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  1. keep trying. not hard to follow at all lol bit worried youre struggling so much =/
  2. errr...awkward. meme obvious lol
  3. passing average over 30 per game? need to know before i can have a positive opinion
  4. still trash. seriously pass the fkin ball and maybe your team can work an actual goal scoring opportunity. so many easy passes last game. such a shame
  5. really hope he goes to do well for himself. noway deserve the abuse he got.
  6. meh i like their fans everytime i see them on TV. (maybe its just sky focusing on it too much) but they seem to make a lot of noise and dont care if win/lose. hope they stay up
  7. im curious how you think this conversation gone?? "costa no youre not moving" "but i want to for money" "no im no nonsense. stay here" "ok" im always amazed how people have opinions about this type of stuff. but it fits with you liking conte before he arrived. what did he stick to? and how did it influence anything?
  8. aguero everything in the box is super low atm apparently.... There was quite a lot of talk in analytics about him not being optimal lone striker last couple of years. So i guess pep is seeing that and changing it
  9. wasnt one of the guys rated pretty highly in german league? think i heard that somewhere....maybe he ran super above expectation in that time
  10. whats the line you have it at? still interested here pretty sure it isnt winning. ainec tbh
  11. winning a header is hard when you have an elbow to a face impeding you....
  12. didnt he also say people wishing wenger out are being stupid? they do stop oppo from playing though. But theres many factors which stop it from being effective... lets be realistic here...theres two mega oil clubs and united...its fkin hard to win the league. we can all do naratives about season tickets prices and what they demand or whatever...but they should be careful what the fans wish for. making them where they are is impressive (in before season ticket prices is even important....) holy shit some naratives going here over one game. one of the worst performances coq has ever played...but hes still good. legit good against many teams this year it is a foul on bellerin with the elbow...but you cant give shit to referee to not spotting it in real time imo. its a goal. its a foul. it goes either way a lot of the time probably worst season i ever seen arsenal play tbh. Theyre playing some dog shit football this year.
  13. u wot m8?! surely things recently shown u chatting shit really with the team?
  14. best podcast there is...double pivot...but its a couple of Americans doing stats / analytical which i know a lot of people on this forum cant handle. But its unbiased and with stats + watching games they provide legit insight. (the voices can be annoying at first though as its geeky + american) I def recommend for whoever keep trying to use stats on the main forum to listen it and see the important stats to look out for will tag @DCJonah incase he ever wants to learn a thing or two
  15. weird thing is....he actually played pretty decent at start of season before pep tried to be "genius" to change it all around...i think most city fans rather him in squad with silva KDB in middle with a proper DCM. suddenly silva (KDB) just started going left and toure went in CM...and was so many exploits happened...just weird. and he wont change it
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