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  1. Brad Friedel had another fumble against Brighton - i think we got rid at the right time, he's starting to lose it a bit, shame he needs the money.
  2. Cuellar Heskey Petrov Given McLeish managed in it Carew (recently released) Makoun of course.
  3. General, proud of the work your doing this summer, and I'm not one of those 'RANDY OUT' 'SPEND 50MILLION' type of people, understand completely you have UEFA's financial fair play in the back of your minds and are planning for the future, keep it up. However our squad is tender and thin in some departments and it would be nice for Alex to have options and some depth, would you think it would be wise for Randy, Paul and Alex to at least explore the loan market around Europe and see what we can get below the 50-60 grand mark a week? - It would at least have us chasing a Europa League spot whi
  4. Could be a very important player for us, we improved once he, Bannan, Gardner and Bent came on and to a lesser extent Heskey (really doesn't deserve half the shit he gets)
  5. Nice to see other people start to notice why Makoun could be a very vital player this season and what he brings.
  6. Ireland hoofed it over the bar, but apart from that I'll give him time, he needs games been out for a year approx.
  7. Yup, he was tremendous when he came on, definate first teamer for me by what I've seen of him.
  8. See Bannan's assist the other day the kids that are coming up are good enough, the reason why the Man Utd game last season was a special one to many as many thought the young'uns were good enough for the Prem, even Fergie admitted it.
  9. Milk Cup final, these Aspire Academy kids are battering Man United 5-1, I think they are as good as a few Barcelona youngsters I've seen, we should have a look at a few. I bow to my Qatari overlords.
  10. Yawn. Then Wigan will be hearing from our lawyers IF THAT WAS TRUE, thats an illegal transaction, they would have to pay a huge fine and face possible points deduction, plus our 9.5million back.
  11. He's coming to Villa, if a last minute deal was done, Wigan would have to pay us back the money we gave them plus compo and they would have points deducted, and Wigan are using that money for new players - not true, like I've said.
  12. I have read H&V they've just said it was a joke, pleb.
  13. He isn't going to Sunderland - Personal terms have been agreed, just have to wait for the results of the medical, and he's been pictured outside the QE. Stop falling for pathetic ' ITK rumours' started up by bitters from other clubs who have nothing to with their pathetic little lives. And the guy has admitted on H&V it was a joke, once again our own fans making fools of themselves
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