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  1. I wouldn't have posted this "story" because it is nothing that we don't know already. However, to further prove the guy is a mental case he says Newcastle have some world class players. Whaaat?
  2. A child isn't born evil? What proof do we have of this? It has been researched for years by academics and studies show that children from a bad parental upbringing and social background play a massive factor. There can be no doubt those two were beaten, abused and lived with parents who were alcoholics, allowed them to starve during the day so they could get drunk. What kind of a life is that for a child? In saying that what they did was evil. It is the same with animals. People teach animals, like dogs to be wicked and viscous. It is the same with children in my opinion. How
  3. That won't be the only thing Sven is pulling, the dirty dog. I do not want him as Villa manager.
  4. What about the solicitors office?
  5. I am not convinced by Jol either. Sir Gary Cahill will be joining the Barcelona scouting network in the summer. No chance he'd take over anyway. Moyes it is then.
  6. Moyes is the one to go for if Houllier is not coming back. He would be perfect for Villa.
  7. He was before my time as well, and he played for blues before us, but I have always been told he rubbished the club when he left and that has been backed up by many older Villa fans.
  8. He also severely rubbished the club after he left here as a player, calling it all sorts of hell, and now we should let him manage us? Lol. No thanks.
  9. I'd prefer a British manager in all honesty. I think that is what Aston Villa is all about. McClaren gets too much stick. He has a good record at club management. Allardyce - You wouldn't be relegated, but you wouldn't be aiming for the top 4. Curbishley - Not a chance I would want him here. Do people forget how he slagged the club off when he left here as a player? He ripped the club to shreds and disgraced it, yet because nobody will take him on as a manager we will do? Bog off Curbs. I'd rather have Moyes than Hughes, although I wouldn't mind him either in all honesty.
  10. He always is and takes 10x longer to recover than anyone else. Aye, didn't he have a back injury here as well? He couldn't be arsed with it anymore. He's made his money. Funny that considering Stephen Ireland has been injured for a good part of this season and last season. Coincidence that people say they couldn't be arsed any more and have made their money? I think not.
  11. In fairness to Beye you and I would do exactly the same. He was 3rd choice and put on 40k at his age. Why should he leave? He was given a contract. As fans we would like him to leave to free up the wage bill, but at that age he isn't. Would you leave that salary and move away for maybe 1/3rd of the salary? I don't think so, so don't go blaming him for sitting about on his arse doing sweet fa. Blame the people who gave him that salary and brought him in.
  12. Warnock - Been shit for ages, way before Houllier came in. Beye - Sitting about on 40k not even playing. Carew - Doesn't like Houllier since Lyon Davies - Error prone Houllier put his foot down on these guys and fair play to him. Carew was a joke for ages. His form was laughable. It was as if he had forgotten how to control a football at times.
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