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    My 2 little Villans and of course the mighty Villa.
  1. Paul Faulkners just been on the next gen commentary and said there's 2 weeks left of the window and we're hoping to take advantage of it, few ins few outs.
  2. He's just tweeted that he's handed in a transfer request.
  3. Not sure if anybody else has posted this yet but Capital FM have reported that we've put a 13 mil bid in for him.
  4. But he does come with a great song. Which is? He's Scotty Sinclair He's Scotty Sincair He shags Rosie Webster And Sally don't care.
  5. Welcome to the greates club on earth Ron Vlaar....The Beast of Bodymoor.
  6. Ronnie Vlaar is a big Dutch star Take him on, you won't get far Try a little trick he'll make you look a prick Big bad Ron Vlaar... Slightly stolen from the old Jaap Stam song but equally as bad, John Lennon rest easy.
  7. He must bleedin love Drayton Manor Park the amount time he spends there.
  8. Peter Lansley the midlands footy writer for The Times has just tweeted that he expects a deal for Collins to go WHU to be completed shortly.
  9. Not playing for ITFC today, something or nothing?
  10. If this is all true then that scruffy tramp Bob Geldof can kiss my arse cause I do like Monday's.
  11. Mat Kendrick saying that we're set to continue talks for Vlaar and no bid has yet been made for Cresswell.
  12. each? or for the pair? done deals? 4 mil for the pair and it's written as if I it's a done deal.
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