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  1. The Gazzetta had an article that seemed the most plausible, it didn't name any clubs but said Juve would listen to offers of €30m for him and would only consider a loan if there was then an option to buy at that price. That there had been inquiries for him but no-one had bid yet. That was a couple of days ago.
  2. It was Football Insider with teh first round of stories about AEG, still can't find anything on the Italian side that does not quote the FI articles as a source. If Roma were in for him the Italian press would have something about it.
  3. The UK articles say spurs, but we're touted as the most likely destination in quite a few of the articles over here. Price €45m, so roughly £40m. You'd think Spurs were the more likely if they're going to meet the asking price.
  4. LAtest on McKennie in the Italian press is that Allegri doesn't want him and the player wants a move to the premier league. Tottenham, Crystal Palace and our good selves being the rumoured destinations. We're the most strongly linked but based on what I have no idea.
  5. Lots of stuff but the main thing being outperforming the other big clubs to the tune of £600m in "revenue" over the past few years. There seems to be some dodginess involved and there's a whistle blower about with something to say on the matter.
  6. Sad for Grealish, he might have burned a few bridges and said goodbye to being a claret and blue god in order to play at the top table and then have it taken away. I'd have loved for him to have stayed but now he's gone I wouldn't wish bad on him and that would be very bad you'd think. I don't follow Grealish anymore and am not interested in what he does at City but equally I don't wish him any harm. It would be what City deserve if the allegations are true though I agree.
  7. We'll have to play a lot better as a team than we did against Newcastle to beat this lot. We've had a more time to train I spose but I'd prefer to go into this with Traore, Bailey and Watkins. Point wouldn't be the end of the world and would mean then we can use the international break to get our shit together properly and some players back.
  8. Whilst we were being run into the ground, going down, and nearly going bust. Spurs broke in to the top 4, and were regularly top 6 and built a squad to compete at the top end of the league. It's not surprising that even now we're on the rise the clubs that are already up there can turn our players heads. Shit as it maybe, until we're getting into europe ourselves it will be the case. Leicester won the title and said goodbye to Kante and Mahrez!
  9. Would be a very sad irony if City get banned from European competition for a couple of years, and get a transfer ban seeing as Jack went there for CL football.
  10. £100m for Grealish as a valuation before last season and this summer was probably about £30m over even the wildest dreams of most people on here.
  11. You saying £100m for Grealish as a valuation over a year ago was low?
  12. Yeah I'm not saying throw him to the lions against Chelsea per se, but bringing him on for 30 minutes a couple of times and if he does the business give him a start. Bailey isn't around for a while and Traore is out minimum a month. He's naturally next in line it seems to me.
  13. With Bailey likely away for a bit, Traore injured too, we should be giving this lad a go.
  14. The articles I've read in Italian make it sound a bit complicated, for him to be available Juve have to get Pjanic, they'd like to sell Ramsey but the easier sell is McKennie. The positive is they say the most likely destination for McKennie woudl be us.
  15. JPB and Carney Chukwumeka, Archer, Lindley late on all look to have a good understanding. Be good to see them tried at a better level. Be that the cups or the league I think they're about ready for it.
  16. I'll answer myself, commentary only on VillaTV and match on sky. So should be some streamage about, nice.
  17. Chelsea have a buy back in two years for €68m.
  18. Was top quality, two assists, got about, great feet, physical, sharp as ****. Fiorentina went down to ten men inside 20 minutes though so not a "normal" game, still looked just as good when it when 10 v 10. Looked good value for €35m.
  19. Whilst it's clear he if we're going to start a CL group game any time soon AEG won't be in the starting XI. He's been great for us, and not just in the Championship. His penalty taking is unreal, handles pressure better than almost anyone I've seen in a Villa shirt. It's uncanny, there could be exploding elephants raining down and lava pissing up through the grass around the penalty box and he'd still not be phased and score.
  20. Yeah, if we keep turning out these kids though, one of them *might* just be very special at the same time that all the investment and progress is bearing fruit.
  21. Just because some people are a bit butthurt about Grealish going does not diminish the value of having home grown lads, born in Birmingham come through and perform in the first team. It's absolutely gold, as is having Dean Smith as head coach who has always been a fan and is one of us. Nothing Grealish has said or done should take the shine off this lad coming into the first team and playing well. We've got more coming through too.
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