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  1. I am totally fed up with us being set up as a counter attacking team, at the least if you do this you ensure you have the players fast enough to play this way, we are slow of thought, lethargic in play, poor at ball possession and shite at passing, a really poor team, the tactics, fight and movement are non existent, the blame must lie with the manager and coaching staff, Corners, throw ins and free licks, do we even train for these as they all seem the same, We are a very predictable team who are easy to beat if you have decent players as has been shown by all the clubs around us we
  2. The football if you can call it that we play is slow, predictable and went out with wimbledon, We have no flair players, little running off the ball to create space and when we do the players we have do not look to find the player, the team are playing as a defensive unit like rabitts caught in the headlights. what Sherwood did was take the shackles off and say have fun but unfortunately he had minimal talent to work with. Any good manager worth his salt can get these players playing better with confidence and a game plan, Bruce unfortunately has not inspired the players or even got them play
  3. To be fair the point you make are valid and he may not be the man to take us forward on the field, looking at the problems as a whole though it is obvious that there was serious problems with both the players and the coaching staff off the field, the Dr has said it was not just performances that got RDM the sack. In my humble opinion SB was brought in not just to get us promoted but to sort out the rest of the crap that was bringing the club down using his experience, with this in mind I am prepared to give him time to get it right this season as we are not going up so it is the perfect c
  4. Looking at the video it seems very unlikely that he will leave Huddersfield anyway.
  5. Did MON actually walk away from a tough challenge though, he is a man with principles and morals and it could be that he was made promises then had them broken with a take it or leave it choice. Dont forget he actually got paid off for walking out by the club so I still believe there was more to it than we knew about.
  6. It wont be Sam, he will be lucky if he gets another job in football, at the moment he is still under investigation and I can not see anybody touching him with a barge pole.
  7. Tony got a manager on the basis of his C.V which in fairness was a good one, sometimes things do not work out and managers do not work in the new set up. It can take a while for the manager to turn things round, Martinez was close to getting the boot at Everton now look at them. We look devoid of confidence, a plan, a system, ideas and worst of all desire. for this I do blame the manager, not Tony who has no input into selection, training and game plans and neither should he. How people can say it is a carry over from last year is beyond me, we have pretty much a new team with only a
  8. Love this player but god is he frustrating, he had a superb run and hit the post, yes it was a great shot and unlucky but after that he had his hands on his head and turned away from goal showing his disappointment, while this is understandable the ball was still in play and in our possession and he should have been running into the box.
  9. I think he is a breath of fresh air, love him or hate him most people are constantly checking for his comments on Twitter. He does need to be careful though as the tweets abut Gabby should not have been said. It was a private meeting and should have been kept that way. by all means say you had a meeting but the other comments are not necessary and can only hurt player management trust.
  10. I can not help but think it may have as much to do with the off field antics and his attitude as much as his poor performances. It has been rumored for a while about players causing trouble and dividing the changing room.
  11. On a positive it ay just push the Doc into getting more players, Richards, Hutton, Gardner, Gestede, Okore should be shown the door quickly. they are pathetic.
  12. I thought he said he was investing £50m in the squad. he also said it will cost the club money to remove certain players from the squad and maybe this will come out of the money so it is not as straight forward as buying players.
  13. People have short memories Everton although always there or there ablout in the top ten were always a team that stopped playing for two months of a season. they could have done much more but always stalled. the football they played was dour as well. When he left Everton the fans were happy.
  14. he should get a bonus then for going above and beyond.
  15. I think his words in the interview were telling when he said we played like a team even with a lack of talent sometimes. He has been totally let down by the team. If he does get the sack then I just do not expect any other manager to move us forward without changing the squad.
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