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  1. Passive fan. Sheffield based. 

  2. Apparently, he has signed? Maybe twitter twatter. Having been at the game today. I may not go for a while not because of AM or anything I am truly sick of the fans negativity.
  3. If posters want to share their own financial status that's fine, but to have in depth knowledge of whether AVFC, RL or the cleaners have or don't have a huge transfer kitty is like having a discussion on the merits of religious belief. We do not know. I am personally sick and tired of reading people spouting off about pots and piss. Wait for your comment on September 1st etc.
  4. I've gone all of a Harry Redknob, I know you kind people who say it can't be true, I believe that, it cannot be. I have faith in RL. I give money to Acorns, I think he has a right to appoint who he thinks is a good man for the job. I think that will be Hughes, but the pressure, the contradiction, the fear the bloody awful football, prozac, alcohol, I need something fr the next few days. I will start with a lie down
  5. What is the story about McLeish being in Corsica when RL flew out? This is more intriguing than a Spooks. Still think it's Hughes.
  6. Whoever it is, it is the role of fans to support RL at the moment. I frequently stayed behind to boo under O'Dreary, but it was his awful football, and Ellis's underinvestment resulting in the dire crap performances that led me to boo. If it happens again I will boo again, it was therapeutic at the time anyway. I will not boo, and slag off the board, RL or anyone at AVFC because I disagree with their choice of who should manage the club that they have bought and invested in ad shown good faith with. I still think Hughes.
  7. And Mr Byrne is naive and stupid as we get as a supporter, oh but he hasn't sunk his money into the club, he hasn't actually made us a viable Premiership club , sorry no he is just mouthing off. Silly him.
  8. Christianity has kept things going for 2000 years without replacing their manager, although it is expected particularly in certain states of the US. Please get a grip we know nothing and yet people peer into the abyss and see all sorts of things, generally it is a reflection of yourself. Please, Randy has invested HIS money into our club, he has spent a huge amount of time and energy and it is simply puerile for people to hide behind message board anonymity to slag him off. Still think it's Hughes.
  9. Why is this thread more diverse and (possibly) more interesting than the usual match thread. Ok some of you may have proper lives, but with three kids, redundancy an ever present cloud and weather that makes The Smiths sound happy, this thread is really something. Now people seem to have stopped swearing at each other and puffing their chests out to say something silly it is fun. Please don't spoil it by taking it as important it isn't, it's fun and cheap fun at that. Still think it will be Hughes. Have agood week-end everyone.
  10. Yeah sorry about the Mark Hughes Tweet, I misread it, I am no in Dad's Army mode of 'Don't panic!'.
  11. Ian Taylor on his Tweet says its Hughes, as I have always said it would be. Calm, drink and enjoy the week-end.
  12. I'm loving this too, please calm down dears. It will be fine, have faith and stop the silly language that most of the offenders can't spell correctly anyway. Grow up or wait 'till its happened before posting.
  13. I think there is a more measured calm about this thread now, perhaps school has restarted. I think it is wonderful to speculate and infer, but to criticise in the manner some do here is deplorable. I don't like Rafa, never liked his style and his facial hair put me off, but Harry the Twitcher puts me off but I wouldn't mind him and his corrupt cronies and Moyes look like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and seems short of humour. None of the seem to have the intellectual capacity to read War and Peace which I have, so they are all rubbish, oh but that is not the criteria is it and I don't make the decision and I don't have to put up the money to by the players. If you want to be in charge go and set up a Free School or something. I still think it will be Hughes. Measures of success from Managers previous reigns are interesting and in Four Four Two we would have one the league, if only English goalscorers counted, but that isn't the way it works, the measure of success we need is at Villa, and the trouble with Villa is we don't show the belief. I believe who ever is our manager we will back, we will support and we will hope, even if it is an awful choice.
  14. And that's when you met me your new Villa manager. "What... what happened?" You asked. "Where am I?" "You died," I said, matter-of-factly. No point in mincing words. "There was a... a message board and it was skidding..." "Yup." I said. "I... I died?" Yup. But don't feel bad about it. Everyone dies." I said. You looked around. There was nothingness. Just you and me and another message board. "What is this place?" You asked. "Is this the afterlife?" No.. you’ve move on, I think it is the Summer Transfer topic, now get on with your work.
  15. I am getting carried away with the Ancelloti thing, and it is the stuff of the transfer window, the dream and aspirations for the future and above everything the thing we all cling to, hope. However the two other lines of comment are really enjoyable too, self deprecation, and I am disappointed nobody has mentioned Darren Ferguson. Mr Orange is in the land of PNE so sadly unavailable. The other line I actually the type of football we play. Houlier had a big impact in a short time on this and we should expect the next manager to build on this we need to be attractive AND successful to bring the fans in consistently to make us a potential top 4. If I read it right Ancellotti will look to the importance of the playmaker role, one that since Merson left we have not had, and I think Makoon looked like he was destined to fill. The wages were a threat to the stability of the club and if we finish the job by offloading Heskey,Beye and Warnock that job will have been completed. It is on the pitch that the future of the club is decided and we need attractive and successful football to do it.
  16. Although last season was a bit of a disaster we have significantly reduced the wage bill (more work needed) and the significant injuries we suffered have been sorted. Alongside that a number of the fringe players got good loan experiences. The defence including the keeper clearly needs sorting out, but I think we are in a far better position for a new manager to walk into than we were this time last season. Randy has shown he is willing to continue to fund the club at a significant level. The manager issue and the way it is being handled by the Villa end continues to show maturity and that was confirmed in Houliers statement. In Randy (and Bent) we trust, I still think it will be Hughes.
  17. What do people want. It's like a Christmas list on this forum with a trip to the moon as the fans favourite. Ok sounds good, but what do you want to do when you get there? Lerner clearly has respect for both the club and Hughes, he met him prior to O'Neills departure and has kept tabs on him. Stability of his investment is important and Hughes, however he is seen on forums is likely t be Lerners choice. I may choose my kids school on whether I like the head, I don't choose my football team the same.
  18. FFS!!!!!!!! What are we doing! Defending is just kicking the ball out to their players. We need a win, this is a joke.
  19. FFS!!!!!!!! What are we doing! Defending is just kicking the ball out to their players. We need a win, this is a joke.
  20. Young was out done at the penalty, goalie clearly showing him where to shoot. We need a bit more guile t win this.
  21. Wasteful fro Young again, too many fancy flicks outside the penalty area.
  22. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or hit the wall. This is too much.
  23. We have got to retain possession. Too many loose balls and over optimistic passess. Come on we can do this!!!!
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