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  1. Thought he has been brilliant so far this season. Yesterday, just a few times he went down a little too easy and needs to be stronger on the ball. Apart from that, brilliant player.
  2. That could of easily been a red card for Konsa. Last man.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT4SmuSIQFQ/?utm_medium=copy_link Pep asking their fans to go to the stadium on Saturday to help boost their tired players. How embarrassing.
  4. Goal and assist. He was world class when he was at Villa but not many believed us. Now he will get the recognition. I have no doubt we'd have more points if he was still with us.
  5. Everton (H). D Man Utd (A). L Spurs (A). L Wolves (H). W Arsenal (A). D 5 points
  6. Not a big fan but thought his cameo was very good today.
  7. **** hate Chelsea. The stadium was dead until we gifted them the second goal.
  8. Only 8 points behind last seasons points tally from last year. So we are on for 47 points so far this season. 15th?
  9. 2-0 down and you bring on the worst player on the ball in the team. Jesus Wept
  10. Watkins just missing that game sharpness. Loving Ramsey, really growing into the team
  11. We are going to struggle so hard this year
  12. Future is bright for our midfield. 4 years away from Ramsey Ramsey Chuk
  13. Now you're just being silly. You're now compare outfield players to a GK. Totally different skill set. Players progress to different positions all the time. Wayne Rooney, Dublin, Young, Cash, Antonio, Grealish list goes on.
  14. Are you suggesting that its not possible?
  15. Will be above Davis in the pecking order very soon. I do still rate Davis but think he should be converted to a DM.
  16. Spending will slowly cease up which is absolutely fine by me. We are investing heavily into youth and sooner or later they will eventually need game time and prove that they are good enough. I still think that system is still 2-3 years away from working. I was hoping for 1/2 first team players to keep us improving till then.
  17. Already 5 points behind last season 3 games into the season
  18. So weve replaced "Grealish" and that's about it. 11th place again incoming
  19. Covid restrictions. Not much you can do about that. I think having an international break 3 games into the season is an absolute joke. Can't be angry at Martinez nor Smith.
  20. Exactly that. Spurs also didn't lose Kane, I wouldn't care about them but they have. If we bought these players in with Grealish, I'd be shocked if we finished lower than 6th. But we havent. we clearly did everything we could to keep him but we just haven't bought enough without him. Happy to eat my own words summer 2022 but I don't think I will be.
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