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  1. I think he will be a top player. To be holding his own in the PL at 21, making the Brazil senior squad and absolutely dominating at International u23 level is all very impressive. Jack’s last season in the PL, at a similar age, in a similar team, was far from impressive but look at him now. Luiz is a really good footballer. He struggles a bit physically due to his age and size but that will improve. He is also learning his role within the team which will improve over time. Of all our summer signings his value is the one that can increase the most in my opinion.
  2. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    Apart from Luke Moore, all of the strikers on your list were established players when they played for us. Davis is just a kid. He saved our season when he came into the team under Bruce. Until that point we were going nowhere but his introduction gave the team a focal point to play around. I actually thought that although Grabben scored lots of goals for us, we were a better balanced team with Davis playing. He is unlikely ever to be a prolific scorer but his game brings lots of opportunities for the players around him. Jack, SJM and the like could be smashing them in from all angles playing
  3. He has also only scored 5 goals for Chelsea n 45 games over a 2 year period....................and just think about how much stick a young kid was getting for scoring 6 in less than half that number of games and all in his first season! It’s a big risk.
  4. I get a feeling that we mean business in this transfer window. Our owners are ambitious and I don’t think relegation is in the plan but at the same time I don’t think the possibility of being relegated Will scare them into not spending. I guess we will know soon enough. I doubt we will be wasting two seconds looking at the likes of Drinkwater. I hope we stick to 5-3-2. If we do I think we just need a striker (preferably 2), a 10 and a physical box to box midfielder. That would see us through nicely.
  5. It only takes 60 minutes to get to Leicester from St Pancras and then it’s 5 minutes in a car to the training ground.
  6. It only takes 60 minutes to get to Leicester from St Pancras and then it’s 5 minutes in a car to the training ground.
  7. Blimey. The whole mental health awareness agenda has just passed you right by!
  8. Rehabilitation from serious injury can be very difficult mentally. He will be much better served spending the time with his family who can offer him the love and support he needs during a difficult time.
  9. I really wanted us to sign Butland in the summer. I know his form has not been great this season but he is a top young GK. He could be our number 1 for the next 10 years. Stoke were in a strong position to play hard ball in the summer. That position has weakened somewhat due to his form and their precarious position in the league. I think we could get him for a cut price fee now and I really think he would be a good signing. He hasn’t suddenly become rubbish overnight. A change of scene will do him good.
  10. Blimey. How do you differentiate?
  11. M_Afro

    Tom Heaton

    Blimey. You lot are a tough crowd! Nyland is better than Carson was 10 years ago when he was at his peak! How’s about we give the guy a chance. He clearly loves the club and works hard. He has been first class when called upon this season. His performance against Liverpool was out of this World! He saved our blushes that night.
  12. I’m sorry to call you out on this mate, I could have used lots of other people, who have provided lots of examples but this one did stick in my mind and it’s nothing personal. This is another example the lack of patience and over reactions that occur on here every time something does not go the way we want it to. Trez played yesterday and we won again. We have won the last two matches he has started. He has not been great in general but it is way too soon to write him, or any of our players, off. Let’s get behind the team and help to keep our place in the PL. That way we can all be happy
  13. Bowen and Benrahma have potential. I don’t think Lolley is good enough to be honest
  14. I think it helps that he now has a Mings in front of him. He has done well when he has played. He was really good against Liverpool cubs
  15. Very good today. He is also a serious unit which is something we have lacked in recent times.
  16. I really want to give Wes some credit today. He was excellent all game. He linked the play really well. Gave the defence a really hard time. Scored a goal and also played a key part in the other goal. There is definitely a player in there that’s for sure. Just hope his injury is not too bad!
  17. If we play 5 at the back then we can get to the end of the season with what we have.
  18. I don’t think you could ever accuse us of being bully boys
  19. When this thread gets inevitably bumped again, please nobody mention Dyche as a possible new manager. Burnley are an awful, one dimensional bunch of bully boys that make no effort to play positive football. Total dinosaur.
  20. It would cost much more than £60m mate. Much, much more
  21. Hope you’re right mate. He is my favourite ever Villa player. Pure class
  22. Superb today. The system really suited him. There was a real drop off when he went off. Hope his injury is not too bad! That could only happen to Villa!
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