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  1. Yes, this is for real...you couldn't make this up in a Holly script!
  2. Yes, this is serious. Yes this is true. I totally agree, burning the badge is disgusting. I found out yesterday, but was so upset that I couldn't even write about it on here until today.
  3. My view on completly Hollis change when I found this out: When Villa did the Macron deal, Macron asked how many shirts Villa wanted produced. The powers that be took the numbers that they got from Nike and asked Macron to produce the same amount. Except they forgot to check how many Nike sold themselves, for example 15k were sold through Nike Town, 10k were sold in China etc. This has meant there has been a surplus of Macron shirts and this year that surplus was 40,000. So left with a surplus of 40,000 Villa shirts, the powers that be met a few weeks ago to discuss what to do them with. Other ideas were discussed, but the main one discussed was the option to sell the shirts for £1 for those that attended certain games to drive attendance during the closing stages of the season. Hollis then spoke up and said that for the £40k of revenue they'd get for selling the shirts for £1, it wasn't worth the aggravation it would cause as it would drive complaints from those that had purchased shirts at a higher price for Christmas presents etc. Hollis said it would be better to burn them. So guess what they did last week behind the offices at Villa - yes, they burned 40,000 Villa shirts in two skips!!! An Aston Villa Chairman authorising the burning of Villa shirts, any shirt, is disgusting and shows the complete lack of respect to Aston Villa and understanding of what Villa means to fans like me and you. Just think what we could have done with those shirts to drive goodwill - give them away to fans for the last game of the season? You could have even give them away to charity/people less fortunate than ourselves. But no, we decided to burn them! I am speechless...
  4. Well said! I actually think Garde is doing OK considering the players he has. How did anyone think that Gestede would be a replacement for Benteke? We should start preparing for the championship now and get players that will play for the manager in the way he wants.
  5. Four? are you including Bunn? As he is an absolutely typical Lambert style signing. Not saying he's bad, just saying. also anyone one know why Senderos hasn't featured in any pre-season or U21 games? Is he still injured? He's not played in a ridiculously long time. I think they're all "Lambert style signings" just worth a bit more money. Probably evidence that the manager doesn't have sole control over the transfers at AVFC anymore. In fact, I'd say Bunn is pretty untypical of the transfer style when Lambert was here. He's not young for a start. So you are saying Amavi is similar to Luna or Bennet - a French under-21 player? Richards similar to Senderous? Sorry, but my view of the player we have bought so far is a little different to yours. And my four, I am excluding Bunn but including Sinclair. Who scored goals for us last season - not like Tonev...
  6. I actually think we are in a good position and should trust the current strategy. We have bought in four good quality players so far, not like the previous buy cheap and hope strategy under Lambert. Getting Adebayor and a quality young striker with potential to sell on for a bigger fee in 3 years would actually be a smart piece of business. It's what we've done with Benteke. Adebayor will also provide good experience for the younger players. I do think we need a 'captain' for the team - either a quality midfielder or centre back. 3 more quality signings and I'd be very happy going into the season. After all Tonev has finally scored - what's not to be positive about!
  7. Totally agree. He has shown no respect for the club, bearing in mind he was a former captain. I've said it many times, I'd rather we got rid as we've only had 1 decent season out of the time he has been with us. Nothing would make me smile more than Benteke to wipe the floor with him next season when we play against him, whoever he signs for.
  8. I reckon we are going to do a swap deal for Barry Bannan...
  9. When I first read about him leaving I was very disappointed - but reading some of the comments, I think you guys are right. I'm not too bothered now. I think he wanted Everton all along, and only came to us because Everton couldn't agree a fee in time and he didn't want to be sat in the UTD reserves. He helped us stay up and he was decent for a few games (but only a few) but hardly a world-changing performance for us. I could be syndicalism and say that he was playing for a contract and therefore stepped up his performance towards the end. I'd rather have someone that wants to play for us and is passionate about Villa than someone who see's us as a stop gap.
  10. Be massively disappointed....The Times are quoting that Gil has been made available for transfer and told to find another club. I can't believe it, but Sherwood must have seen something he didn't like. If you look closely at the pre-FA cup final training video the club put on YouTube you can see the guys warming up. Gil isn't sprinting anywhere near as hard as the other guys - he knows he's out.
  11. Oooh... that's some fuel you've added there! I reckon they are playing CNZ instead of Gil in the hope someone buys him in the summer, and then Gil becomes a regular starter next season.
  12. Service to Benteke has been dreadful. Of the goals he has scored this season, I think most he's actually made himself. If he's getting no service, what's he meant to score off? In the last few games he's been dropping deep to help get something setup. With decent service he'd do well. He is a 'needs a few chances to score' type of player, not like Bent who needed one sight of goal and he'd score (in his prime), but Benteke is coming back from a long time off. If we'd signed Lambet in January, it would have taken the pressure off. He needs someone to spark off, and maybe that person is Sinclair...
  13. I agree...look at Westwood just trotting back. Without Clarke getting stuck him, he would have been straight in on goal
  14. What's happened to him? You just have to look at him off pitch with the antics he gets up to, children with numerous women etc - with all that going on, I'm not surprised he's not focused on his football. In a counter attacking team his pace helped, but now we have changed strategy, his one big asset (his pace) doesn't help us anymore. I feel like he's turning into another Vassel/Joachim type player, great pace, but that's about it.
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