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  1. his goal scoring record (or lack of goal scoring record) doesn't merit him being in the Prem or Championship. I hear UAE is a nice place to live :-) Get rid. Parasite. Like NZOG
  2. I'm got going either and neither are my 2 kids, not travelling 4 hours on a Tuesday night to watch the worst villa team I have ever seen. My 3 season tickets will not be used gain this season. Would rather waste the rest of my season tickets than waste more money watching #avfc be relegated in front of me. Offered my tickets to club to use for good causes, didn't even get a reply. 35 years between us watching the Villa - no more. When Lerner has gone I will return.
  3. anyone got a spare child ticket for this game I'll have it
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2515877/Southampton-masterplan-win-Premier-League.html yes but only because the other teams below us are REALLY poor not because we have AMBITION. Cardiff appear to have more ambition than us.
  5. http://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/2/Seasons/3853/Stages/7794/TeamStatistics/England-Premier-League-2013-2014 Bottom 3 for possession, passing success - how is that success for a manager who is supposed to build him team around such qualities ? If Randy gave him some money then maybe we could improve but we seem content with being 'out of the relelgation' zone. Unlike teams like Southampton who have ambition.
  6. "We all asked for a manager to come in and do a similar job that Moyes did at Everton....." Who wants to spend literally thousands of pounds to watch a team that is hard to beat? Recent performances have been dire almost as bad as the McLeish era. The first 20 mins against the Baggies, today, everton, West Ham away, Hull away, etc ...the number of games we've won at home since last January is laughable. I've followed Villa through some shit seaons in the last few years but even I am getting to the point where I am saying to myself - why waste 5 hours travelling to watch the shite we saw today ? We were lucky not to lose today.
  7. Benteke was very poor today and he didn't look like he could be arsed - reminded me of Ashley Young before he joined Redscum. However the service to him was also VERY poor. We are too slow in our build up play and have no urgency about us generalyl we take 3 mins to take a corner.
  8. Hi I have a spare ticket fo the Chelsea game today in the North Stand Lower if anyone needs one make me an offer. Also have a spare ticket for the Lions Award evening i the Holte toniight entry includes free food. starts at 7pm I think if you are interested then please email me :- gwentvillans@btopenworld.com Up the Villa Andrew
  9. I'm a ST holder. Yes, he started poorly, tell me where I've said he's been a 'quality left back'. He has massively improved recently and long may it continue. If we're using the 'been at games' as a barometre as well, then yes, I was at Stoke and apart from falling asleep for their goal, he was very good. he's done stupid stuff like this all season
  10. If you've been at Villa Park often this season you cannot say that Bennett is or has demonstrated the potential to be a a quality left back so far. Baker and N'Zogbia were the big postives today. Baker should be ahead of Clark in the CB position in my book any day.
  11. I'm sorry but Bennett is woeful for 95% of the time - he is a championship player at best. Switches off. Forgets to mark. Forgets to push forward or to run into space. Jumped with his back towards and attacker today schoolboy defending. Whilst I applaud Lambert's buys in Westwood and Lowton I think he's bought us a ringer in Bennett.
  12. Going to the Norwich away game from South Wales. Going via m5/m42 if anyone wants a life (for a contribution towards diesel costs) then PM me. Going up on the Friday night coming back Sunday thanks Andrew
  13. if we sign Coutinho that would be amazing just what we need
  14. I think you don't have to buy a ticket for your 2yr old I woudl recommend the Premier Inn at Jct 2 of the M5 or the West Brom one. stayed at both in the last 18 months. Hope you bring a win with you !
  15. gwentvillan


    In the highly unlikely event that someone wants to watch this I have two adult tickets available for the North Stand Row N Block R6 looking for £10 for the two.
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