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  1. genuine excitement for this to actually happen. can sense lerner cocking it all up at the last minute and krulak turning up with big eck and telling us randy is committed again though
  2. he was in a restaurant last night, a friend of a friend saw him. friends girlfriend was chatting to helen flanaghan, who was with him, when from out of nowhere a villa fan confronted him full on telling him how 'he isnt fit to wear the shirt, hes a disgrace, etc etc' they both then left rather abruptly. id be amazed if he wanted to be here anyway especially getting abused when hes out with his mrs!
  3. I dont think bent looks comfortable at all, I feel sorry for the bloke in the way that he gets absolutely no service. He feeds on chances, seriously in the opening two games have we carved out one decent chance for him? I dont think so to be fair.
  4. This all day long. How the fonz got picked ahead of him I will never understand. Only reason can be perhaps Weimann had a knock and could only be a sub.
  5. He is, at best, a highlights player. He seems to have lived off the one pass that came off (away against fulham for albrightons goal) Other than that, I cannot think of one single thing he has done to warrant even a thread on this forum.
  6. Like I say, I wasnt having a go at MM at all. I also remember that day, lets hope for some more. UTV
  7. And I love how some people become ridiculously cynical of others and think that just because some people are asking a few questions of someone who has proven to be ITK in the past, that they "hang off every word". No-one is saying they completely believe whatever is mentioned is either 100% true or will come to pass, so get off your high horse. Im on my settee, not a high horse. He has also been proven to be wrong, I seem to remember him saying we were not getting a certain ginger manager. We all know how that ended up.
  8. i would be dissapointed to see dunne go. When he came back from injury at west brom last year he was an absolute mountain, and along with given, was the main reason we didnt lose the game. He will leave at the end of his contract but i cant see us getting a decent fee and an adequate replacement better than him at the current time
  9. i love how everyone hangs off every word of these so called 'ITK's' just remember that not all of them are 100% correct, Even if MM says we want defoe for instance it doesnt mean we will 100% sign him. Not having a go at MM at all just people maybe shouldnt get their hopes up
  10. Says the man who thinks murphy from the blues would be a good addition.
  11. Anyone know about printing on the kids shirts, he really wants agbonlahor however I doubt it would fit. He is a small junior. Anyone know? Ta
  12. if we got 6m for him i would be amazed. i would suspect 2m at the most. what has he done since we had him, apart from being as successful at hiding as bin laden?
  13. Holding midfielder, Jean Makoun, has completed his move to Rennes. This surely will allow Yann M'Vila to move on #AFC #THFC #SRFC @gooners247
  14. according to sources, makoun has indeed completed a move to rennes. Whether that is a loan or not is anyones guess. the rumour was mainly due to other clubs interests in yann m'vila, and makoun is his replacement. does m'vila go missing for months as well?
  15. I think a good amount of those pages are you suggesting we sign murphy and ndaw.
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