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    Joe Bennett

    Was fantastic yesterday, I feel proud of him like he's my son
  2. Anyone got a league going on the sun?
  3. Okore wooaaahhh okore wooaaahhh, he came from Denmark to play at villa park
  4. Ola Toivonen would be quality, he's big and has a physical presence but also is very good on the floor unlike carroll
  5. Yeah devine was good but as soon as sporting realised grealish was our main threat they just fouled him and the left back was riccardo calder, he's just got back from england under 17 duty in the faroe islands
  6. Grealish was the best player on the pitch though
  7. I think we've got a bargain, was quality today and although you can say it's only burton he was technically very good and looked a much better footballer than all of our players with premier league experience. My only worry with him is it good take a while for him to adapt to the speed of our game
  8. I wouldn't mind Ole Gunnar Solksjaer with martin laursen as part of his backroom staff so he could take over when he left
  9. I havent seen him play. is he that good or is he just another bannan/allbrighton???? I think if he was that good we would have seen him already. Especially with the current state of the squad. Rooney was making appearances and having an effect at the age of 16. Not once have we had that with any of these young lads - which tells me that not one of them will be world class. Messi didn't make his debut until he was 17 so that is complete rubbish
  10. He's travelling up with the squad to liverpool for tomorrow, so hopefully he will make the bench again
  11. Bannan is top drawer his ability to keep the ball and pick a pass is outstanding and i feel villa's midfield will be built around him in the years to come.
  12. I don't think he deserved a red, it was only the reaction of the blackburn bench that persuaded the ref, i think a yellow would have been fair.
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