted of any financial crime as far as I know
  2. The problem is mainly that while these thing can happen it's not he most likely scenario. Leicester is far more likely to go down than to win the PL - even if they did the latter most recently. Making it with the available ressources would be a much bigger feat than making it this year - it's not just a reshuffle, fresh manager and play the youth. Its could be - but not most likely.
  3. I saw that later - just remembered a warning It's been close to a year since I made that post.
  4. Round was brought in when Irvine left to become a manager and never convinced. Irvine did a much better job. My opinions on Wyness have already landed me a warning on here.
  5. Being an Everton supporter with a lot of time for Villa I've read this latest discussion with great interest. My view is that both clubs have a "bandwith" - Villas currently being from mid-table Championship at worst to top 7 in the PL at best within 24 months. Quite a huge spread of 20+ league placings, but given luck, finances and players gelling to a team not out of the question - and vice versa. Evertons range is narrower - probably 14th-3rd - and, as each place upwards becomes progressively harder, more likely 9th-5th. So Villa can get on par with Everton within a couple of season, b
  6. In the PL - haven't seen anything on the Championship.
  7. Not a strong correlation - but a strong one with wages
  8. Round, Wyness and Samuelson. An unholy trinity of self interest.
  9. New scout for Scandinavia starting soon. A familiar name
  10. I agree to some extent - but the best experiences were still with the pretty ones.
  11. Cech was another, Diarra and Drogba, to name some off my memory. If you have the cash it might be a great fit
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