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  1. Can we change the title of the thread to 'Slammed shut' rather than 'closed'?
  2. Gillz

    Tom Heaton

    Improvement on what we had for a relatively small fee. Great signing.
  3. To be fair the tackle at 1:17 would probably be given as a red in the PL these days
  4. Gillz

    Douglas Luiz

    Absolutely delighted
  5. Butland Guilbert - Engels - Mings - Targett Mcginn - Luiz - Grealish Trezeguet - Wesley - El Ghazi Bench: Steer, Elmo, Konsa, Lansbury, Hourihane, Jota, Kodja, That's my starting line up and bench from the deals that are supposedly done/nearly done. Whilst i would obviously welcome another marquee signing (Benrahama) or additional squad depth(Nakamba), for me, the above is good enough to stay up.
  6. I don't know why im just not too excited about this potential signing compared to some of the others. I think i wanted a real marque statement signing at RW and this feels like a bit of a let down. With my record on transfers and player prospects, that probably means he'll be a superstar though!
  7. I dont know why but i was viewed Hegazi as a weak link in the Baggies team and a penalty waiting to happen - so my initial is a big no thank you. Upon reflection my view is probably based on the fact hes a Baggies player so i don't want him to be any good and i want him to give away lots of penalties
  8. I dont really care about the fee. Absolutely delighted with Mings. Was pivotal last year and will be going forward.
  9. im still relatively calm. A good number of incoming already, and sufficient press speculation that we are actively trying to bring in a few more (in the positions that we all seem to align on too). There's time still. Trust the system and set-up. That said....it would be nice to actually have a CB for the USA tour.
  10. Essentially they were all pretty rubbish. I wouldn't worry too much about ranking them all - i just group them all together and call it the 'dark years'
  11. Nothing screams 'We need a new signing to talk about' like comparing an unproven academy player to Harry Kane
  12. Gillz

    The NSWE Board

    Whilst i know i shouldn't look back hypothetically, but could you imagine if these guys had come in when Doug first sold us to Lerner. When the Top 4 weren't as unassailable as they are now and 10m got you a good quality player. Just imagine if our first push and investment had been overseen by people as capable as NSWE rather than Randy and MON
  13. I think its a good signing, there is real upside to Targett. The price might seem high but again we are paying for potential
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