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  1. Re Garry Monk. In essence, we've funded the removal of the best thing to happen to the sty in years. What a time to be alive!
  2. Even 'screwdriver' has to feel romantically nourished after that. I know I am.
  3. Coming in very useful indeed given the SHA gifts that keep on giving.
  4. Their Chinese owner is called Rendong. They call him Dong. I guess it's the polite version of 'Dong Out.' You'd need a heart of stone not to feel sympathy. I found out something new about myself today.
  5. Pretty sure it was Alan Curbishley.
  6. In the first leg, the Leeds fans sang to the Derby fans, 'try not to worry, you'll beat us someday.'
  7. Hard to know where to put this, but it's worth watching until the end.
  8. We've got quality players and should certainly be aiming for a play-off place. They didn't seem to have direction or self-belief. It all looked stale.
  9. He needs some time right now. It's hard to give yet another manager time because we all know this club deserves better than where we are, but there's no option. He's got to have 10 games, surely, before conclusions should be drawn.
  10. I completely agree. At minimum, this squad should be in the playoffs at the end of the season. 'Thereabouts' is defeatist and sells short their quality and the legitimate fan expectations.
  11. No. The Rodgers I'm thinking about managed Liverpool. Rui Faria has been extensively praised by and worked closely alongside Jose Mourinho, a man who's got 2 Champions Leagues with spells coaching at Barca and managing Real Madrid, Man Utd and Inter Milan. As for managing a semi-pro team in a bush league, who's Dean Smith been managing recently? And where did he manage before? Walsall.
  12. Must confess to being underwhelmed, given the names previously linked. Perhaps the owners tried to bring in bigger names and couldn't attract them? Don't mean to rain on parades, but I would prefer someone with a bigger profile. This is a big club with expectations that are commensurately difficult to manage. I think this job is too big for him. But I very much hope I'm wrong.
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