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  1. Leading the league with 6. Been quite unlucky at times.
  2. Having an absolute mare. Spending my early picks on Trent, Werner hasn't exactly paid off... And then for some reason I thought it was a good idea to follow up with Alli and Pepe. Suffice to say I deserve to go down, although hopefully I can scrape together some wins to beat the 17 pts from our relegation season
  3. Yup, that’s me. Thanks! Had a LOT of narrow victories Definitely up for another season!
  4. Horribly late, but I just saw the thread too. Would love to join if there’s still room in Vt2! No worries if you feel like it’ll be too many though
  5. Might be a bit late to the party, but does anyone want to group up for some games? Getting a bit tired of solo-queuing. I'm not very good, but I don't instalock hanzo either Just add me on PSN: casek94, or pc: Eak#21110 if anyone's interested .
  6. It's just getting so depressing, we are totally devoid of any creativity. The sad thing is just the same as we've seen for 3 years now. And as someone said on twitter, it does feel like i've watched this exact match 10 times under Lambert. The post-match interview doesn't make it any better. Benteke, Bent, CNZ, Gabby and Weimann all have goals in them!? Well maybe the tactics are the problem then!
  7. Same here. Really surprised me how addictive it is!
  8. Never had the chance to play pro clubs with an actual club, and not only random matchups with selfish 12 year olds, so would love to join the pro clubs on PS4. Name's Casek94. Pos: anywhere in midfield or attack if available. If not then RB.
  9. Eak94

    FIFA 14

    Anyone playing pro clubs on PS4, interested in starting a villatalk fc? (unless it's already been made) Would be a bit more enjoyable than playing with the massively selfish randoms in drop-in games
  10. First FM game i have really given a go and gotten into, can't put it away at all! Anyway, started a game with Villa and took some time to find a decent tactic, but then went on a decent streak. Currentlyin march placed 10th in the league and in the semis in the Fa-cup. The thing is tough, not long after i started playing well, players started coming to me telling me gow they felt we were underavhieving, even tough i've been placed betwen 5th and 10th ever since, above the boards target, but according to reporters and players way wayy worse than i should be performing. Now some of the players
  11. Do you have room for one more, eventually create an own VT pro club? i'd like to get in
  12. Yup, didn't really play Pro clubs much last year, but played a few games now and really enjoying it. I'm on PS3 though... :| anyone else interested? I'm up for it.. Nice, just add Casek94 on PSN, and say that you're from VT. :winkold:
  13. Yup, didn't really play Pro clubs much last year, but played a few games now and really enjoying it. I'm on PS3 though... :| anyone else interested?
  14. Was about 13, and hadn't really ever properly supported a team, and had no geographical connections (living in Norway), nor were anyone in my close family supporting a PL team. Decided it would be nice if could support a PL team of my own, and didn't want to jump of the bandwagon of United and Plop-supporters. Liked the Villa name, and we were doing pretty well at the time. actually also because I played career mode on Fifa with the Villa. Am 17 now, and as hooked as ever!
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