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  1. They are not exactly doing it as easy as possible for us supporters
  2. It's in the tickets.avfc portal, log in to your account, go to tickets, you will have the Brentford ticket there. When you select the ticket you get the option to resell. I think maybe it's easier on a computer than on a mobile (not quite sure).
  3. Resold mine to Newcastle and Brentford (not to easy to come over from Norway as of yet).
  4. Was wondering the same about resale, the club is so poor about information on such things... Event the contact us link on the tickets.avfc.co.uk do not work...
  5. Lets try Watkins as left winger in the first game in a 4-3-3 if Bailey can't start. That is the 9nly way I can see Watkins amd Ings starting together. if that does not work lets start one of them from the Newcastle game and onwards.
  6. Thanks for the answer, I guess Covid might be the reason we are not seeing a increase on the commercial side, as I would imagine it would increase year on year with is staying in the Prem and climbing the table. But maybe we need to qualify for Europe first.
  7. @Czarnikjak What are your thoughts on this?
  8. What we are forgetting is the increase in income. We can assume that our club have increased the income massively, therefore we can afford a couple more signings without selling Jack or anybody else?
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