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  1. Don't let players on hat-tricks take penalties, has Smith never played Football Manager?
  2. Hourihane assist to Wesley, so happy VT doesn't pick the team
  3. Something else that's bugging me about this "dive", how many players go up to a player they haven't touched and has "dived" against them, and try to calm them down and drag them from the ref like Cahill did? He knew he'd fouled Grealish and was calming him down instead of screaming in his face like most players normally do, that is not the reaction of a player who has been "justified" by the ref.
  4. I genuinely believe the FA/Premier League are trying to purposefully make VAR shit because they're ideologically opposed to it (It exposes how shit and unaccountable the Refs are). This game just confirms it for me. It's been utilised in so many sports to improve the game, and yet football is somehow too special for it to work despite it being the richest sport in the world...
  5. Smith just been asked on Sky whether Grealish's reputation is proceeding him. It was his second ever yellow for simulation. And just like the first, it was a yellow for a stonewall penalty...
  6. Ah, to be fair to them, I think that's a sarcastic vote. You just need to look at their comments to see that the clearly don't think he had a good game.
  7. We may not have been great, but we scored an equaliser which the ref ruled out because he's incompetent. I say that's enough to blame the ref for this game. We literally did enough to draw but he took it away from us...
  8. Is Archer meant to be a striker? Seems he's playing out on the right and Lansbury is up front.
  9. Scores one goal with his shoulder and now he's going for every header shoulder first.
  10. I can; McGinn - His touch was awful today and showed that despite his other qualities, his technical ability is not quite Premier League standard in my opinion. Was a good presence but lost the ball far too much with poor touches and running into trouble. Elmo - A touch of Hutton syndrome today. Got forward well but was mostly rubbish with his crosses, although more because they had no pace rather than all going in row z. Heaton - Not much to do, but the mistake for the penalty was **** stupid. Perhaps one of the worst mistakes I've seen from a Villa player in recent years. Unti
  11. Spurs still haven't really created a decent chance, the majority of the teams in this league are nowhere near this good, nothing to worry about yet.
  12. It's been coming and we definitely gave the ball away too easily, but I'm heartened we conceded from a long range chance, we weren't carved open easily and giving away great chances, we forced them into a great goal to equalise.
  13. Wasn't sure whether to put this in the Trezeguet thread or here, but that pass by McGinniesta is filthy!
  14. Why would signing a new contract mean we won't loan him out? For me it just looks like a contract so we can try make a bit of money out of him next summer instead of letting him walk on a free, otherwise why would we be so desperately chasing a new keeper all summer? Maybe he won't go on loan, but it's odd that one week before the season, both Kalinic and Nyland are on the bench ahead of him, especially when Nyland hasn't appeared all pre-season, and I don't think the new contract would make any odds other whether he is loaned out.
  15. Probably getting loaned out again as he isn't good enough for the Premier League. It's not a coincidence that 4-5 consecutive managers have all overlooked him and Smith has attempted to replace him already. I'll always appreciate Steer for that shoot-out performance, but it seems that - plus our run of wins - has overshadowed that he wasn't exactly brilliant in Championship. Certainly not bad, but decent at best imo. In fact, I think he was quite dodgy at times last season, but benefited from our massivel improved back four. If we are offering him out on loan, I can't see many Champi
  16. Because we'd definitely have a chance away to the Champions League runners up if Hourinhane doesn't start.
  17. I know it's only Walsall, but bloody hell were playing some good stuff!
  18. Seen a few comments from Lyon fans saying that this is a terrible move for Newcastle
  19. It was about 3 days in to pre-season and Derby knew and had enough time to prepare that they appointed Cocu the next day. Seems pretty different to me.
  20. At the minute, I think that is more reason why he wouldn't take the job. What self respecting Newcastle fan would take the job under Ashley? They absolutely hate him and many want nothing to do with the club until he leaves. For the Best Supporters In The Country"(tm), there's been 12,000 season tickets unsold after Rafa left, and for once it seems Newcastle fans are actually doing something about hating Ashley, rather than being content with just Shearer have a pop at him on MotD occasionally. So why would a Newcastle fan walk into this dumpster fire of a situation? Personally, I think h
  21. Apparently that's the Mall of America in Minnesota.
  22. Macron and Dafabet were only 2 seasons together, 2013-14 and 2014-15. And both of those periods had significantly earlier reveals than we are used to. The 09-10 Away kit was revealed 24 May and the Home soon after. The 2014-15 Home kit was revealed 2 June and the Away a week later, again much earlier than the usual July reveal, although still a bit late compared to some. For what ever reason we always seem to get a new sponsor a year before the manufacturer deal ends and vice versa.
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