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    John Terry

    I have a feeling that JT was partly, informally managing the team last year. Without him all organisation has disappeared. I would not be surprised to see an instant improvement to our overall play if he does come back. He is much more important to us than his own individual performance.
  2. I’m sorry but I despair sometimes! It didn’t go the way I wanted it to for a few weeks so I stopped trying. Got a new advisor and he told me to start trying again so I did. Despite acting like a 3 year old I am definitely ready for Championship football! Of course you are mate............grow up! There is not a footballer alive who is worth a place in the team but gets constantly overlooked! If you are good enough you will get a chance.
  3. And Wolves finished below us in his first season
  4. Why is it naive? Surely it is naive to ask someone to do something that they have never done before and expect them to do it well. We are beyond risk taking. I accept that each appointment is a risk but it is the job of the exec to mitigate that risk as much as possible. Appointing a man with no experience of fulfilling the objectives of the club is not risk mitigation, it is madness! Come on. You are an oak. Of course you are....because you are a Villan. We don’t want/need Dean Smith. We need Pep Guardiola. Let’s make it happen. Oak
  5. Sorry, but this is exactly the kind of thinking that limits us! The fact that nobody else cares does not stop it from being true. Nobody cares about any other football club apart from the one they support. We are still a massive club and you should never underestimate that. If we, Villa fans, do not believe in our club then how can we expect anybody else to. Liverpool fans have not won the league for three million years but they still think they are the biggest and best club in the World. Therein lies their strength. I don’t think Bruce was a safe option. I have never thought he was worth
  6. I really feel the need to challenge this. We are Aston Villa. Founder members of the league. European Cup winners. Until 2 years ago, premier league ever presents. We have massive support, wealthy owners, a brilliant stadium and huge expectations. What has Dean Smith ever done to suggest that he should get a chance? We really should be aiming much, much higher than this. We need somebody big enough to take on the challenge. Dean Smith would be a massive risk. Why take the risk?
  7. I doubt he will be sacked just yet but it won’t be much longer. He is on trial in my view. He certainly will not be afforded the ridiculous amount of slack that he has been previously. We are in the unfortunate position of watching a man self combust very slowly. The big worry is who we will get as a replacement. The talk of Dean Smith is terrifying. We have a squad full of big egos. They will require a bit of a name to get them to toe the line. Also, managing Brentford and managing Villa are completely different. We need a big manager, with a big ego. Also, talk of Big Sam is equal
  8. Centre half and centre forward........job done. Leaves us space to still loan another right back ?
  9. I would love us to go for Brendon Rogers. I think the owners that we have could sell him a vision and he has enough belief and arrogance to take it on. I think he would have us dominating matches within weeks. I long for a manager with a confident and positive outlook. Someone who looks at the opposition and just thinks that we will win because we are better. Brucie makes you feel like you are playing Barcelona every week only to find out it is Hull!
  10. The way I look at, we have played 7 games this season. We have been favourites to win every game. We have won 3. You cannot argue against that. It is a diabolical statistic. Lo and behold we actually win a game that we are not expected to! Now that would be something!
  11. We are 4 points off the top already, after a ridiculously easy set of fixtures! That nearly amounts to a point a game! We spent all of last season playing catch up and we failed miserably! It was a chance for us to set the pace and put pressure on the rest to chase us. Huge failure. He is also unbelievably lucky not to have been sacked last season. First aim 2 points/game = failed. Second aim automatic promotion = failed. Third aim win play offs = failed. He even said himself, on more than one occasion, that he understood the implications of not getting promoted and yet he is still here!
  12. He needs to earn his place by performing when he gets a chance. He is failing. It is up to him.
  13. He is not very good but to intimate that Green is better is ridiculous. Green has done nothing yet and at least Albert has had a couple of purple patches! Green has been awful every time he has played in the first team this season.
  14. Splendid news. Cannot find it being reported anywhere yet but it must be true. Truly enthused. Thank you
  15. Yawn.............is he still here?!
  16. When I assess a player, I just look at their capabilities. This guy is very capable. He looks like a proper keeper. He has made a few mistakes but he is in a new league/country. He must be afforded time. He has better basic skills than Sam J in my view. Let’s support him and give him a fair crack.
  17. Get him out now please. Reading are on the floor. No points, no confidence and absolutely garbage away from home. We should be smashing them. Bruce is a goon man but a truly awful manager. Out out out and out!!!!!! Football should be much more enjoyable than this rubbish!!!!!
  18. Cracking interview, professional attitude and absolutely sensational signing! So excited by the two we have bought in this week. Think we can hand out some proper spankings when it all settles. No more excuses Brucie, time to deliver ?
  19. The GK did well last night. We are so quick to write people off. He needs to be given time. He has all the attributes to be very good for us. Having 30,000 brummies moaning at you is not going to help him reach his potential.
  20. We lost it in the second half when he and Whelan, who both played really well, tired. Bruce should have freshened it up then. I really like this guy. He is what we have needed for so long. Needs to play alongside Bjarneson in my mind though.
  21. I totally agree about the number 9. With the players we have and the tactics we adopt, a number 9 who can hold the ball up is essential. How many times does our centre forward appear isolated with a large gap between midfield and defence? It is The biggest failure of Bruce that he does not see this!
  22. In a nutshell for me. He is such a poor player! He had a purple patch of scoring goals last season which covered a multitude of sins.
  23. Maybe we should give him a chance. He has only played twice for goodness sake!
  24. My point is not confused at all. You seem to infer that development can only occur in young players! Development is an on going process that never stops. When you invest significant financial resources in a player, surely you owe it to the player, the club and the supporters to then invest the time and skills to develop and improve the player. How many players has Bruce really improved? I do not agree with the Grealish argument. He is a young and talented footballer that would always have improved. Bruce himself said, only yesterday, that the main impetus for the improvement in the a
  25. One of the things that annoys me about football these days, is the disposable attitude we have towards footballers. Bruce really seems to make his mind up about certain players quickly and does not appear to have the skills/patience to work with the players to improve them. Players like Taylor, Bjarneson, Lansbury, Bree et al were all fairly big investments for the club. They have all, at times, previously shown the ability to perform at a level consistent or better than the level we find ourselves at and yet they have not come close to replicating that with Bruce. Why is he so incapable
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