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  1. Tombstone (1993) i really enjoyed watching this film last night, i thought it was pretty good
  2. For Your Eyes Only (1981) Another of my favourite Bond films I must have watched it 4 or 5 times and i still enjoy watching it
  3. The Escapist (2008) Pretty good film this i thought ,i enjoyed watching it
  4. Moonraker (1979) I enjoy watching a bit of Bond every now and then .Moonraker was one of my favourite 007 movies
  5. Chasing The Deer (1994) A very enjoyable film i found on Youtube .If you enjoy British and history films you would enjoy watching this
  6. Dog Soldiers (2002) Not a bad film this i thought ,i enjoyed watching it
  7. Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion (2015) I sat down to watch this film expecting it to be a good film and to enjoy watching it .Sadly it was average at best
  8. Kindergarten Cop (1990) Another film off my "Must get around to watch "list .Have to say i quite enjoyed watching it
  9. The Bruce (1996) Nah,not a film about old Potatoe Head but the Scottish hero. I came across it on Youtube .It was a decent film
  10. The Massacre Of Glencoe (1971) A short film i came across by chance .Was pretty good and i enjoyed it
  11. Paper Moon (1973) A decent film this i thought,i quite enjoyed watching it
  12. Breakthrough (1979) When i saw that Richard Burton and Rod Steiger were the two big names in this film ,i expected a classic.Sadly,i found it very disappointing and did not enjoy it
  13. The Hustler (1961) A great film i remember watching when i was a young boy. Still enjoyable watch all these years later
  14. Citizen Kane (1941) One the first films i can remember watching when i was a kid .I still enjoy watching it all these years later
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